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Billy’s little willy

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It was bath time and he put his willy near my face. I couldn’t help it.

Babysitting little Billy at the weekend was always a pleasure, he was the sweetest boy and so well behaved, the money I earned from babysitting really came in handy to boost my pocket money, we’d watch cartoons on TV, stuff our faces with chocolate and junk food, play some games, and then he always had a bath before bed which had to be supervised, the poor little guy suffered from seizures and his mum was very protective of him, so I had to be there while he had his bath even though boys his age would usually be fine on their own.

I ran the bath for him, filled it with loads of bubbles, and then I waited outside the bathroom door while he got undressed, “Are you in the bath now?” I asked, hearing the splashing sounds of the water, “Yeah.” He replied, so then I went inside, he was sitting in the bath, already covered head to toe in bubbles, he was looking around for something, “Pass my ducks please.” He said, pointing to the bathroom windowsill.

He had these rubber ducks that looked like super heroes, they were called TUBBZ or something, so I gathered the four ducks and dropped them in to the bath for him and he just played with them, I sat on the floor beside the bath with my arms up on the rim and watched him play for a while, he splashed around a lot and there was more water on the floor than in the bath, I was also soaking wet, “Come on, you can’t play with them all night. Time to wash now.” I said to him.

He listened to me, as I said he was always well behaved, he pushed his ducks to the other side of the bath, picked up the soap and flannel and began to wash himself, I brushed some bubbles off his head and face, he was such a small skinny boy with the cutest little face that would melt anyone’s heart, “Don’t forget your armpits.” I reminded him, “Good boy.” I added when he washed them, I took the flannel from him and used it to wash his face.

When he was happy with his wash he leaned his head down, pushed his hands under the water cupping them together and he lifted water up quickly on to his face to rinse off the soap, “Did you wash your bits?” I asked, totally innocently, just making sure he washed everything.

Then he held on to the sides of the bath, lifted himself up a little, pushing his legs back so he was on his knees, he’s lifted his lower area out of the water and turned his body to face me, his willy was right in front of my face, “Billy!”, I said, stunned, I turned to look away as he washed it with the flannel.

“There, all clean.” He announced, when I turned my head back around he was just kneeling there, his willy had gotten bigger, probably from his vigorous rubbing, and it was sticking up just inches from my face, “Is it clean enough?” he asked.

I found myself getting aroused by the site of his cock, it was no longer a little boys willy, it was a big hard wet boy cock, I couldn’t resist, “It still looks a bit dirty – let me clean it for you.” I said, I placed my hand on his left buttock before reaching in to the bath and picking up the flannel, I pulled him closer to the edge of the bath and used the flannel to lightly rub his cock and balls, he was just watching me do it although he looked a little red and blushing in the face.

I swallowed some saliva that had gathered in my mouth, then I dropped the flannel, placed my right hand on his other buttock and then leaned forward and sucked on his cock, “Mmm” I sounded, tasting his yummy-ness, his hairless cock and balls were perfect for licking, so smooth, so hard, so fresh, he leaned forward a little, placing his hands on my shoulders for balance as I sucked and slurped on his boyhood.

I was getting quite hot so I quickly pulled off my shirt, “Are those your boobs?” he asked, staring with delight at my bouncing breasts, “Yeah, you like them?” I asked, he nodded with his mouth wide open, “Yeeeah.” He replied, I let him squeeze them for a little while then I puffed my chest out and slid his cock between them and bounced my breasts up and down with my hands, giving his cock a tit-wank, he really enjoyed that.

I continued to suck his cock after that and his little body started to buckle and slid in the bath, I stopped sucking and held him up with my left hand while jerking him with my right, “Are you coming?” I asked, the confused look on his faced told me he’d never come before, this was going to be so sweet, I puffed out my chest again and jerked on his cock while pressing it between my tits, he suddenly pushed his hips forward and he groaned with orgasm, shock and confusion as his thick sticky spunk shot out of his cock and landed all over my tits.

Bless his little heart he was so tired after that, he could barely stand, so I lifted him out of the bath and sat on the toilet seat with him sat on my lap, I draped a towel around him and helped him to dry off, “Are you alright, Billy?” I asked, holding and hugging him tightly, “What did you do?” he asked.

“It’s alright. That was called come, its what’s inside your willy.” I replied, I also had to explain sex, erections, tits, fannies and jerking off to him because he didn’t seem to know, he enjoyed being sucked off and we pinky sweared not to tell about it, I didn’t want to get in trouble with his mum or my parents.

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    Part 2 please

  • Reply Anna

    I was 10 when my mom get in house my twins babybrothers and when they were 5 i blowjob them for first time to see how it is and i was like it.I am 20mow and i still continue blowjob them.

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    Great story do part 2

  • Reply vive-la-baise

    iwas 11 when i first had sex fun whit my babysiter that i belive was around 25 and she had a boyfriend. I wish you where my babisiter.