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A trip leads to a backseat romp with my stepsister part two

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With the exception of banging my stepsister during the car ride, I strike out with every girl on the beach, when someone unexpected helps.

The next day Sarah and I walked down to the beach together to body surf and check out the girls and guys. As we walked, I asked her what was yesterday all about? nothing she replied I was horny, she smiled at me you were definitely horny, and it was either we do it or we explain why your hard on was hanging out your shorts to our parents! You’re right they would’ve killed us; do you think we could do it again? I asked hopefully. No Sarah replied it was great once but, I don’t want to lose the great relationship we have if something goes wrong.
You’re right I said disappointed, but if you don’t mind me saying this you are a great fuck! Sarah laughed reached between my legs patted my cock so are you brother! With that we reached the beach and spent the day body surfing and tanning. I noticed that when she walked down to the water to cool off that guys would check her out as she walked by or walk up and talk with her while in the surf. With her athletic body (she is a track star at school) and outgoing personality she was never lacking in male companionship. I on the other hand am more of the shy type, at 6’2″ and about 200 pounds I really have to work at getting girls in bed with me. For the next few days, we went to the beach and all the hang outs that people our age went to. I couldn’t score with any girl at all, but Sarah would always score with a guy, it became a joke for our parents when I came home alone. Struck out again?! was the common remark I would shake my head yep and sulk off to bed. Finally, the day before we headed home my dad wanted to spend the day golfing (the reason for the trip) and even though my stepmom Pam was avid golfer also she decided to spend the last day on the beach getting some sun. She asked me to come along with her, at first, I had enough rejection, so I didn’t want to go but she finally talked me into going. We got to the beach and found a nice, secluded spot to lay the towels out. I removed my shirt and Pam took off her robe revealing her body. At 38 years old her and Sarah could pass as twins, same height and weight, hair color with one exception Pam had gotten her boobs done and sported a nice 34-24-34 figure. She wore a thong bikini that barely covered anything. We laid there soaking up the sun talking about things in general when Pam stood up held out her hand saying let’s walk the beach I stood up and we walked up and back down the beach. The beach was not too crowded, but I did notice guys who were with their girlfriends checking Pam out as we walked by, and we would hear slaps as they got caught looking. As we walked Pam would point out a girl and say look at her, she’s cute don’t you think? Yeah, but she’s got a guy I would reply finally we got back to our spot and just before we laid down Pam went race you to the water and she took off running HEY I shouted and ran after her.
I had a view of her perfectly shaped ass as I ran behind her only managing to catch up to her at the water’s edge. We waded in and spent a while splashing each other, her bikini was pretty see through when it got wet so I was treated to seeing her nipples and areolas because the water was cold her nipples were poking out. Despite the cold water my cock got erect at the sight and I had to keep low in the water so she couldn’t see it, suddenly a wave came in that we didn’t see, it pushed us together and knocked us under water. When we came up sputtering for air we were pressed against and facing each other. She couldn’t help but feel my 8 inches pressing against her. Oh, someone is happy to see me! I’m sorry I couldn’t help it I told her; she didn’t say anything but turned and waded back to shore pulling me with her, we walked up to our spot gathered our things up and walked back to the house.
Dad and Sarah were still not there when we walked in, we went to change and hang up our wet things in our rooms. As I was naked in my room the door opened and then closed before I could turn Pam walked up and pressed her body against me. Her arms wrapped around me rubbing my chest before she moved her hands down to my cock and stroked it gently but firmly to full erection, I moaned as she turned me around, she was completely naked, her augmented breasts rising and falling as she breathed. She placed my hands on them, and I rubbed them and pulled on her nipples as she closed her eyes and moaned, I took one nipple then the other in my mouth sucking and licking them causing her to moan louder: OOHH YESS SUCK MY NIPPLES JUST LIKE THAT OOOHHH YEESSS! after a few more minutes she pulled my head off her tits and led me over to the bed. She laid down spreading her legs open, I got on top of her as she guided my cock into her entrance. We moaned as I sank into her and I began thrusting as hard and as fast as I could, OOOHHH GOD YES I LOVE THIS FUCK ME HARD she cried out GIVE ME THAT YOUNG COCK BABY! I kept pounding away in her pussy she was tight and her vaginal muscles pulsed around my cock as she moved her hips, that feels so good I moaned your pussy is incredible, Pam moaned your cock feels so good in my pussy, she looked at me I’M GOING TO CUM MAKE YOUR STEPMOM CUM BABY! I felt the urge to cum rising and thrust even harder. I’M GOING TO CUM I cried out, she wrapped her legs around me CUM IN YOUR STEPMOM’S PUSSY BABY MAKE ME CUM! OOOOHHHH YYYEESSSS! We both cried out as we came together, our bodies locked together in orgasmic bliss.
Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she stopped orgasming and I stopped pumping sperm into her pussy, we lay there catching our breaths and holding each other. She looked at me smiling, been a long time since I was fucked that good, I smiled same here! then she asked so who has the better pussy me or Sarah? I looked at her how did you find out? Pam laughed how do you think? I smelled the pheromones coming from the back and that’s what had me and your father going at it, now answer the question which one of us is the better fuck? You are and I am so sorry I had sex with Sarah it won’t happen again! Pam replied that’s right just like us this is a one-night stand only, now let’s get cleaned up and dressed before your dad and stepsister get home.
The next day, we piled in the car and headed home this time Pam packed the car so there was room in the backseat to sit, Sarah leaned over and asked did you finally get laid? I smiled in more ways than you’ll ever know.

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    Holy shit! I’m hard I just finished jacking off to this. I would have gone multiple rounds just to feel those tits and that pussy. Damn

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    Oh god what a hot and horny story ! I would have pulled your cock out of your shorts James and moved my bikini bottom to the side and inserted your cock into my pussy, as I wrap my legs around your waist in the water and you can fuck me while your standing up and no one will ever know your banging me in the ocean !!! Britney

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      TYPE SHI

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      Waoooozzz part two pllzz