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Freshman Toy pt 1

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Jimmy was a 14 y/o freshman at a new school invited to a party with the Senior Varisty team where a bargain was struck

Jimmy Marksman was the new kid in town. He had just turned 14 and moved to a small town in a rural farming area. He was only 4’10”, with short red hair cut in a almost military-style fade. Square, wire-framed glasses covered his hazel/gray eyes, lending themselves to his appearance of intellingence. His round, boyish face and slim, toothpick build often caused others to think he was younger than he really was, an assumption aided by his full, pouty lips. Being a bit nerdy, he expected to be bullied, so he was surprised by his welcome. On his first day, he had received a guided tour from that days office aide who happened to be the quarterback and captian of the Varsity football team, Micheal Stevenson, a tall, tan, muscular farm boy with electric blue eyes and sun-bleached brown hair. He wore a Mossy Oak camo shirt and fadded Wrangler jeans with a rip in the left knee and had a charming smile, a strong jawline, and a cleft chin. Looking up at the 6’1″, chiseled man, Jimmy felt out of place in his collared button-up shirt and slacks. He was regretting dressing up for his first day. As Micheal showed him how to find his classes, his locker, the gym, and all other important areas of the school, he also gave him the run-down on the town, the school, his fellow students and the teachers he would have. Jimmy was not surprised to find out Micheal was dating the head cheerleader. Though Jimmy wasn’t into guys, he could appreciate that Mike was everything he was not and everything women wanted. Guys like this usually picked on him, so he was surprised at how friendly the 19 year old senior was being, and even more surprised when he invited Jimmy to hang out with him and the rest of the Varsity team after school. “My dad’s a trucker, so I’m home alone a lot, the guys often come to my place after school and help me with chores on the farm and then we just chill. I can give you a ride after school, swing by your place, tell your parents you’re going to help us study or something, and bring you home later. Word gets around you’re hangin around with me and the boys, nobody will fuck with you, I promise” Jimmy reluctantly agreed.

Hours later, he found himself riding shotgun in Mike’s pickup truck on the way to his house. He had texted his mom at lunch break and told her he was helping some older boys study and would be home before curfew. His mom was excited he was making friends and texted back on her lunch break from work “have fun, be safe, if there’s drinking don’t let anyone drive, love you!” He sighed and rolled his eyes. His mom knew he had never done anything like drink in his life. He wasn’t part of that crowd. He wasn’t part of any crowd. Perhaps that was changing. He stuck his head out of the window of the pick up truck to better look at the endless rolling hills and fields of crops and cattle and horses as they left town proper and got closer to Mike’s family farm. He’d never seen such beauty in the city, and never smelled such fresh-“Ew! What is that smell?” His nostrils were suddenly infiltrated by a most rancid stench. “Huh? What was that?” Mike reached over and turned down the music blasting from the radio, which at that moment had been AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” and looked over at Jimmy, grinning when he saw his scrunched-up nose. “Ha ha ha, I’d recognize that stank-face anywhere, you just got your first whiff of fertilizer city boy!” He clasped Jimmy on his shoulder, his other hand on the wheel, expertly navigating the one-lane dirt road as he exclaimed “I got a feeling this is gonna be a day of firsts for you, young buck! You ready to have some fun?” He turned his attention back to the road, causing Jimmy to do the same. He noticed there was a very sharp turn coming up, but instead of slowing down, Mike was speeding up. “Woa slow down” Jimmy said. Mike turned up the radio and pressed harder on the gas. “What?! I can’t hear you!” He exclaimed, a devilish grin on his face. Jimmy grabbed the handle above his window, and as they approached the impossibly sharp curve at breakneck speeds, he cursed for the first time in his life. “Oh Shit!” He screamed. Mike quickly pulled the hand-break and whipped the wheel, easily drifting around the curve, straightening back up, and then slowing down to normal speeds, laughing maniacally. “Yee doggy! How’s that to get the blood pumping city boy?” Jimmy felt his heart was going to explode from his chest, if his stomach didn’t hurl itself up and out his throat first. “You’re…..Insane!” He shouted between gasping breaths. “You have no idea” Mike laughed as he reached into the center console and removed a pack of Marborls, tossing them onto Jimmy’s lap. “Do me a favor, light me up a cowboy killer. I can’t do it one handed. You can have one yourself if you want, might calm you down a little.” “I don’t smoke. I wouldn’t know how to light it” “oh just put the filter between your lips, flick the lighter, put the flame to the other end and suck until it’s lit then hand it to me. “Why do I feel like there’s a perverted joke in that, ‘just put the long skinny stick in your mouth and suck’ ” regardless, he did as Mike told him, coughing a little as the smoke filled his lungs. He could hear Mike laughing as he took the lit cigarette from him. “I like you young buck, maybe your’re not so uptight after all.”

