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The delights of an Assjob

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Adrian’s fondness for the assjob is explained.

The Assjob is an much overlooked and underestimated experience. There are so many levels of pleasure to be had and so many opportunities.

I don’t really remember how or when I discovered the joy of bare bottocks. For as long as I can remember I have been turned on at the sight of a bare bum. Before I knew what turned on meant or knew about sexual attraction it made me feel good to get sight of an unclad arse.

In the beginning I didn’t care which sex the bottom belonged to and was not particularly interested in what was the other side of the ass. Of course I was obsessed with my own dick and how it would go hard even when just thinking about bottoms and how great it felt to be hard.

I must have discovered the exquisite pleasure of cock on rump when playing with other kids in my street. It’s a hazy memory, but I vaguely recall being in the play shed of a friend who lived immediately opposite me.. I can’t be sure if I was just there with Jed or if there was another lad there too. I was young enough to be unable to undo the buttons on my trousers so one of them unfastened me and pulled trousers and underpants down. It’s the first time anyone had commented on me having an erection. I distinctly remember Jed exposing his bum and him pushing his butt cheeks onto my dick and rubbing it up and down.

I was struck by how nice it felt. I liked how soft and smooth his bum was and how the coolness of his skin felt awesome. The motion of his ass tugged at my foreskin causing my cock helmet to be exposed and rub in his crack. It was very quick and then he pulled up and raced out of the shed shouting me to come along.

I couldn’t button up so I couldn’t follow. I tried and tried but I couldn’t do it. I recall half shouting half whispering “Jed’s Mummy” over and over until she heard me and came to help me button up and sent me home.

The next time I remember is my brother and I were at the “little swings” in the park behind my house. We were there with a younger girl called Dianne who also lived in our street.

It was her that wanted to do show and tell. My brother, who is several years younger, wasn’t up for it. So Dianne and I went into some truly horrible public toilets. She was interested in showing me her Fanny. I remember pulling her lips apart and showing me what looked like the end of a shrunken dick. Just the wrinkly end. She wanted to see my cock and she must have see one before because she said she had never seen a hard one.

I was more interested in her bum. I got her to pull down her panties and rubbed my dick on her little buttocks. I asked her to do the same to me. She said she didn’t have a Willy but I told her to just use what she had. So she rubbed her little pussy against my ass. I did enjoy the experience and she seemed pleased to have seen my cock.

As an aside, my brother grassed on me to my parents telling them I had gone into the girls toilets with Dianne. Little shit.

I think the experience with Dianne started my other obsession with panties. She had little yellow ones with some sort of cartoon characters.

I had a number of experiences with my older cousins. I was 8 and they were 11 and 14. They used to “babysit” my brother and I when my parents went out on Saturday nights. They stayed over and we would lark about when it was bedtime. We play games involving getting naked and one time one of them tied a sock around my stiff cock and ran off laughing. I would get their knickers down and rub myself against their bare asses. My older cousin, Carol, didn’t mind and let me do it, but I did it to my younger cousin, deedee, and she got goose flesh all over. Although she was a lovely little blonde with a beautiful bottom, the goose flesh didn’t feel nice on my cock. I now realise that she must have been seriously grossed out by what I was doing.

Another time my brother had gone to bed and Carol was looking after us on her own. She was sleeping on the floor in our back room and I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down along with her brown panties. I saw her pussy, which struck me as looking strange. I don’t remember why I thought that, but I did. I tried to turn her over to get at her bum, but she was too heavy. So I pulled up her clothes and fastened the jeans.

Having reflected on this over the years, and jerked off at the memory, I am sure she was just pretending to be asleep. I say this because there was a lot of heaving to get the jeans down and back up – not something I think you could sleep through. Also she “woke up” seconds after I had finished buttoning her up. At the time I didn’t think anything of it, but looking back she was pretending I’m sure.

A final reflection, and one that will remain unsnswered, is “Who the fuck wears brown panties”? Yuk.

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    This speaks to me so strongly as I have a real fetish for bare bums, male or female.