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Molested in the gym

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First I want to start off if you leave hate comments you’re a fan to me or any other person and yes fat people go to the gym,

alright so I got a random memory of something that happened when I went to the gym with my mom it took place at a planet fitness, So I was just minding my business on the other side of the gym then my mom doing squats and listening to music overall having a good time during my rest time I noticed a guy staring at me just blatantly staring no one noticed because they were doing their own thing i thought it was strange so I got back to doing squats then after I went over to the bike thing and started doing that it was the thing where you had to stand up and move your lower body I noticed he followed me over to the station and got on the machine right next to mine he said hi I said hi and I went on normal then I went to the machine where you sit the do well basically sit ups standing up it’s for the upper body then I noticed again he followed me and did the leg thing where you open and close I could see his dick and fuck that joint was big but I just went on like normal then he kept following me to each station I went each time I noticed he had his hand on his dick and was just staring at me then he finally spoke to me when I was doing hip thrusts he was just lifting weights when I was doing it to be honest I didn’t notice him come up in front of me now to give you a visual the station I was at was secluded in the back space of the gym so no one could see anything I had my eyes closed listening to music doing hip thrusts then I heard him talk so I opened my eyes and just saw his dick in front of my face I started to talk but then he shoved his dick into my mouth and just started fucking my throat I tried to fight back hit him do anything but kneeled down and started pushing my head further and his hips going faster he kept saying “you bitch you kept teasing me so this is your punishment take this cock down your throat” I was confused and aroused, confused because I didn’t know I was teasing him and aroused because I was getting throat fucked in a public place by a guy that’s at least 3 times my age I’m 14 so he was at least 40 I saw his id so I know he was 40 or over ut anyway, I had leggings on so he ripped those near my pussy area and just started roughly abusing it with his fingers I Remember exactly what he said (look at you this wet because you’re getting used what a slut) I orgasmed on his fingers after he said that after a few more minutes of throat fucking he pushed his dick all the way in my throat holding my head there as he came in my mouth I swallowed all his cum he was about to fuck me but my mom yelled saying it was time to go and she almost caught him so he left but not before sticking his tip in me giving me the hottest kiss I ever received I went to the bathroom to clean up real quick and for my pants I just tied my sweater around my waist and that covered it up after I finished cleaning up I took out a piece of gum and went to my mom then we left that day in the gym was fun

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  • Reply Blackbear7 ID:1ck77emu6p69

    Well Zia2.0, I was trying to stay on my gay side of being Bi, I can kidnap you. Take you to a lovely secluded ranch. Closes neighbor is over 3 miles. So, no one can here you scream when I am eating your pussy and arse out before I ploy my BBC into both of them to keep them loose and open.
    Just hmu at
    [email protected]
    And let me know where you will be and what you’re wearing. I will have you bare foot and pregnant in no time. Oh yeah, word of warning, I love breakfast in bed 1st thing. Male or female, it don’t matter, as soon as my eyes open up, so will my mouth on all body parts.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:1cz9zdqcfprl

    Such a good lil cum slut I am impressed. I would love to hear more from you.

    • Mike ID:fygmdfuf8

      I’m not him but I love sex of any kind . I was very young when I had my first cockin my mouth. If you want to chat bout any kind of sex email me at [email protected]

    • Zia2.0 ID:1d3pvg8noql2

      You were just leaving me a hate comment on my other story saying you like your girls fit I always knew you were a fan tho Mr. Gonzo more story’s/experiences will be posted soon

  • Reply D ID:3zxjp0lg499

    How can I get ahold of you