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Daughter wearing mommy’s bra part 2

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So in my daughter bed room my daughter is very nervous of what I was going to say as she stands there naked her puffy nipples and her pussy with no hair on it I ask what she was playing at she told me that she misses mommy and she felt grown up when she put the bra on I told her to do so and the panties she looked cute she put some socks in the bra she looked hot. I told her to bend over her bed I roll down the panties yeah I know what your thinking what’s the point.

I was so turn on at this point the matching underwear set was my wife’s favorite I got it for her birthday I smack her ass and told her to count 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 screaming and crying the rolled up socks come out of the bra I grabbed it and stuffed in to her mouth I continued to smack her ass for another 10 I had notest there was a small bit of wet dripping from her pink taco it oozed out and was making a wet patch on the bed I took my finger and wiped it up I tasted it my daughter was so embarrassed of what it did I it tasted so nice I got so tired on I reach down so I could in button my jean as my cock began to hurt from been trapped I started tingle I told her to stay wear she was and don’t move I left the room and headed to my room and headed to to my wife’s underwear draw and found what I was looking for bingo I head back to Alice’s room.

Not saying a word my daughter ass was red as a monkeys dripping more liquid I put my finger and rubbed her honeypot rubbing the liquid up to her backside and now for the surprise I pulled out my wife buttplug and Alice started wriggle and trayed and move she was so tight she took it in like the good girl she was. I was dripping pre cum my self u really need a wank but then I thought I have my daughter I told her to stand up I pulled up her panties and take the socks from her mouth she told me she was sorry but daddy what have I done your wearing your mommy underwear and you had the boys all over you and you was getting no work done in school and the teachers are not happy I am not happy because you stole your mommys underwear

Alice was crying told me she was sorry how sorry are you I will do anything on you knees I put my hand down into the bra and touched her udder then I told her to pull down my jean and boxers and there it was my cock she put her hand around it I told her to lick it and the nexted thing I knew I grab the back of her head and facefucked her face gagging chocking on my hard cock 10 mins later sprayed my cum all over her she was shocked.

Covered in my spunk she stood up I am sorry dad it won’t happen again and took of the underwear and headed to the bathroom to sit on toilet I herd her pee daddy daddy she shouted this thing up my bum won’t come out and it feels like I need to poo i told her to leave it in shower and be ready for tea I went make tea pizza her favorite food in the whole world I placed more of her mom underwear on the sofa and her mom best little black dress

Part 3 coming soon

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  • Reply Dave ID:5q5u8y78l

    Great story keep it going

    • Cockslut ID:61kevjnd1

      Lucky girl gets to take daddy’s cock. I wish you were my daddy. I’d love to choke on your cock.