Not long after that they were parked in Mike’s driveway. “Bet the others beat us here already” Mike said, which was obvious by the other vehicles parked in the driveway. “With any luck, they’ll have a lot of the chores already. Let’s go see if we can find them.” Not long afterwards, Jimmy had met the remaining members of the Varsity team. Jonny had rode up on a horse. He was 17, nearly as tall as Mike and twice as wide, built like a brick shit house. He said he was the Center, which he claimed means “I make sure the defenders don’t assfuck this douche bag with no lube” He glanced at Mike with his brown eyes and grinned teasingly, then added “although sometimes I think he might like that” Mike punched the big guy in his shoulder, and said “only in your wet dreams. Bet you like it like that though, after all you’re the one with the bitch’s haircut” he tugged playfully at Jonny’s blond ponytail. Next was Tony and Bubba who rode up on a fourwheeler. They were both slim, appearantly fast as they were both recievers and the team’s top scorers. They were brothers, two years part. Tony was older, at 18, and supposedly took after their mother with his green eyes and Raven black hair, while Bubba, the youngest member of the team at 16, favored their father, with brown hair and blue eyes. But in their facial features and similar body types, the family resemblance was obvious. Then there were Davie and Sam, who’s positions on the team Jimmy was too overwhelmed and anxious at this point to pay much attention to. He stared at the ground, not noticing their green and blue eyes, and red and sandy blond hair, respectively. “Hey” Mike said, as Jimmy began to notice yet another strange smell. Though he’d never seen one before, he knew that what Mike was handing out to him when he lifted his eyes was a blunt. “Take a long drag on that and hold it in as long you can. It’ll help you relax. You trust me, right?” For some reason Jimmy couldn’t explain, he did trust him. He’d never had friends before, and change could be overwhelming, but it was nice. So was the feeling when he’d done as Mike suggested and hit the blunt holding it in until he coughed as a tingly, buzzing felling made it’s way through his head and body. He hit it again and then Jonny took it from him, saying “puff puff pass young buck”

Not long after that Jimmy was well at ease, sitting on a couch between Mike and Sam as he and Sam played a video game in which they fought each other while the groups passed many blunts and sipped a firey drink called moonshine out of a Mason Jar. Jimmy felt like he was floating on a cloud. The older boys had asked him lots of questions about his life in the city, and whether he’d had a girlfriend back home. When he said no, they’d asked if he was a virgin. They began to tease him a little, showing him pictures of their grilfriends in their cheerleading outfits and sharing sex stories. They claimed their girlfriends were all Nymphos. Between the pictures of big busted, big bootied, long legged girls and the stories of how good they could deepthroat, how tight their pussies were, and how they were so insatiable it wasn’t uncommon for the whole team to gangbang each of them, Jimmy couldn’t help but begin to feel his 6″ dick rising.Threesomes and orgies were appearantly common, though he felt much of this was being made up just to embarrass him. That is until Mike’s girlfriend, Stacy FaceTimed him. “Hey babe, what’s up?” Said “Nothing just horny as hell, Missing your big dick pounding me while you suck on these big tits” “Hey Stacy!” The guys all began yelling their hellos and trying to get their head in the frames. “Hey fellas. So you all wanna help me relieve this stress? Been a while since I’ve been plowed by the whole team” Mike grinned. “Say Hi to the new guy” he turned the camera toward Jimmy who saw a beautiful blond haired blue eyed woman laying on her bed, and her boobs flopping out of her T-shirt. He’d never seen such a sight before. He blushed and averted his eyes. “Hi there cutie! It’s ok. You can look. What’s your name.?” He turned his eyes back to the screen. “I’m Jimmy” he said sheepishly. “You look like you’ve never seen tits before Jimmy” “I haven’t” he said. “Well do you like what you see? ” Her red-painted fingernailed hand squeezed her right tit. His cock flexed in his pants. “Yes ma’am” he said. “Alright babe, you’re going to give him a heart attack.” “But babe he’s so adorable. And he calls me man. Me and the girls could have SOO much fun with him. You fellas should let us share the virgin like you share us. What do you think jimmy? Do you want the Varsity Cheerleading Squad to make a man out of you?” Jimmy’s heart fluttered. This was too good to be true. “I think I’d like that very much, Ms Stacy” “Hold on now babe.” Mike. Turned the phone to face