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Brother and sister find fun things to do 3: our family expands

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With an aunt/wife pregnant and a new friend/family member to take care of I couldn’t be happier. Or could they.

To continue. This girl was always horny. She spent the weekend after I gave my wife and sister their fucking. She would get me right back up. I got up my dick was always still in her. She would get up go down to breakfast. I would show up naked to sit down to eat. She would come over line up and sit on my cock. She would bounce on me as she ate. I cam right as she swollowed the last bite. Then get off and clean me. I go get dressed. I finally had the girls sit down to talk. I told them I’ll be 16 in a few months, sis will be 13, my wife will be 19. So we wanted to know her exact age. She himed and hawed but slowly said where we could barely hear her. She said 11 almost 12. I said you can’t get pregnant yet your to young. She said she had her first period last month. That she was at her fertile time now. I felt set up. We needed to talk to her dad agian. We called him over and he came. I told him what happened and how I felt set up. He explained what happened and apologized for how I felt. After qe finished he asked this time if I could help his family out. I told asked him just her. He told me he had one more daughter and it would be 3 years at least before she’s ready. I told him for now she is fine. I’ll think about the other and it would give her time if she doesn’t want to. I told him I don’t rape girls or women they have to want it too. So a couple months go by and the girl was at our house every weekend. By month 3 she was pregnant and getting ready for her 13th birthday. For her birthday with us she said she wanted to try my cock in her ass because her dad won’t let anyone in the family touch her anymore since we made the deal. So I had my wife lube her up and her bend over the table. Once everything was good I lined up and slipped it in. I fucked her slowly and started to pick up speed. I got close to cumming sh slammed back and shouted cum for me daddy. It was to much and I cam. I went to pull out and sit down but she followed me. Sitting there try to catch my breath she never let me get soft. She started riding me till I cam agian. She thanked me kissed me and said daddy has a gift for you birthday next month. Everything was going good my wife had our new little one the day before my birthday another girl. I was having a great birthday my 2 year old got me a shirt that say number 1 daddy. She kissed my cheek and said thank you for a little sister and then ask when is auntie having her baby. I told her soon. She was happy and then me and my sis gave everyone my birthday surprise. Sis was having twins. We don’t know the sexes. Like with my wife I wanted them to be a surprise. That afternoon or friend came over with my gift. He had us all get in our car and follow him. He took us out to the country down a long road where at the end sat a giant house. We got out everything felt wierd but ok. He handed my the house key and said happy birthday and thank you. He said he lived a mile down the road as the crow flies. Then he said everything was set up ready to move in he would have the rest of or stuff packed and brought out to us. We went inside and everything was perfect. We put the baby down and went to the bedroom to celebrate with my sis there was a knock at the door. My wife answered I was to busy fucking the shit out of sis. Right as I cam my sister said we need to go. I said it’s to early. My wife came up two young girls in tow. The girl and her little sister. I said we’ll talk later we have to hurry call the doctor. As I said that an older woman said I can help don’t call them. I’m their mother and a midwife. So if more likes maybe part 4

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