Skating Aunt and Niece invite me to go swimming (part 3)

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Part 3 the good stuff
After swimming up to the apartment.

Mia takes my hand and we exit the pool. We grab our towels and head up to her aunt’s apartment. Once in the apartment, Mia shudders from the cool of the A/C. I grab her towel and start drying her off starting at her shoulders, I lift one arm wipe it dry, followed by the other, down her sides, belly and back, down one thigh, knee, and calf so tiny and delicate. I move to the opposite calf and repeat the process in reverse. Calf, knee, thigh then wrap the towel around her and get a double handful of tight firm teen ass. Still kneeling i am in front of her and my mouth is right at a cute little innie belly button and cannot resist a kiss there. Which get a giggle and, “Ohhh, that tickles.” I work my way up kissing up between her small, pert, puffy titties. Eliciting a gasp and her hands around my head. Taking in all the sweet smelling teen girl with a slight hint of pool chlorine, I kiss all around first one bikini covered tit then the other. All the while Mia grabs my head and mewls her approval and her obvious arousal shows with those pretty puffy nipples poking through thr thin bikini top.

Working my way up to kiss neck and behind her ears. Eliciting a moan of need. While her hands hold my head and fingers in my hair. I get to her ear and whisper, “We need to get you out of this wet suit.” Then once again kiss her lips. Lips so soft and delicious.

We break from the kiss and she agrees, but says, you need our of your wet suit as well.” And reaches down to untie the string. Mia then drops to her knees, looks up and pulls the velcro fly open. In the silence of the room it roars and startles up both. We both look at each other and chuckle. Smiling, Mia reaches in and grasps my erect dick and lightly stokes. My trunks slide to the ground andci step free. Mia is Looking me in the eye says, “Mmmm nice, so firm and hot.” All she has done is stroke me a few times, but it is intense and I need to slow her down.

Grasping under her arms, I lift her to her feet and say, “My turn.” Reaching behind her I pull the string in the middle of her back and the top hangs loose from her neck. Her eyes never leave mine. Proud, unembarrassed to be seen. My hands reach up to the back of her neck finding the bow, I pull, it un-ties and falls free between us.

I finally have an unobstructed view of her breasts. Puffy areolae and small tight pointed nipples begging to be kissed and sucked. I lean down and do just that. Taking a nipple in my mouth, rolling around her puffy areola with my tongue and flicking it across her hard little nipples, eliciting a moan that comes from deep within her. I move and repeat the move on her other breast once again hearing her sigh and moan.

Dropping to my knees I look up and grasp the ties at each hip with my hands. We hold eye contact as I pull the string ties free. For an instant the bottom holds its place the falls free as Mia shifts her legs. I am inches away from the most perfect little pussy. Sparsely covered with light pubic hair that is only over the top of her Mons Venus. Lips tight and totally bare. Never breaking eye contact I lean forward to inhale her delicate femininity. She takes a sharp inhalation as I nuzzle my nose just at the tip of her slit.

I feel her knees weaken and holding her by the waist lower her to sit on the edge of the sofa. She leans back and stares at me through hooded eyes. With evil intent, I rub my nose again at the top of her slit and extend my tongue into what u discover is an extremely tight, wet and delicious 14 year old pussy.

Mia cannot resist a moan and “Oh God… yesssssss!” My tongue is covered in the most delicious female nectar I have ever tasted. Moving up I tease out her clit from its hiding place. This elicits a gasp and a yelp of, “Omygod! … Oh yesss …” Going for broke I insert my middle finger into her wet, tight, pussy. This causes Mia to arch her hips up with a guttural moan, “Uughhhh… Fuuuuuck!”

Nothing in this world is more erotic than watching a woman (even at 14) experiencing the ecstasy leading up to an orgasm while my mouth devours her essence. Mia was climbing the mountain with an constant, “Omygod, omygod …” and suddenly her eyes rolled back, inhaled deep and went stiff. I was suddenly tasting more as she flooded me with her orgasm.

As she recovered, I climbed up beside her on the sofa as Mia melted into me. “No one ever did THAT!” And she pulled my face to hers in a fierce lust filled kiss. Pulled back looked I my eyes and said, “Fuck me … Fuck me now!”

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    Fuck, thinking about eating out such a young thing…makes me so hard…she must have been delicious.