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We Are Cousins 4: Ming

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Ming and I slept together that night. She wakes me up at 6am. She was kissing my chin and cuddling next to me. “Hey. Good morning”, I said. Ming giggled. She had hold of my morning wood. She was about to suck my dick. I grabbed her by her pits and pulled her towards the head of the bed. I tried pulling down her pajamas. “Not this time! Fucker.” She said smiling. She got into a defensive position.

She pulled me towards her with her legs in my chest and gave me a sweet seductive smile. “Do it in my ass this time. Please? Like you did with Erin. Real hard and kinda spank me and pull my hair?”, She said. “Not hard. But you know. Twist my ears too. If you could. You are great at this.”

“Ok so one order of rape in the ass. Hard. With a side of light hair pull, ear twists and spank? Would you like anything to drink with that?”, I asked.

She sat upright. “Oh shut the hell up! You are so stupid! You dork!”, She said laughing, grabbing my nose lightly and twisting.

“What is this? Am I fulfilling your rape fantasies now?”, I asked. “Sick!”

She laughed, “Oh so sick. Ok then wise ass. Why do you do this shit? Tell me you don’t have some rape domination fantasies of your own.”

“It is just fun. Besides I let women dominate me too. You played that role.”, I said.

“Come on you going to do it or not?”, She said

“Nah. That is degrading to women.”, She said.

She pressed on a pressure point. “I am sorry! I did not hear you.”, She said

“Ow what the fuck Ming!.”, I yelled. She pressed harder. “Ok ok! Dammit what the fuck is wrong with you! That hurt!”

“Oh did not realize sorry.”, She said and smiled. “We done with the jokes now?”

I nodded. “We going to listen to Ming now? We going to do exactly as Ming says?”, She asked. I nodded. “Speak up! I asked you a question!”, She said.

I said, “yes”.

“Now you are going to use all your skill to fulfill my fantasy. If you fail. It is back to the pinch point!”, She said jokingly.

“Bitch.”, I said quietly.

“What?”, She said.

“Nothing Ma’am.”, I said

She pressed the pressure point again.

“You need a better go to move!”, I said. She laughed.

“Ok let’s go.”, She said.

I grabbed her and picked her up and tossed her on the bed. She was pushing on me and kicking and scratching as I slowly got her pajama bottoms off. She backhanded me again to the face catching me in the eye. I held my eye for a second and then I wasn’t playing anymore. I could see her getting excited when she saw I was getting angry. I gently grabbed her by the throat. “Stop it now!”, I told her in an angry tone.

“Fuck you! You fucking redneck white trash asshole.”, She said.

I just started at her. Trying to stay in character but I couldn’t. I just started laughing so hard. She started laughing too. I got control of myself and seized the opportunity and got her on her stomach. I felt her wet pussy. “Not fair! You redneck piece of shit! Plus that was not what I said to do.”, She said. “I don’t give a fuck what you said.”, I said. I ran my finger up and down her slit. “Stop it. Come on Lukey we agreed.”, She said. I pulled her hips up and got her on her knees. “I stuck my finger in her pussy in an act of defiance. “You better do as I say!”, She said.

I lined my head up with her hole and shoved my dick in her pussy. “Fucking asshole. This is not what I told you to do. Wait until I stand up fucker. You are getting the pressure point!”, She said. I just slammed my cock into her. “Ohh awww.”, She exclaimed. I grabbed her lovely black hair and pulled on it. I spanked her ass. “Asshole! Stick it in my asshole!”, She yelled at me. “Come on you fucking dick. We agreed.”

“Shut up.”, I told her, “your voice hurts my ears.”

She swung wildly trying to hit me but failed. I laughed at her and mocked her. “You will pay for this fucker. Just wait.”, She said.

I grabbed the lube. Pulled her hair and held her head back by her chin. “KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!”, I said. She hit me a couple times on the side. “Stop it! Stop it!! You asshole.”, She said and hitting me.

“You’re my little bitch! You know that cunt? You deserve this! Little bitches don’t hurt me like that.”, I said nastily. I lubed up and rammed it in her little ass. I thought her eyes would go flying across the room the way they popped open. “Oh my gaw….oh fucking hell..”, she said. I grabbed her ear lobe and pulled on it.

I yanked her hair hard. “Redneck fucking shit head!”, She exclaimed. “you are going to pay for this you white trash asshole!” Katie came in and snuck in underneath of her. “Oh.Hi…. Welcome to my fantasy.”, She said, “you make a lovely addition.” They started licking each other pussies as I pounded Ming’s little asshole.

“Damn Luke. Wash your sack once in awhile. Geez!”, Katie said.

“Shut the fuck up! This cunt woke me up. I am punishing her for it.”, I told her staying in character.

“Talk to me like that again and I’ll bite them off got it?”, Katie said. I shut up. “See you put them in their place Ming and you won’t find yourself bent over being fucked in the ass by them.”. We laughed.

I rammed her hard as I could. With Katie’s help she was starting to achieve her orgasm. I loved Ming’s tiny little body. I loved fucking her hard. Her little body shook and she moaned loudly as she came. Katie was not far behind her as her legs locked around Ming’s head. Katie turned around and I watched these two beautiful girls make out as I punished Ming’s asshole. I kept ramming her hard as I could. Katie tickled behind my sack and that was it. I arched my back as I unloaded my sperm into Ming’s asshole. I pulled out and laid down our of energy. Ming kept squeezing her ass cheeks in a effort to find comfort I guess. Lol. After a few times of doing this she laid down on beside me. Katie laid on the other side. “You asked for it!”, I said

“Am I complaining?”, She asked, “It is going to be a rough plane ride back. I don’t know if I could sit down comfortably now.”, She laughed.

“But did you like it? Did I do okay?”, I asked.

She laughed. “Of course I liked it! It was great. You white trash moron.”

I laughed and put my hand in her face. She nibbled on my fingers.

We packed and got our stuff together. Ming and Erin were going to O’Hare so Ming could fly back to LSU.

We kissed passionately. I was so, so sad to see her go. I only spent less than a full day with her but she was amazing. She told me we had ruined sex for her. She said she doesn’t know where she’s going to find anything this good again. “You can always come back here. We live in Indiana which is only about an hour and a half from O’Hare. I would love to see you again.”, I said. “You will. Don’t worry!” She said.

She said I should come to LSU sometime. We kissed our goodbyes and Erin and Ming left. I was in a melancholy mood.

“Wow! She really made an impression on you huh? Can I pick them or what?”, Katie said. I laughed

“Yeah about that. Why are you picking up women for me? Shouldn’t that be my thing?”, I asked.

“Did you notice what happened? It’s not for you it’s for us. I did not know you were going to develop feelings for her.”, She said. I did not say anything.

“Don’t worry cuz! You’re going to see her again. She really likes you too. She told me so.”, She said.

“Is there any secret you can keep?” I asked. She shook her head and we laughed. We held hands as we waited for our Uber. We took a train back to Indiana. I sat in the train watching out the window and day dreaming. Dreaming of Ming hoping she would get in touch with me again. Dreaming of that heavenly body.

Katie consoled me. “You will see her again cuz. Don’t worry. Don’t worry. I got your back.”

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