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Teasing the Window Cleaner

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Teasing the window cleaner in my younger days

I was doing what most schoolgirls do when they’re in the safe space of their bedroom. I was listening to loud music, singing and dancing while I undressed.

“Louise!!!” my father screamed up the stairs. I hurried towards my bedroom door and opened it.

“Yeah?” I replied, poking my head over the bannister.

“Turn that music down! Me and your mom are going shopping, and the window cleaner is here, so make sure you’re decent and make sure your blinds are closed!”

“Ok. Will do. Thanks, dad.”

I returned to my bedroom, closed the door, smiling mischievously and turned the music off. I then buttoned my school blouse back up and waited.

“Close the damn blinds, Louise! Don’t do it!” my sensible thoughts told me.

“You know you want to do this, Lou-Lou!” my naughty thoughts waded in.

“You’ll regret it. Close the blinds and let the feeling pass, Louise.”

“Listen to your body, Lou-Lou. What is the tingly feeling between your legs telling you?”

I was torn between right and wrong, as those feelings tingled in my breasts and between my legs. They grew stronger, demanding I act upon them. Sitting with my thoughts and feelings a while longer, hoping they would lose their energy and dissipate, I eventually stood up and smirked playfully at my reflection in the mirror.

A good fifteen minutes passed since my father called me, warning the window cleaner was outside, but I was becoming very warm and flushed as the sexual desire inside my body gathered momentum.

Then, a set of ladders were pushed up against the house beneath my bedroom window. The loud clanging of metal on brick alerted me. Instead of acting fast to protect my privacy, I put a set of headphones on and started singing and swaying.

There was no sound, it was just a ploy to get the window cleaner to think I was listening to music, making him believe I didn’t know he was there.

But I knew he was there alright. I caught sight of him in the periphery of my vision, sponging foamy water onto the windowpane. I was kind of side on with more of my back to him. Once I knew he was watching, I turned my back fully and moved it up a level.

Swaying my arse in the navy-blue skirt, I began to unbutton the blouse. I had no idea if he was still watching me, but it was too soon to check, so I continued dancing and removing the blouse, quickly exposing my bare back and the bra straps. I was banking on the situation being too tempting for him not to watch me undress while he cleaned my window.

I then moved my hands to my waist and began pushing the skirt down. I was giggling, dying to know if I still had a voyeur at my window. A quick glance over my shoulder and I saw the window cleaner was watching me as I’d hoped.

The sponge stopped moving as soon as our gazes locked. He instantly looked terrified that he’d been caught, so, with my butt pointed at him, I raised a finger to my cheeky smiling lips and signalled mischievously for him to be quiet. His eyes bulged and he grabbed the ladder to steady himself.

Wanting to objectify myself more than ever, I turned around to face the window. Even through the double glazing I could feel his excitement. I then leaned forwards and removed the skirt. His jaw dropped. He was looking straight down my bra at the handfuls of soft flesh threatening to spill over the tops of the bra cups when I did it.

With his hand pressing the sponge against the window, I giggled. The water was running away. He wasn’t doing a very good job, because his eyes were following my every movement. I then stood up straight in just my black bra and panties, still giggling.

I walked up to the window and stood directly in front of him. We stared into each other’s eyes for a few moments and time seemed to stand still. It was tense and electric. I then reached round my back and unhooked the bra.

I wondered if, in all his years of window cleaning, he had ever watched someone strip naked in front of him, and if he had, how did I compare to them.

My pussy, clit and nipples were throbbing in time with my heart when I removed the bra and deliberately bared my young, succulent breasts to him. I giggled and covered my mouth.

He almost fell off his ladder again during the exposure. For the next few moments, I stood still with my arms down by my sides, showing him the fullness of my teenaged tits.

Maintaining fixed eye contact, I then reached for the top window and opened it. My soft mounds pressed against the glass, squashing my areoles and nipples before everything rubbed against the chilly surface until I’d managed to open it. I then stood back and traced my fingertips up my tummy, turning my hands to cup and lift my breasts.

The window cleaner gulped while I moaned and licked my tongue seductively across my top lip. He looked stunned, appearing to not know what to do with himself. I then smirked, pushed my big tits together and jiggled them. The window cleaner gulped again, holding onto the ladder for dear life.

“Do you like my body?” I teased him through the open window. He nodded as if he were a mute.

Stepping further backwards away from the window, towards the side of my bed, I sat down before lying down, cupping and caressing myself as I went. He couldn’t peel his eyes away from my tits as I groped myself only a few feet away from him.

