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My Boyfriends son and friends enjoyed me too

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I made teenage boys dreams come too by letting them play with me

Hi, I’m Sarah, And I’m 23. I work as a cashier and in relationship with my boss, Adam. It has been only 1 month but yeah! He is 42 yrs old and has 13yr old son, Conor. He wife had divorced him and had nothing to do with the kid. So his son leaved with him.

We loved to fuck around the store. I like the thrill that we might get caught. We often did, by other staffers or customers, but who’s going to stop us. It was fun. Soon he started to take me to his house to fuck me all night. It was great but I missed the thrill of someone walking in on us. One day something happened that was more exciting. It was a Saturday evening and we were fucking in his bedroom. I was riding him reverse cowgirl style. Suddenly I saw the door open a little bit. There was a kid behind the crack of the door looking right at us. Adam had his eyes close, and his view was blocked by my back anyway. I smiled at the kid, while I kept riding his father’s dick. He became a little comfortable. I started to play with my boobs and licking them. He started to touch his dick from the outside of his pants. He was loving it. I started to make moaning sounds as it was turning me on. He took his dick out and started jerking off. I increased the speed and Adam came inside me. Hearing us both moan and scream, got Conor to cum too. It was fun again. He walked away and I fell on the side of Adam and cuddled him to sleep.

Next day was Sunday and Conor had 5 friends for sleepover. They were all his age. Small, nerdy pasty white kids. One was chuddy rest all were thin as a stick. I knew that Conor wanted to watch us fuck tonight as well and also must have told his friends. So I was expecting an audience.

And it turned out to be true. As soon as we walked upstairs and the noises began to come from our room. I could see 6 shadows in the corridor outside the room. All eager to get a better look. They had there shorts down to their ankles and jerking hard. I knew they wanted more. Hell! I wanted more. So I made sure Adam came quickly and went to sleep. The boys couldn’t finish off and ran to their room once we were done. I waited for a while and put on my robe and walked to their room. The lights were out and their laptop was on. They were watching porn. I stepped inside without them noticing and dropped my robe. I slip my one hand on Conor’s dick and one on his friend and started to jerk them off. They were caught of guard. They all started to look at me. Other took this as on open invitation and started to touch my bare body all over. There tiny hands were creasing my boobs, my pussy and my ass. They didn’t knew what to do. One just started to hump me in my back. I laughed and said “There” Placing his dick near the entrance of my pussy. “Shove it in.. come on” I instructed. He joyfully obeyed and started to pound me. It was fun to watch the excitement in their eyes. Everyone else stopped jerking and watched their friend fucking me in my pussy. I laughed “Someone Give me your dick” I took one dick and placed in my mouth and took two more and started jerking them off. In the meantime this little guy came inside me. I told “Next”. “Me me me” said the chubby one and started to fuck me. They took turns fucking and Cuming inside me. Conor looked a little hesitant before but soon he got the grasp of it and he started to fuck his new mommy. I loved it. Young boys with enthusiasm and innocence. Finally they all came inside me on my face or over my body couple of times each. They I licked and swallowed some of there cum. They looked like I have performed a magic trick. I stood up, kept a finger on my smiling lips asking them to keep quite about our interaction today. Picked up the robe and left the room.

There was a huge smile on my face. I could hear them chatter and giving high fives as soon as I left. I love the attention.
Next evening, when I came to the house preparing something to eat. I saw Conor looking at me with lust. Loved it. He went to the bathroom to pee. I saw Adam on the couch watching TV. All into it. I slowly slid out of the kitchen and went to the bathroom where Conor was. We was surprised initially to see me there, but quickly was happy. I didn’t say anything. I kissed him on his lips as he was finishing off his pee. Then I held his dick and shook it a couple of time. To drain the last drops of piss. To make sure it is completely clean, I licked his dick and made it a little moist. Then I went back to kissing his lips. My hands where busy jerking him off vigorously. And his hands were exploring both my boobs. It was very exciting as his father could walk in on us. Hell it was making me wet. I shifted his hands from my boobs to my pussy. Feeling my wet pussy he got more excited. And soon he came a huge load on the toilet seat. I bent down and licked his dick clean. All the while looking into his eyes. We was so happy to see me do this. Then to his surprise I started to lick the toilet seat clean with my Tonge. Still staring at him. He was feeling as alpha male, and I was looking like his bitch. He was enjoying it. I cleaned the toilet seat off his cum and swallowed it. Stood up and left without saying a word.

This teasing, sucking, fucking went on with Conor and his friends till one night his father caught us in his room. When two boys were fucking me from behind and Conors dick was in my mouth.
Boy that was some ride back home. I was smiling the whole time. Did not regret for a minute.

Let’s see where does my lookup foe excitement take me next time.

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  • Reply Geb ID:8bvy5nbb0b1

    It was good at first but licking up the toilet seat not good at all. Well it was kinda nice

  • Reply Paul ID:5az1k6ym1p

    Got me hard