him. “That sounds like a lot of fun for you girls and the freshmen, but what do the rest of us get out of it?” “That’s between y’all and him. I’m sure he’ll find a way to make it worth your while. Call me back when you work something out” Mike stuffed the phone in his pocket. Sam had paused the game. “So new guy, you want to fuck our girlfriends huh?” Suddenly Jimmy felt nervous again. “Uh-I-I-Imeant no offense” “Guys I got this” Mike said. “Jimmy look at me.” His hand grabbed Jimmy’s face and turned it towards his. “It’s ok, Jimmy, no one’s upset. We take it as a compliment. Our girls are sexy as fuck, of course you want to fuck them. And they want to let you. But if we’re going to let you bust a nut in our women, isn’t it only fair that we get to bust one too?” Jimmy didn’t quite understand. “I guess. But I don’t know what you mean” Mike’s hand caressed Jimmy’s check, his fingers gently brushing his skin, then his thumb playing across Jimmy’s lips. “If you’re going to get a bj from my girl, shouldn’t I get one first?” His hand then moved to grab Jimmy’s and guide it sit it on his thigh. Jimmy pulled his hand , saying “I’m not gay” “Mike grabbed him gently by the hair on the back of his head and held him gazing into those mesmerizing blue eyes. “Hey, it’s ok. I know that. You’re only doing it for that pussy your gonna get. It’s not gay. It’s just a fair trade between friends. Whatever You do for us, the girls will do for you.” His other hand guided Jimmy’s back to his thigh. “Its just you and me right now. What do you say young buck, you man enough to get what you want?” This time jimmy let him, picturing those big tits. “I guess fair is fair.” His hand moved up Mike’s leg to feel a really large buldge growing by the second. His eyes widened. “Holy shit, how big is that thing?” Mike grinned. “About 10’1/2 inches, but don’t worry, we’ll take our time.” Jimmy watched as Mike unbuttoned his pants and unleashed the monster. “Don’t be intimidated” Jonny siad. “We’ll coach you through it. You’re obviously a team player, we won’t leave you hanging. Just get in there, open up that pretty little mouth, lick that dick from base to tip, and then put as much of it in your mouth as you can, breathe through your nose, and try not to let those teeth scrape. Go on, if you wanna suck boobs first you gotta suck some dick boy” jimmy looked up at Jonny, grim determination on his face. “You mean like this?” He stuck out his younger and licked the salty, meaty cock as instructed then put it in his mouth and began to suck. He could barely get the head in at first, but eventually he was able to get a few inches in at a time. Mike moaned. “Yeah there you go” Bubba said. “How’s it feel, QB?” “He’s a natural little cock sucker” Mike’s hand went to Jimmy’s head as he bobbed on his dick. “You gotta break him in for the rest of us, team Captain” Tony said. “Yeah” Davie said. “You’ve got the biggest cock out of all of us, if he can take all of you, we’ll have it easy” Mike looked down at Jimmy and their eyes locked as he bobbed his head on his dick. “That’s a good boy, don’t you pay them any mind. Do this at your own pace. But when you’re ready, relax your throat, and try to get a little more in every few strokes. Jimmy’s saliva glands were working overtime at this point, which held him in sliding a little further down on the shaft. He had never even thought about sucking dicking before, and he certainly hadn’t imagined he’d enjoy it, but it wasn’t as bad as he thought. And the way they talked to him, they other men talking as if he were some object, yet Mike calling him a good boy and being sweet. It was a strange combination, and yet he liked it, and he was eager to please. Even more eager for the rewards of a good performance. He followed the instructions and relaxed his throat. He managed to get halfway down the shaft before he started gagging, but still he sucked enthusiastically. “I think he likes that dick QB” said Tony. “Or maybe he’s just trying to suck it good so the girls will do the same for him” Sam said. “Well he’ll have to do better than that” said Jonny” Jimmy felt a strong hand on the back of his head, preventing him from raising his head much and forcing his throat further on the giant shaft. “You got this cock sucker, get past that gag reflex bro. That’s it suck that dick. Suddenly, despite, his gagging and drolling and spuutering, he noticed his face was buried in pubic hair. He had managed to deep throat the whole 10 1/2” Mike moaned and sighed. “Holy fuck even my girl can’t swallow all of me. Somewhow, that felt like an accomplishment. “Oh Fuck yes good boy, suck that dick jimmy, that feels so good” “quit pampering him QB. We’re a team. We push each other. That’s how we improve. Don’t coddle him. Skull fuck the shit out of him Mike” Jonny’s words made