So near, yet so far, I thought, slipping my thumbs inside the waistband and raising my ass off the bed. I watched him watching me as I pulled my panties down over my butt cheeks, before raising my legs in the air to remove the piece of underwear altogether.

“Fuuuuck!” he gasped. I heard him clearly and grinned. My pussy was glistening. It was wet and swollen from all the blood pumping arousal.

I lowered my legs and then raised my knees, keeping my feet on the bed while I spread my slender smooth pins apart, opening myself up for a proper exposure. I was so turned on I was moaning quietly but sighing deeply.

Get a good look at me, I spoke in my head, exposing my shaven, teenaged pussy to a man old enough to be my father.

The temperature inside my bedroom was red hot, or so I felt with my body burning with sexual desire and energy. It was way better than any legal highs I’d done with my school friends.

Flat on my back with my head raised to look at the window cleaner, I found him gripping his ladder. He had dropped his sponge, drooling and staring at me. I grabbed my tits again and squeezed them hard, arching my back off the bed as I did it. I let out a loud groan and flicked my hips.

I knew he was getting a real good look at my horny, naked body. He could see my pubic mound was bald. He could see my young vulva and vagina was open and wet, but still tight.

Needing to cum, I broke my own rules. I had to masturbate right there and then with the window cleaner watching me. I wanted him to see how I did it. I wanted him to go home and jerk off to the image I’d burned into his memory forever.

Back then my clit was where all the magic happened when I rubbed one out. It still is. My clitoris and I were more than close. She was my master, making me look after her everyday. She would let me know when she needed rubbing and I would have to submit to the carnal urges she inflicted upon my young fickle mind and needy body.

The window cleaner got to see it in real time, up close and personal through my bedroom window.
Teasing my body with fingertip strokes all over it, my hands eventually ended up at my breasts. I circled around and inside my areoles before giving my nipples some much needed squeezing, flicking and pinching.

“Bad, naughty nipples,” I giggled, not judging my tendency to act freakish when I masturbated. The window cleaner looked mesmerised.

After playing with my hard teats for a few moments, I traced my fingertips down to where the real entertainment was going to be. My aching pussy. I used one hand to spread my juicy lips and another to rub my clit. I started slowly, moaning and arching my back off the bed.

“You’re so fucking hot!” I heard him gasp. I didn’t care if my neighbors could see or hear the window cleaner getting excited at my bedroom window about something. It was hot!

My eyes were lazily opening and closing. I was getting lost and found before getting lost again. I gave my clit a break and slipped two fingers into my body, slowly fucking my pussy.

“Uhhhh!” I cried out. “Uhhhhh!”

Returning to rub my throbbing clit, I gave her a hard workout, edging myself to an orgasm before slipping two fingers back inside my pussy again.

“Oh! Fuck!” I screamed. “Ah! Ah! Yes! Fuck me!” I cried out, imagining I had a nice big cock inside me.

“Do you want me to?” I heard the window cleaner bang the palms of his hands against my window. I stopped fingering and smirked. I couldn’t, I told myself. Yes you can, I then told myself.

Sitting up, looking drunk from all the teasing and showing off, I smirked mischievously at the window cleaner.

“Say it! Tell me to come inside and I’ll fuck your brains out!” he said.

His desperation and sudden eagerness to talk to me wasn’t the only thing that made me crazy horny. It was his age, good looks, and because it was an opportunity to do a really slutty thing. The thought my parents might catch us only added to the thrill.

Without saying a single word, I kept the naughty smirk on my face and signalled for him to come inside. I beckoned him to me with my index finger. He was down the ladder like a fireman in an emergency. I laughed and turned myself around so I was facing him on the bed when he burst through my bedroom door to rescue me.

My heart was beating so fast I suddenly realised what I’d done. What I’d just agreed to. The sensible thoughts began to appear, trying to get me to change my mind and contemplate the reality of the situation, but then the window cleaner flung open my bedroom door, frantically pulling his t-shirt over his head.

“Don’t speak!” I blurted. My body was shaking with so many emotions it shook away all my confidence. “Just fuck me!”

“I always knew you were are young slut!” he smiled, taking off his boots and socks.

“I said no talking!” I laughed. “Just fuck me before my parents get back!”

The window cleaner undressed quicker than anyone I’ve ever seen, even after all these years. He jumped onto my bed with a decent sized cock in his hand, ready to plunge it inside my pussy. We didn’t discuss condoms but luckily I was on the pill.

