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Boy Has Needs and His Dog Need Him

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Boy decided to try to satisfy his sexual needs with his dog and it worked.

Growing up on the farm has provided me a lot of experiences. First of all, as far back as I can remember my uncle and aunt and their two boys visited us every summer for about a week. Us boys loved to sleep outside on pallets in the farm wagon, looking at the stars and just talking about things. We were near the same age,,,as we grew older we were talking about sex, and would tease each other about their penis and would race to see who could get hard first. This grew into, how it would feel to get out asses fucked. We experimented with that and soon decided it was rather good as it would make us shoot out sperm…As we grew older the two cousins were actually two and four years older than I. The vacations at our farm stopped and I was alone with my growing desires to have anal sex,,,,At my young age I did not think girl sex was an option.

I knew that I could rub my Lab’s sheath and he would hump my hand and cum if I held onto his cock, He would shoot clear lubricating liquid, then get hard and form a knot then his clock would become a throbbing cum shooter.

I was sitting by the barn on day and saw a female dog had come by and my male Lab was engaged in humping her and I watched as his red bone searched for her pussy, soon striking it just right and he really became engaged in fast humping for a minute or two then stopped and threw his leg over he back and they were hooked together ass to ass as he unloaded his ball into her womb. My mind was racing,,hummm, now I suddenly realized I was hard as a rock and wondering if he would like some of my ass. It might be great, I was not sure. This did not escape my mind for a few days as I pondered on how I would approach it. I would need privacy and prepared to be locked together for some time, maybe 20 minutes or so.

Mom and Dad went to church every Wednesday night for business meeting, as dad was a deacon in the church. Wednesday arrived and as soon as they left for church, I called my Lab (Blackie) into my room and played with him and finally rubbed his sheath and he started humping my hand but this time I pulled my jeans off and leaned on the bed. Blackie was on me quickly, locking his forelegs around my waist holding tight as he searched for a hole spewing liquid on my ass. He soon found my hole and jabbed his boney cock deep inside me still humping as his cock got hard and I felt the big knot form. I knew now that I was hooked and there was no escape. Soon he was filling me with his dog seed as I felt his cock pulsating pumping me full. He did not turn like before on the other bitch. He just held on tight. I soon realized my own cock was hard and pulsating as I shot my cum on the bed. It felt so good,,,I was cumming and he was cumming and we both were being satisfied.

I realized that Blackie was breeding me like his bitch. He finally was deflating as he dismounted. He licked my ass several times and then lay down as his penis returned to its sheath. I was weak from my experience of being bred and shooting my sperm,,,,I lay down on the floor and startedthinking of what had just happened. I knew this was not going to be my last time with Blackie. I was looking at Blackie and he was looking at me as to say, “You are my bitch now and I will have you any time I need to breed a bitch”. I was thinking, yes I am your bitch and I will let you have me any time I can be with you.

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    love to try that


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    Oh fuck me pls

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    very HOT, love being a dogs bitch

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    Who wants to cum in my mouth

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      Yes will love to come in your mouth

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    Shit, just hmu
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    And I will gladly fuck your arse better than the dog.

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    Fuck, I would love to see you being his little bitch.