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My dad brings home a cite young black girl

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So her parents could go on a cruise, Tina spent 16 days with my father and me.

At work, my father was talking to Ronald. They were also good friends. Ronald was telling him that somehow, they had won a two-week cruise to the Caribbean. He said that it looked like they were going to have to not take the trip because none of their local relatives could have their daughter stay with them at the time of the trip and paying for her to stay with someone cost too much. Even though she was a mature twelve-year-old, they would not leave her alone for that long.

My dad is a great guy, so he said that we have a house with a den that has a hide-a-bed, and that she could stay with us for free so they could go. Ronald said that would be fantastic and that he would talk to his wife and let Dad know.

The next day, Ronald thanked Dad over and over and said they would take him up on his offer. He offered to give Dad some money for food, but Dad said no. The cruise was two weeks, and they needed another day on each end to get to the port and home again, so they would be gone sixteen days. That night, Dad told me that we were going to have company for a while.

Sunday night, two weeks later, Dad went and picked up Tina. They walked in, and for the first time I saw this very attractive young black girl standing in our living room. She may only have been twelve, three years younger than me, but she already had a nice slim body a woman’s breasts. I guessed maybe 30-B’s. She smiled at me and said hi. She was not what I expected. I was thinking she would be an uninteresting, flat chested child. I also did not know that she would be black.

I helped take herself to her room. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Ronald had ordered a pizza, and they had brought it home. We sat and ate it along with sodas. Then ice cream for dessert. We watched TV. Tina thanked Dad for letting her stay so her parents could go on the trip. Then she went to her room, and I went to mine. Dad went to bed later.

At eight in the morning, I got up and headed down the hallway for the bathroom. I was wearing my pajama bottoms like normal. Just before I got to Dad’s bedroom door, it opened and Tina walked out, naked. She passed me on her way to her room. She smiled at me but neither of us said a word. I noticed her looking at the rapidly growing tent in my PJ’s.

What Dad had not told me was that when he picked Tina up, her father had taken him to the side and said, “I want you to know that Tina is an adventurous girl and advanced for her age. She is not a virgin, and she is on the pill. If she wants to do anything with you, I do not have a problem with it, but let her be the one to make the first move, if she does.”

It turned out that, on the first night, after she had gone to bed, she got thinking about Dad and got horny. She was already naked, as that is how she always sleeps. She got up and went into Dad’s room and spent the night with him.

It was summer so there was no school, but Dad still had to go to work. He got up first and made bacon and fried eggs. When they were about done, he called the two of us. I got there first. Tina walked in, smiled and said good morning. She was wearing one of Dad’s tee-shirts. It came down just below her crotch. It clung to her chest and her nipples make very clear bumps. I was getting hard again, even though I had already jacked off that morning. Dad put his hand on Tina’s ass, and she pushed back against it and wiggled her butt.

After we finished eating, Dad headed off to work, telling the two of us to be nice to each other and have a good day. He wasn’t gone two minutes when Tina reached down, grabbed the bottom of the shirt, and pulled it over her head. I stood there like a deer in headlights. I wouldn’t be surprised if I had been drooling.

“I think it is much more comfortable being naked, don’t you, Rob? Why don’t you take your clothes off, too?” I snapped out of my trance and stripped down. I was hard as a rock and my cock pointed straight at Tina. She walked over and took hold of it. Then she kissed me. “That’s a nice cock, Rob.”

Then she dropped to her knees and took four of my six inches. I watched my white prick sliding in and out of her ebony face. I was so excited that I came very quickly. Tina swallowed every drop. “Your cum tastes good. Are you a virgin?” I told her no, that I had been with a couple girls and one older woman. “Goody, then I bet you will really know how to fuck me good.” We stayed home, and naked, all day. I fucked her four times, and she sucked me off another time. She came easily and loudly. It seemed like she couldn’t get enough. By the time Dad came home, she had worn me out. I had heard of nymphomaniacs, but I never expected to meet one.

That night she did not even make a pretext of going to her room. She cuddled with Dad till they went to his room. I stayed up late that night and listened to them having sex.

Four more days went by, and they were the same. She was a slut for Dad at night, and for me during the day. She said that she loved it. I decided I wanted a day with my buds, so I went out. They asked why I had not been around for so many days. I just told them that I had been busy. When I came home at about four, I found Tina on the couch, pumping herself with her dildo, as she watched porn. Dad had given her the password so she could access the adult channels. She quickly jumped my bones.

She and I went to the park. She was wearing light blue shorts and a matching top. She looked really cute. A lot of guys were checking her out, but she stayed close to me and did not pay them any attention.

That night, after I had gone to my room, there was a knock on my door. Then Dad opened the door. “I know that you and Tina have been going at it during the day while I am at work. She said that she has never been with more than one guy. How would you like to come join us for a while?” I went to his room and we spit-roasted her till we had each dumped a load in each end. I asked dad if I could video it so we could watch our white cocks pounding Tina’s hot black body while she moaned with pleasure and cried out with her orgasms. He said no. Then I was sent back to my room.

One time while we were talking, I think it was a mistake but, Tina said that my dad lasted longer than her dad. After that I got her to open up about her family. She told me that she had never had sex with anyone but her father before, and that her dad told her to go for it, if she wanted to, while she was staying with us. She told me that she had never had sex with anyone but her father before and that her dad told her to go for it, if she wanted to. She said that her parents had been into wife-swapping for as long as she could remember. She also said that her dad had been having sex with from right after her eleventh birthday. Her mother was not happy about her father fucking her but tolerated it.

One evening Tina showed up. She said she was going to spend the night. Her parents were going to host a sex party at their home. She said that her parents still would not let her go to the sex parties with them. They did not want too many people knowing that she was sexually active, because of her age. It was going to be just her and me, because dad had been invited to the party. We were both horny. We got into Dad’s bed, because it was larger. It felt so good, feeling my cock sliding into her cunt, and having her squeeze her vaginal muscles around it, as I hammered into her as hard and as fast as I could.

Dad got home about 2 am. Even though he had fucked several women that night, he still wanted a blowjob from Tina. She happily gave him one, while I watched. Then Dad sent me to my room.

I haven’t seen Tina for over a year. She goes to a different school. I did hear that she did talk her parents into letting her start going to their parties. It was also known around her school that she was an easy lay. She had been with most of the guys in her class, as well as one class above her and one class below her. She even fucked and sucked several of her teachers. She became the biggest slut in school. I also heard that she got pregnant. The pill is not 100% effective.

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    Mother Nature said she was supposed to get pregnant mother nature always wins eventually

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    oh sorry PO459, i didn”t catch that part

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    Nice photos of a black girl and a good story

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    How old was she?

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      Ren, Tina was twelve years old