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Luscious Little Lilly Moves Next Door, Part3 ;)

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The Mom’s have to take the girl’s In hand;)

I can blame it on the wine, I could blame it on my tender age of 11, But to be truthful, I wanted Chole to take me . I was all smiles as she lead me back the hall to her huge bedroom, I felt like I graduated, made the cut, whatever you want to call it. I was so encouraged that this exotic, and erotic women wanted me. She could have ask me to do anything, and I would have, and I did.

What I didn’t see was my mother go over to Lilly on the couch. My Mother took Lilly by the hand and lead her to fur rug on the floor, where she totally lost herself in the 13 year old girls little body. Lilly was only 13 but had the body of a total fuck toy, she oozed sex. She licked Lilly from whole to whole, like she did the young girls mother. Mrs. Becky Fairchild had learned in the past few weeks that she loved women, girls.. she loved pussy. Soon she had Lilly moaning like a ho’ in heat. But that wasn’t enough, she wanted more, she guided Lilly back the hall and entered her Mother’s bedroom. The door opened just as Maddy was about to plow Chloe’s gaping pussy with a huge dildo. Soon the four where on the bed. It was a complete orgy as the women shared the two little girls. Forcing there lil faces in there adult cunt’s. Lilly’s pussy was being devoured as her face was full of her Mother’s tits. Maddy had a finger in her ass as she wiggled about with a tongue in her baby slit.

It was like something from a medieval stage show, two women totally dominating the two little girls for sexual pleasure.

As the two little fuck dolls and there Mother’s lay in the bed, wet, and spent. Maddy’s Dad was making his way up I-81 , Northbound , for a home cumming he would never forget.

Don Fairchild knew his wife had been acting a little “odd”. She was always active in the Church and a very good Mother to Madison. Don knew his Daughter was a little innocent and naive, but he liked that, after all she was only 11. But his wife, he was a little confused about. His last time home she had been wearing make-up, gone was the apron and she had a thong on. Not that he minded , after all many of the “Lot Lizard’s” he “rented” at the truck stops, they all wore that kind’a thing, and he liked it. But for HIS wife to act so brazen, was not in her nature. He wondered if it had something to do with the new neighbor’s.

Maddy and her Mother spent the day at there own house, getting the house ready for the return of her Father. He would expect the usual meals, the usual routine of a Upper Middle Class home. Maddy and her Mother both knew that had to “Act the part” for the next three days, then they could go back to being the slut’s they both where becoming. Even as Mrs. Fairchild went thru the drudgery of laundry, she enjoyed the butt plug that was up her 30 year old ass. she sorted the white’s from the colored with a smile on her face, thinking of Chloe’s 9″ black dildo.

As Don Fairchild set at his table, enjoying the meatloaf and green beans his wife made. He couldn’t help but notice Madison, she was changing so fast, he couldn’t help but notice her little tit’s in her little white , tight tank top. Soon would be gone the “pokies” he always teased her about, she was filling out quite nicely. He would have to soon talk to his wife, he would have her have “The Talk” about sex. But that was something he didn’t need to worry about right now, after all she was all Barbie Dolls and cartoon’s, right now, wasn’t she?

As Don got out of bed to Pee. something he had to do more and more recently. He seen light’s from the new neighbor’s backyard. he could look out his bathroom window and see the neighbor’s new pool, He had noticed the new neighbor women, after all she was meant to be noticed, her very impressive set of tit’s and her killer body was always on display. As he looked out the little window he was disappointed to see it wasn’t her, but he soon was rewarded with the sight of a young little minx, her bikini top off, her little tits standing tall and proud in the LED lighting. She must be Madison’s new friend. Don soon felt a stirring in his brief’s.

He knew it was wrong, after all the girl was Madison’s age, but she sure wasn’t Madison. He watched the little thing walk around the side of the pool, her bikini bottom all up in her sex, her little girl tit’s so firm. Don soon had his cock out, he slowly stroked himself into a raging hard-on, as he watched the little girl.

What he didn’t hear was his little baby girl, Madison , open the bathroom door, she has to pee also, what she never expected to find was her father, cock in his hand, slowly stroking it, leering out the window at her friend. She stood in total amazement, this was after all the first real cock she had ever seen. As her Father turned and noticed the little girl, he quickly tried to put his man meat back in his brief’s but the she could clearly see the evidence of his arousal.

With out a word, and in total silence she turned off the bathroom light. Don had expected his baby Daughter to scream or run from the room. What he didn’t expect was for her to drop to her knee’s in front of him, taking his daddy cock out , he felt ashamed, but he didn’t stop, as his baby girl took his whole length in her little mouth. His baby girl was sucking cock like a pro. he watched the other little girl out the window as his 11 year old Daughter gave him the best head he had ever had. She licked at his cock head, running her tongue under his mushroom, he could hear her lips as they fucked his shaft. where had she learned this? , she was sucking cock like pro. He couldn’t help but fuck her 11 year old mouth.

She knew what her Daddy was doing as soon as she walked in. After all she had watched VHS porn movies with Lilly and knew what men did. What bothered her was. HER Daddy was looking at another little girl, wanting Lilly while HIS Daughter was right down the hall. Madison was jealous, her dad wanted to fuck Lilly, He didn’t say a word as she sucked his cock, as he continued to peek at Lilly.

Soon he blew his massive Daddy load, she swallowed it like a good girl. He quickly put his cock in his undies and scurried off to his room, never saying a word. She so wanted her Daddy to want her. She had to try and make him want her….After all, she could be a better slut than Lilly.

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    Perfect daughter

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    Omg this is getting better and better!

  • Reply Lilly ID:7ylren4oic

    Oh dirty don i love it.i want only you to fuck me.so many guys on here want me, but im only for dirty don.im your little minx daughter.i am your little girl.you can have me.fuck me anytime day or night baby.

    • James ID:2px1mmwmvhu