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My moms pedophile boyfriend

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A month ago my mom introduced me to trey 6’2 brown curly hair 32 and cocky shit eating attitude he was cool at first until he moved in and my mom worked night shifts as a nurse so the groping began he rub past be making sure I could feel.his Hardon if I was to sit in the living room with him I had to sit in his lap which is good Because it wasn’t bad at first he was lime a father figure but he grip my ass grab my pussy and choke me which got me wet because of my kinks but he caught my boyfriend sneaking out after doing coke in my room so I’m now his little toy he dry humps me and shoves his hands in my pants and up my shirt he even makes me rub his Hardon and shower with him or if I’m in the shower he sneaked in and makes me clean him and he cleans me.

If I tell my mom gets my boyfriend in prison and I go off to London for a all girls catholic school I told my friend but she said just enjoy it he’s hot so I did a little bit and its gotten a little better but my boyfriend doesn’t satisfy me at all so I’m left grinding on my teddy bear when he leaves and trey well daddy caught me and he really put in work I couldn’t walk straight for 4 days.

But he keeps Cummings in me and when he comes its alot like 2 shot glass full of cum and he goes so deep j feel it in my stomach and I take plan bs but they don’t always work so I’m worried and I can’t leave him alone even tho he’s a pervert because I’m 17 and today I’m supposed to meet his friend but I’m pretty sure there gonna force me into a threesome wish me luck guys

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    You should write about what happens with him and his friend