He positioned his cock at my waiting hole and leaned into me, using all his weight to push his cock deep inside me.

He came down on top of my body, groaning as his hard cock penetrated my tight pussy. I gasped, wrapping my arms and legs around his body, holding him tight to me. He didn’t wait, he didn’t need to. I was dripping wet and ready to be fucked.

Groaning as he nuzzled my neck, the window cleaner started pumping my pussy with everything he had. I was screaming and begging for it, taking the full length as he moved his mouth to my tits.

He sucked on a sensitive nipple then sucked on the other one, grunting and groaning as he filled my pussy with his cock.

My screams got louder and his grunts got deeper while he fucked me as hard, fast and as deep as he could.

“Oh fuck!” I sighed. “I’m gonna cum! Yes! Harder! Harder! Fuck! Yes! Uhhhhhhhhh!”

“Mmmmmmm! You tight slut! Mmmmm!”

As the orgasm went off inside me like a volcano, he kept hammering away and chewing on my nipples. When it finally calmed down he told me to bend over.

It was all very animalistic and aggressive. I fucking loved it. I’d never been fucked and used like this before then, and I wasn’t even high on drugs or alcohol. It was early in the evening while my parents were out shopping.

The window cleaner smacked my arse hard and shoved his cock back inside my pussy from behind. We were using each other. It was filthy. I grunted with him before he held my hips and literally fucked my young brains out. We were hot and sweaty, panting and grunting as we fucked on my bed. He was using me so hard my pussy was making some pretty loud squelching and sucking noises.

It spurred him on, making me cum again. I was burning out like a lightweight while this older experienced man used my body like a rag doll. But I hung in there, needing to feel him cum deep inside me.

“Ahhhhhh! Here it cums you fucking slut! I’m going to fill your tight cunt with so much of it!”

I started rocking back and forth to meet his demonic thrusts, but then he grabbed my hair and heaved me up. I screamed from the sudden shock and pain in the roots of my hair while his other hand came round the front and grabbed my tits. He squeezed them just as hard as his cock was fucking me from behind.

Then, my parents window cleaner told me to take it before he grunted in my ear and ejaculated inside my pussy. I felt him go deeper when he rose higher on his knees and plunged his spewing length as far into me as he could get it. I was moaning and gasping for breath while an older man emptied his balls into my young pussy.

“Ahhhhh! Shit!” he exhaled, finally letting go and pushing me down onto the bed. “I’ve seen some crazy things on the job. I’ve even done some crazy things, but nothing as hot as that!”

“You need to leave before my parents get back,” I said tired and softly, lying face down on my bed with cum trickling from between my legs.

“I hope we get to do that again. You’re hot as fuck! I hope I gave you what you needed!”

“You did,” I smiled, still flat on my front, unable to move my body. “You sure did.”

The window cleaner dressed faster than he undressed and then returned to finish cleaning all the windows. I managed to move myself to close my window and blinds before he climbed his ladder again. His cum ran down the inside of my leg so I had to go straight into the shower.

Every time he came to clean the windows thereafter, I made sure he couldn’t see into my bedroom. I found the experience funny and exciting, and of course satisfying.

I did feel ashamed and embarrassed about what I did… until the next time those carnal urges had me doing something else just as crazy.

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  • Reply Waltee ID:1etv2sm17v1p

    This is a very well written story. I liked it, even more so because the ages was left and and the reader could put in any age and since I like mine with 18+ girls, it works out. You have some skills as a writer. If you want to chat about story ideas hit me up my Session ID is 05d8b5eae0bad5e7f01973fb0e7898085f0d0a9da18fd484d3439d38cebdd9914f

  • Reply Peter from Australia ID:1cn96ee27z4f

    You made him happy, and that was the best thing for him

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrjplk0j

    Absolutely nothing wrong with animalistic sex. Try having an 11 year old go sexual ballistic on you and tell me how that feels. Fantastic story Louise and nothing wrong at all with sex especially when you need it no matter what age you may be.

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    I love it Louise !! I’ve done the same thing as you ! I was wearing my black French bikini and heels and white framed sunglasses as I walked around my parents inground pool, I bent over and wiggled my tushy at them as I was sucking on a lollipop while the pool guys were cleaning and adding chemicals ! 5 star rating from me !! Britney

  • Reply pappabear99 ID:1ei8an4sdfwe

    Soooo fucking delicious!! Louise my tease..proton.me