Teen boys taken to meet guys wife

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Hello this about a guy who infiltrated our Jack off sessions as teen at our hide out in some bushes near a river ,
There was 3 sometimes 4 of us aged around 14 , we used to have our own hide out kinda place where we bring porno magazines and jerk off over in the school holidays it was nearly every day most lads at that age I think people would agree used to similar activities,
Then one day some guy turns up in his 30’s I would say kind of friendly and knew what we was doing after seeing the magazines,
I think he went fishing near by any how we got on ok with him ,
he used to chat about stuff lads was interested in motor bikes and football you get the idea it didn’t take him long to start about the magazines and chatted about how sexy they were , we had all jacked off in front of each other that was just young horny school boy stuff non of us was bothered about friends presence, but then he would comment saying stuff like ,
She’s my type and he would do her blah blah , do you think you could please her ? what would you do and so on , thinking back these days he was right fkn perverse sod ,

Who’s got the biggest cock ? And show him then carry on he’s ok and would join in sat down with us stroking a little he never really joined in properly just watch us and stroke a little , we accepted him as part of our gang so a few weeks go by then suddenly one day he says as he looks at one of our magazines oh she looks a lot like my ms and says how fit she was and that’s why he married her and started telling us what he did with her and when he first dated her what she did blah blah ,

I said oh does she still look the sexy woman in the magazine he says yes but she’s now a lot older but how he died this and that and how good she is at sucking cock ,
So now we are all a bit exited ogling the woman in the mag , I blurted out I’m gonna Jack off over her , he says what my wife and starts laughing, I said is she really as sexy as the one I’m jacking too ?

He says tell you what when you are done I’ll introduce you all too her , he then said I told her when I was fishing I met you lot over here , and that you all get together jacking to magazines , he then said he had discussed it all with her saying it’s what lads do at your age and it was perfectly normal he said don’t worry she agreed it was normal and that she asked how big we was our cocks ? And did he see us ejaculate ? What was it like and could we shoot much cum ?
he said she’s very understanding and talks about anything , come on then I’ll take you to my house I’ll ask her to make you a bit of food I’m only about half a mile away we knew where he meant and so we talked on the way there saying stuff like I wonder if he’s lying and gonna do us all in lol or was she as fit as he made out and I bet she a big fat ugly sod we was giggling away ,

So we gets there and he shouts I have brought the them wankers home with me love and started laughing again , I heard her shout stop it Alan don’t embarrass them talking like that ,
Then she said I’m just about done making the bed I’ll be down in a second , sit down lads I have some cold beer in the fridge have you drank a bottle before it’s ok no one’s gonna be pissed it’s light beer , yes thank you Alan , next thing Joan his wife walks in , she did look exactly like the woman and was indeed a bit older but fkn hell she was definitely porn material, straight away she went to shake hands then pulled back bursting out laughing perhaps not and grinned pulling a face as to say I know what you have been doing with those hands lol ,

After a lot of innocent banter chatting she said Alan you must be as bad as them you joined in jacking off ? Again unconcerned and very forward in her manner she was great to get on with and laughed again yes love it’s all their fault smiling away , he then said it was some pictures of this woman she was the spitting image of you love , ooh she said and was she as sexy ? yes like you love just like you , and then says wasn’t she lads ? I said yes looking at the others yes they said same , well your making me blush did you enjoy it ? he chirps in Joan their dirty little sods always at it ,
I’m flattered boys what did she have on ? All this time Joan was drinking along with him I could see she was getting louder and more suggestive, he says usual Joan sexy white stockings little mini skirt and pushed up tits then striped off using a vibrator she and him was laughing again he turned to us saying Joan has one lol

By this time all inhibitions had gone from them and was openly talking really dirty I was getting hard and by now so was others ,
Tell you what Joan go get dressed up and see if you have same effect grinning away she says you really want me too ? Alan how old are they ? 14 love , oh I’m not sure about this love how would it look if they start telling everyone he said Joan ffs I have been jacking off with them for weeks their good lads don’t worry go get your gear on give um a thrill .
So she shot off and about just over half hour she strutted in fkn hell lovely legs in white stockings suspenders and high heels just a t shirt showing her ample breasts , what you think lads ? Says Alan bet your dicks are twitching now eh? Love he looks at her ,
She then poses for us then bends right over what a sight , wiggles her arse Alan says your making them hard love they all have erections , she then comes over looks at him and says your right Alan then he says she wants to see what she’s done to you ? your ok no one is gonna know she was really up for it saying show me then I have never seen boys cocks at your age so he says Joan just fkn help them out I’m as turned on as they are you look stunning girl

I couldn’t take it anymore and got mine out for her it sprung out she said oh oh your so much bigger than I imagined Alan was wanking now as well , we all was she was fantastic standing like that watching us all . She was fkn awesome in her 30s cracking body dressed like a porn star watching us wank off , long story short we all had a go fingering her ,I came about 3 times in a couple of hours she jacked me off over her tits and did same for others , he wouldn’t allow us to fuck her saying we are too young , we left and said our goodbye and what a lovely woman she was and that don’t be worried we won’t say a word , she and Alan said if you keep quiet maybe there might be a next time , then we didn’t see him he never returned back to our hide away then almost a year later we still went there as usual and suddenly who turns up but Alan and behind him I’d Joan she kissed us and said go on then carry on over the magazines pulls down her skirt lays down and watches as she wanks Alan that’s another story pretty much the same hope you all enjoyed my time with Alan’s wife

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