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Farm Boys Dog

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Young boy needs sex and finds his dog is good.

I was becoming mature in a sexual manner; my hormones were controlling my thoughts about sex. I was searching for anything about sex I could find on the internet. Being from a small southern town in a Christian community where everyone went to church and anything related to sex was sort of taboo, I was determined to learn all I could on the internet. I came across some sites about animals having sex with humans. I soon found I was watching a lot of it and my manhood was getting hard as a rock and precum was starting to become a constant thing. I knew that in a Christian community, sex before marriage was forbidden, and as a country boy exposure to some horny girl was rather limited.

Of course farm animals were readily available, such as dogs, pigs, cows, and goats.

I started noticing a lot about dogs and how their red penis would sometimes sort of stick out sometimes and at times a male dog would hump one of the other male dogs, I was also noticing their large swinging ball sacks. I started doing some of the things I had seen on the internet, like rubbing the sheath until the dog started humping and then wrap my hand around the rod and let him get hard and make a knot and shoot his stuff, first clear liquid, then throbbing pumping his balls dry. It made me want to become a bitch. Of course I was wondering if anal sex with a dog was good. I knew that when I got the chance I was going to find out. I knew we would be hooked up like lovers for a long time and I needed to be careful about someone seeing us.

One Saturday Mom and Dad said they were going to town and asked if I wanted to go with them. I said, No. Now I decided to call one of the male dogs into my room. I chose the one that was older and had a nice set of balls and more laid back and calmer than some the others. I was going to be old REDS bitch. We played for a while and I would gently rub his sheath and he would hump a little, I kept this up and he soon was whining and trying to mount me. I removed my jeans and shorts and laid onto the side of the bed exposing my rear hoping he would take the hint. Old RED licked my butt a few times and jumped onto my back and locked his forelegs around my waist and started searching for his bitche’s hole shooting precum all over my naked bottom.. After a few jabs with his bony cock, he found it. Oh my, he was in and humping fast and furious. There was no backing out now as his knot suddenly grew big and he stopped humping, and now I felt his throbbing cock pumping his balls dry into my hot love hole. I was laying there for about 10 minutes enjoying each and every throb knowing he was planting his seed deep into me thinking he was creating a litter of pups.

Old Red finally finished and his cock deflated and popped out of my fresh fucked hole. He dismounted and licked the juices around my rear then lay down and licked his red cock back into the sheath. Now I was leaking dog cum onto the floor. I rested awhile then cleaned up the mess. Old Red lay on the floor and watched me for a while then got up and looked me in the eye and whimpered a little and if to say, “Thanks, you are now my hot dog bitch”. Needless to say, I took advantage of the dogs. (or they took advantage of me) every time I was alone with the dogs. I finally found all three of our male dogs loved my hot male pussy. Unless you have seen it, you would never believe hot and horny a male dog is to get into a man’s ass hole. Once tey decide to mount up, just relax and enjoy it.

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    I love guys into dog cock so much.

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9a

    Shame you didn’t have bitch dogs and fucked them

  • Reply Rick ID:1e39ixjrpv21

    Hot story I did that when we had bird dogs loved sucking it too

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    • Floyd ID:2px1mhueqzw

      I use to fuck my horse and it was so amazing

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    very nice

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    Lovely story! I’d love to hear more!

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    hot thanks