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It’s my brithday, daddy

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I wanted sex for my 12th birthday and mommy and daddy were happy to deliver.

For my 12th birthday I only wanted one thing, I wanted to shag my daddy.

My mommy and daddy were cousins so they knew all about incest and weren’t surprised when I told them what I wanted for my birthday, I was a virgin and never done sex stuff before but they let me watch them having sex, they were really open about it, I watched them shagging and mommy looked so happy and I wanted to know what it was like.

Two weeks before my birthday my mommy started preparing me for my big night, daddy had a really big penis so she thought it would be best to ‘pain train’ me first, over two weeks I spent time with mommy in her bedroom and she put vibrators and dildos in my fanny, starting off with a tiny one and working her way up in bigger sizes so I could slowly get used to how it feels and develop a mental block to the pain so I could enjoy it.

It worked really well and I could take the biggest dildo she had without it hurting too much.
For my birthday they bought me some sexy lingerie to wear, red lace knickers and a lace babydoll top, I got a bath so I was nice and clean and then mommy did my hair and put makeup on me, painted my nails and then sprayed her nice perfume on me.

I laid on the bed on my side, one arm with my elbow on the bed with my forearm lifted and my head resting in my palm, my other hand laid across my body with one leg straight and the other with my knee out, mommy said it was a sexy pose, mommy lit the candles then turned off the light.

Daddy came in, he was only wearing a robe, and he told me how pretty and sexy I looked, he sat up on the bed next to me then we drank some non-alcoholic Champaign, my eyes watered because the bubbles went up my nose.

We put the drinks down and then daddy laid on his side facing me, he rubbed his fingers down the length of my arm, it tickled a bit, then he ran his fingers through my hair before cupping my cheek gently and pulling in to kiss me, it was so very nice and tender, he removed my babydoll top and kissed my small boobs, I was embarrassed that they were so small but daddy said they were perfect.

Then daddy took off his robe and he was naked underneath, his chest and legs were hairy, he let me rub his penis until it got really big, I liked how it felt when I was rubbing it, he slid my lace knickers off of me before rolling over on top of me, I raised my knees up at his sides like mommy does and we kissed some more while he rubbed his big hands all over my body, I was really turned on.

He was kissing my neck nicely when he suddenly bit in to my neck and at the same time pushed his big penis inside me, he bit me on the neck to distract me from the insertion, it worked and it didn’t hurt so much, he let me look and watch it going in and out of my fanny, then we kissed again and daddy held me so tight when he really started to shag me.

Mommy was still in the room and she asked me if I was okay, I told her that I was, she asked me how it felt, I told her it was really good, she said I was a very brave girl to take daddy’s big penis and I was doing really well.

Daddy never came fast so the sex lasted for ages, he stopped shagging me and mommy showed me how to cuck it and then he let me be on top for a while and mommy showed me how to ride it, I was riding daddy for so long I was tired and my whole body was hot and sweaty, then daddy said it was time.

He flipped us over and started shagging me hard, I felt it really deep inside me, he held my arms down and just went for it, it started to hurt because he was so deep, and I was a bit relieved when he came, I didn’t think I’d feel it but I did, I felt his come shoot in to me, it warmed my insides up.

Mommy told daddy to pull out and then I sucked it again and tasted a mix of his come and my fanny juices.

They let me join them for group sex every night after that and I’ve been shagging my daddy ever since, he said I have a really tight fanny and it makes his penis feel good.

I’m his little princess.

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    Hey have you started your period yet and if so are you on the pill or are you going to have your daddy’s baby

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    More stories like this please!!


    Great Story Do Part 2

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    I wanna fuck your little cunt
    And cum inside you