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A girl on the farm PT 1 & 2

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I m a sixteen yr old girl with 28dd tits an athletic body and I live on a farm with my parents ,school was out and there was alot of work for me to do now helping out on the farm we had a couple of black farm hands also ,one morningi was in the stable cleaning some stalls when one of our farm hands came to help me as we worked we were joking around about stuff and he smiled and asked about my love life I joked about how it sucked and he joked with me that I always had him around to help me out I smiled and I asked him if he would if we kept it quiet and he said ok ,then he smiled and he lead me to a back stall we were alone and he kissed me a couple of times and he caressed over my ass I was only wearing shortr and a top no bra or panties and I t was already hot I slid my arms around his neck and we kissed a little more and he whispered in my ear to undress for him I smiled and quickly did so then he asked me to get on my knees in front of him and he pulled out his 10″ dick he had me suck it til he was hard and then he slid his pants down and I noticed hisballs were very full and he had me get on my hands and knees and he got behind me,he adjusted me slightly as I felt hi cock push against mu pusst and then he put his hands on my hips and he slowly pushed his hard dick into me I moaned a little as he did it hurt a little but it felt great I felt him going deeper into me and soon into my cervix where it finially stopped,then he started fucking me I t was wonderful and he always went back into my cervix soon he was going in good pace and then I felt his dick swell a little as he pushed deep into my cervix and then I felt the hot rush of his sperm filling me up we both moaned ,I loved it alot it felt wonderful as I looked back at him and smiled,he slowly pulled out and then I felt him push a couple fingers into my ass and he worked them loosening me up and then he pushed his cock deep into my ass and fucked me until he cum again then we laid therekissing after wards he said we shouls keep doing this regular an d I agreed

PT 2

The next morning I was working in the barn when my lover came in with the other farm hand he s black also and we did some stuff together and finished and we were chatting for a moment when my lover asked me if I wanted to have some fun before we left I kinda blushed and his friend said it was ok and then asked if he could join in I smiled and said ok as we went to a more secluded spot ,I undressed and got on my knees as they slid there pants down I sucked there big dicks and then I got on my hands and knees one guy got behind me and soon he was fucking me hard I loved it and then he filled me with his sperm then the other fucked my ass and filled it to ,after they finished they asked me if I could meet them that nite at there place for more fun and I agreed that evening I met them at there place and soon we were all naked and they soon were filling my ass and pussy together and fucking me it was wonderful and I was full of sperm after I went home I cleaned up and I noticed my mom was looking alittle un happy and we chattedfor a bit I knew what she needed so I asked her if she could keep a secretfrom dad and she giggled and said ok,so I told her what I had been doing and she smiled and thought it was hot,I asked her if she wanted to do it with me the next morning and she agreed to. My mom is thirty five with 34d tits and well built ,the next mornong she was wearing only shorts and a top like me as we went to the stable,my lover was there and I explained what was going on with him as he smiled and agreed to help I had my mom go to the last stall and udress and he went in and soon she was sucking his big dick and then he had her on hr hands and knees filling her pussy with his cock and then he was fucking her hard she moaned as I watchedand then he filled her with his hot sperm as she cum on him,then he pulled out and they kissed,then I came in naked and he fucked me as my mom watched and he filled me to we both loved it alot and wanted more

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  • Reply tt ID:2v445r0koib

    clearly written by a guy. pushing into her cervix with a 10 inch cock mate get oof here.

  • Reply Peter from Australia ID:1cn96ee27z4f

    [email protected] Good story. Thank you. Hopefully you and your mum enjoy the cock you get