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The Local Dog Catcher – Part 3

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A story of how the local dog catcher and his wife move into the neighborhood turning my friend and I into their sex slaves.

See Parts 1 and 2. Also, sorry if you thought this story may be about zoophilia, but hope you enjoy it anyway! Although the some of the story is true, much of it is a fantasy and what I wished might have happened.

So continuing on with the story….

So the big day arrived. I told my parents I was staying with a friend and that I would be home tomorrow. (Back then, my parents didn’t worry and never checked up my stories). So off I went to the Jones’ to be their sex slave, this time also for their friends. I knew what I needed to do, so I knocked, walked in went up to their bedroom where Mrs. Jones was waiting for me. She smiled and asked if I was ready for the big day. I smiled back and quietly, and nervously said yes. The Jones’ decided I was going to be a slutty schoolgirl for their friends. I wore a plaid skirt, a pink thong and matching bra and a white-buttoned shirt with a light sweater over it. This time she had me put on white thigh-high stockings and high-heels. She did my make-up and put my wig on. I was all set – now I was the town slut – ready to be used by their friends.

Off I went to the basement to see who I was going to meet and ultimately pleasure. Standing at the bar in the basement was a tall black man – his name was Deacon and he worked as a garbage man in our town; then there was Jose – one of the few Hispanic men in our town, he worked in the parks department and was of average build; and then finally there was Ronny – a short white guy, with tattoos, who smoked, was in the Navy and worked as a cook at a local restaurant. They were all drinking beer and talking as I walked in, but soon the room went silent. All eyes were on the slut, thinking about what they were going to do with me. Mr. Jones introduce me as Nikki and then introduced his friends. I went over and said hello to each of them. As I did, they were feeling my ass, tits and cock. These guys were horny and wanted me desperately. Mr. Jones told them to calm down, that we had plenty of time to play. He then told them to be fair, he put their names in a bowl and would draw the name of the first person to have sex with me. Deacon won the draw.

He took my hand and guided me towards the sofa where he sat down. He had me dance for him like a girl at a strip club. I danced for him and every so often rubbed my hand against his pants, feeling his cock. Not only was he getting hard, but I could also feel a monster in his pants. He soon took off his pants and underwear and sat there with his huge, hard cock standing tall. He then said – “come on bitch, do your job and start sucking on this!” I had never seen anything that big and was super scared, but I got down on my knees and opened my mouth and began sucking his cock. It was hard, but I took as much of his cock in my mouth as I could. He grabbed my head and forced me down on his cock, continuing to call me “slut, bitch and whore,” my eyes were watering, and my make-up began to run. He said, “now you look like a real street whore, we should probably put you on the street and make some money with you.” He then grabbed me, pulled me up and bent me over the sofa, I could feel his hands on my ass, caressing my cheeks and rubbing my hole. He pulled my panties down and, in an instance, had two fingers up my hole, fingering fucking my little boi-pussy. Mr. Jones then spoke up and said, be somewhat gentle on her, Jose and Ronny need their turn as well. So, Deacon, grabbed the lube, got my hole ready, lubed his cock and began to insert his monster into me. My hole was being stretched like it never had been before, but it was hot. I wanted to take that monster in my little boi-pussy. He proceeded to fuck me in multiple positions – ending with me on all fours as he fucked me until he shot his massive load deep in my hole. I wanted to collapse and rest, but once he began to get soft, he turned me around and told me to suck his cock clean. After all, he couldn’t go home with little gurl juices and shit all over his cock. I licked him clean and waited for the next name to be drawn.

Jose was the next winner. As I said before, he was average in size and somewhat fit. He came over and started rubbing my cock, and when it was hard, he lifted my skirt and began sucking my cock. As he did this, his fingers were playing with my hole. (at this point, a little sore from Deacon’s cock). He then took me the bed they had set up in the basement and positioned himself in the 69 position. He looked at me and said, “do your job bitch and start sucking on it!” I looked down and didn’t know what to do, it was the first uncut cock I had seen. As I stared at it, I heard his voice again – “fucking put it in your mouth you stupid slut!” I closed my eyes and put it in my mouth. As it grew hard, it was like sucking any other cock and I went to town like a good slut. I could feel his cock getting harder and he pulled out of me. He threw me on my back, lifted my legs, positioned his cock at the entrance to my hole, and pushed it in. He then began to fuck me – saying how he was going to make me pay for being such a bitch, teasing him as he worked all day. (his fantasy). And as he was fucking me, calling me names, he wrapped his hands around my neck, chocking me as he fucked me. As I was about to pass out, he pulled his cock out of my hole, straddled my face and told me to suck his cock. I opened my mouth and he immediately began face fucking me until he shot his load down my throat and all over my face.

I was exhausted, but knew I had Ronny to please. Jose got up and told Ronny I was all his. At this point, Ronny was just wearing a t-shirt and boxers. He came over and told me to take his boxers off, nice and slow like a whore should. I took them off and he got on the bed face down. He spread his legs and told me to eat his ass. I said “what?” I have never done that before. He said – “do it bitch, or I’ll beat the shit out of you.” I cringed and put my head between his cheeks. He was a nasty guy – he smelled of smoke and of the kitchen he worked in and his butt and hole were hairy. I liked his hole and stuck my tongue inside, when I heard him tell Mr. Jones that I needed some help. Mr. Jones came over and pushed my head deeper into his ass and told me to be a good bitch and fuck his hole with my tongue. After a while of licking his hole and his hairy balls, he pushed me aside and pushed me face down on the bed. He then began tongue fucking my whole like a wild man in heat. Then when he was nice and hard, he began fucking me like a wild man. My boi-pussy was super sore at this point, but he didn’t care. He slapped my ass hard when he fucked my, making it raw and red. He said he loved raping little gurl’s and making them his bitch. He pushed my head down, smothered it with a pillow and fucked me with vengeance. I could feel his cock get harder, he took the pillow off my head, and began beating my ass as he pumped me full of his cum. He got off, slapped my ass again, and went to join the others at the bar.

I lay there exhausted and sore from all the fucking and abuse, but inside I knew I had done my job and made the guys happy. As I laid there, I felt someone sit next to me on the bed, it was Mrs. Jones. She told me I had been a good little slut. And now it was time for us to go wash up, have something to eat and get ready for bed. She also said they had another surprise for me…

To be continued…..

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  • Reply Happy Gramps ID:mvt0j949b

    Great story, keep going. I would so love to make you my little bitch to

    • LittleCDNikki ID:1un3i6jq

      Thanks so much! I bet you’d be fun and treat me like a good little bitch.