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Me And My Sister’s Friend – Part 2

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In this part I fucked my sister’s friend in the middle of the forest after waking up with my dick still inside of her.

This is part 2 of how I fucked my sister’s friend Eva during their 3 night sleepover.

So in the morning I somehow managed to wake up fairly early, at around 9am. Everyone was still asleep, but I could feel that something has changed. My cock was no longer inside Eva’s pussy and she was no longer in the same clothes like during our fuck session last night. The moment I realised that she probably knows that I raped her was the moment I got scarred for my life.

What if she told my parents? What if she wasn’t the only one that knows what I did to her? What if she told her parents? I had millions of questions in my head. Billions of scenarios. I had to prepare for the worst. Out of anger I just decided to re do the raping. What else could I lose really?

Let me remind you about Eva’s looks. She was a 15 year old cheerleader with E cup boobs and a nice round ass. Now the thing is, I didn’t want to just rape her over and over. I wanted her to become my girlfriend so I can have her any time I want. It may seem like I am some evil person, but at the end of the day I still feel bad for what I did. I am desparate to fuck again, but is this really the way to do it? I tried waking her up by shaking her, slowly at first, but as she wasn’t waking up I shook her harder.

She finally woke up. I didn’t know what to say as I knew she know about the rape. She just whispered to me: “We’ll talk about last night later today.” The day started as usual, we got breakfast, I took care of my siblings and was on my phone for most of the day. As my parents were still out of town and Eva and us were pretty much neighbors, her mom came over from time to time to check if we still were alive. At one visit Eva told her mother that she wanted to go out for a walk alone and that she won’t be back soon.

As she was leaving, she looked back at me and winked. I knew what that meant and as I was already 16 years old, I didn’t have to ask for permission to go out. About 10 minutes after both Eva and her mother left I started going towards the same way that Eva had gone. 5 minute walk later and there she is, sitting on a bench in the same clothes she was raped in. I got to her and sat right beside her.

“I know what you did last night…”, said Eva. I started to sweat and trying to think of ways to get out of this situation. At that moment I don’t know what had happend with me, but my hand just went for her right boob. I started playing with her boob hoping she won’t straight up call her mother. Instead, I got a reaction I could never expect. She started laughing. That was the first time I saw her laughing because of me. I decided to put my other hand on her left boob. She just smiled.

At one moment I could hear her trying to say something… “I want to fuck you”, I stopped her before she could even start talking. “You are the most beautifull girl I know.”, I continued. What I was doing must be working as we started to make out. We were making out for good 2 minutes when she confessed her love for me. I was on top of the world, the girl that I wanted to fuck so much just pretty much allowed me to do it. My dick got so hard and was so big I could feel her pussy while making out.

We were fairly close to the foresr so we went in, not too deep, but also made sure that no one can find us. She sat on the ground and I sat right next to her. I couldn’t wait anymore and started French kissing her. This time I could feel her tongue exploring my mouth instead of just being still. With each kiss I made sure to get a part of her body more exposed. Soon enough, she was completely naked right in front of me.

I started kissing her throat. Next I was kissing her huge bouncy and squishy boobs. I made sure to suck on her nipples. By now she had already started moaning softly. Next I lowered my kissing even more towards her belly and finally towards her shaved pussy. As soon as I got to it, I started licking her. She was moaning like crazy by now and must have liked it. “Lick me daddy” is all I could hear from her. My dick had pretty much grown so much that it was already out of my pants. I wanted to insert it into her so bad, but she told me that I need a good blowjob first. This blowjob was even better than the one I had last night.

I was thrusting my dick so aggressively into her throat. I came pretty quickly inside her throat and watched her swallow my cum. It was finally time for the jackpot. Her pussy. She laid down to the grass and spread her legs widely. I could see her pussy even better than before. There was no time to waste admiring the perfection between her legs.

I positioned my cock on the entrance of her pussy. Before I could slowly get it inside she hugged me close pushing my cock all the way in. I understood the assignment and went on to hardcore fuck her. Her moans were so loud. “Come on daddy, make me a mommy” were most of her moans. That made me so horny that I came inside of her quickly. After that I slowly started to push my dick out, but Eva told me to let it rest in her for little longer.

We spent next 20 minutes talking about how much we love eachother. During the whole time my dick was inside of her. At one point it got so hard again that I fucked her one more time. This time with lower intensity.

Because it was 30°C outside we decided to go to beach and talk inside the sea. When we finally freshed up by entering the sea and swimming far away from the shore, she told me: “Even tho we don’t get along really well, I am in love with you. I want to wake up every morning with your dick inside my pussy. I want to feel your hands playing with my boobs. I want to continue fucking you”.

To those words I just reacted by inserting my cock inside her pussy and French kissing her in the middle of the ocean.

Sadly, our fun had to end for the day as I had to be home taking care of my siblings so my parents don’t suspect anything. We got out of the sea, dressed up and went home together.

The rest of the day went as it normally would with nothing interesting to talk about. My parents came home with guests, we played some board games and went to sleep. Funny enough this will be the start of part 3 of this story.

If you enjoyed reading this and would like a part 3 with some unexpected events, please do let me know. Like last time, this story is mostly a fantasy.

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    Not bad would love to hear more

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    Did you breed her and make her a mommy