I want a little girl so bad

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Let me start by saying this; I started talking to this chick told me she was 19 years old. And yes I was married at the time. Anyways me and this girl her name is Allie we started talking and developing a relationship. Allie is blonde with hazel eyes tattoos all over her body and is the perfect size to just totally dominate her.. I mean she looks like a literal goddess among men. So so hot! We started hanging out spending a lot of time together talking every chance we got whether it’s in person or through text message. Anyways our relationship developed into this crazy sexual intimate relationship. The sex was incredible. Her pussy tasted so good felt absolutely phenomenal. And we just couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. Well I had managed to drink too much beer one day. I couldn’t drive my vehicle I was too intoxicated. So I called Allie and asked her if she could come pick me up and drive me and my escalade to Carl’s Jr so I can eat some burgers sober up and drive back home. When she got to my location she said she wanted some marijuana and asked if we could go to a dispensary. Now her being 19 and me being 28 obviously I have to go purchase it for her. Told her no big deal that’s fine you have to drive though because I’m way too drunk to drive. We drive the 30 45 minutes to The dispensary I go in shop come back out to the car she’s drinking the remainder of my beer didn’t even think twice about it whatever it is what it is. We get back on our commute home and get pulled over next to a local high school because I threw one of my beer cans out the window without noticing there is a cop right behind us. Big huge deal pulled over on the side of the road for at least an hour before they take me to the county jail. On the way there the deputy keeps saying 15 while he was on his personal cell phone. When he gets off his personal cell phone I asked him ” hey man why do you keep saying 15″ . It looks back at me and tells me come on man you didn’t know that girl was 15 years old.. in all reality I had absolutely no clue that this girl was 15 years old I mean she’s a spinning image of Keira Knightley from pirates of the Caribbean. The only difference is Allie has tattoos all over her body. I was charged with sexual assault on a minor 10-year difference the judge put me on a two-year diversion because it’s documented on Facebook I did ask her her real age and she told me she was 19.. that was in 2018
Okay so let’s fast forward to 2024. I have reconnected with little Miss Allie. She is currently 22. Yes we had sex but it just wasn’t the same. Now I have this insane addiction to young females. I go to the mall or to Walmart or one of the other local grocery stores and I see these young preteen girls wearing shirts that show off there budding breasts or tight yoga pants / short shorts that purposely show the outline of their little vagina and it just drives me absolutely insane. I’m craving a little girl in the age range 10 to 15. Now I know in 2024 these little girls are doing naughty things at home when their parents aren’t watching and some of them are doing it when their parents are watching. The other day my fiance and I went into Victoria’s secrets and there is a girl in there probably about 12 13 shopping for thongs oh my goodness that was such a turn on. She had on tight blue jeans and although she didn’t have a camel toe you could see the shape of her vagina I was instantly hard. I don’t know if Mom’s are purposely dressing their little girls like this or what but it is most definitely eye candy. I hope one day I am lucky enough to enjoy a sweet little girl’s vagina but until then I just keep fantasizing.. am I wrong for this?

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    I need a daddy. I want a grown man soo badly and me on Snapchat if you wanna see my young ass pussy 🤤Thickistbbygurl

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9a

    Preteens are so hot with their smooth hairless pussy on show , going down on them to lick it and penetrate with your tongue is awesome . Then when you get your hard dick in them it is even better .

    • Transcoso ID:19iamkeiwluy

      Back when I was a preteen girl I was a real slut! I like it when grown men lick my pussy real good till I cum! Then fuck my little pussy and my tightness makes them cum!
      Hearing adult men telling me how my pussy was the best thing they fucked, and way better than their wives, was hot as well! I also made sure to clean the cum off their cocks when they finished fucking me!

  • Reply Snap nathan 0 9 2 1 90 ID:1edf47ck4gec

    There is nothing i crave more

  • Reply Dave ID:6stx4gxv9i

    I’m the same, love it, really need a preteen

    • Joe ID:5c8rcvm9a

      They are so fucking hot

  • Reply Mae2008 ID:1limucjfib

    Where are you from