Jimmy’s already rock hard dick flex. He looked up at Mike who said “Fuck it, I think you can handle it, baby boy” He grabbed jimmy’s head and began thrusting his hips. Jimmy gagged and slobbered and choked and yet his enthusiasm only doubled. Instinctively, his throat began to vibrate, though he couldn’t tell if he was moaning or humming. Mike seemed to like it as the speed and intensity of his thrusts increased. “Oh fuuuck, boys y’all in for a treat. His mouth is like a vacuum and his throat is like a massage” jimmy couldn’t see that the other men had taken out their cocks and began stroking. Their comments began to fade into the background as he focused on the cock at hand. Until he heard Tony say. “Well I think he’s got BJ s down. But I think he doesn’t want our girls to give him BJ’s. Do you new guy? I bet you want to fuck them dont you?” He couldn’t respond vocally, “mmmmhmmm” was all he could manage, but he hopped his increase in bobbing his head on Mike’s cock was answer enough. “I think that’s a yes ” Mike said. “Then what do you think you should do?” Jonny asked. Jimmy pulled his mouth off of Mike’s cock and looked up at him. “Fuck-my virgin-hole-please” he told Mike. “Thatta boy” Sam said” Take the big old dick like a trooper up the pooper” “I can handle it Jimmy said, looking up at Mike. “If you say so” Mike grabbed jimmy and respositioned him to bed over the arm of the couch. The huge head of the 19y/o’s cock rammed into the 14 y/o’s tight, warm virgin hole. He screamed. “Ooooh holy fuck! Jesus that hurts!” He felt Mike hesitate. “Don’t you fucking stop! I can take it like a man, give me that dick” the other boys were impressed. “Now it’s a party” “You heard him QB” “Wreck that ass” “We’ll make a whore out of you yet boy” Behind him, Mike was ginning. “You think you man enough to handle me huh?” He thrusted hard, ramming himself completely inside the boy. “That what you want?” Jimmy screamed again. “Oh Fuck yes! Yes sir! Give it to me. How’s that ass feel? Tighter than your bitches after being ran through so much I’ll bet” Mike laughed and smacked his ass as he bagan to thrust fast and hard. “You might be the tightest hole I’ve ever been in, but not for long” Jimmy’s Dick was leaking precum, but he didn’t begin stroking himself. He knew he had a long way to go yet. “Well come on then, give it to me daddy. Oh Fuck I can feel you in my guts. Are you gonna cum in me? Oh fuuuuck shoot your hot load in my virgin ass, I wanna feel your hot sticky man juice leacking between my cheeks.” “Not so shy anymore is he?” That’s right beg for that load, you filtlthy slut!” Mike began to plow him faster, harder. “Yes sir, oh Fuck Yes sir! Give it to me, just like that. I’m a good bitch daddy cum for me please, can I have it? Please? Cum on, cum on!” Mike began to plow him even harder. Even the fit athletic man was starting to run short of breath. “That’s right, your a good bitch. You want that load, fucking take it.” “Oh Fuck, thank you, thank you sir, oh fuuuuck meee” “damn Im cumming” Jimmy couldn’t feel him explode inside him, but he felt the speed and force of his thrusts increase for a moment, then begin to fade. Enentually, He could feel the Jizz oozing out and down his legs, which were trembling, and his dick was so hard it was starting to hurt, yet still Mike, didnt stop. The thrusts became long and slow, yet just as hard as he made sure his balls emptied completely. “There you go, good boy” Mike slid his huge cock out of the 14y/o’s ass. “But it’s not over yet” Mike bent down and kissed jimmy on the back of the neck. “You did good baby boy, but there’s five more loads to take, and then we’ll make sure the girls make it worth your while.” Slumped against the arm of the couch, with a large grin on his face, Jimmy said “it already is” Mike grabbed his pants and began to pull them up. “He’s all your fellas, I think I I warmed him up for you good.” Sam immediately went over to him and forced him to his knees. “You’re just getting started bitch. And we won’t be so gentle.” He smacked Jimmy’s cheek with his 8″ dick. “You want that cock don’t you, you dirty little slut” Jimmy was gasping, his tongue hanging out, mouth watering. “Yes Please, can I suck it please?” Sam smacked him with it again. “I thought you weren’t gay” jimmy grinned. “So did I but who could resist such big, strong, handsome men like you” “That’s right you dirty cock sucker. ” He shoved his cock down Jimmy’s throat, called him a filthy fag, and spat on his face. He continued to verbally abuse him and skull fuck him until he eventually orgasmed while he was balls deep in Jimmy’s mouth, who isntinctivley swallowed the first gush. The second spurt came when just the tip of sam’s cock was on his tongue, it was salty and hot and delicious. He swallowed it and licked his tongue around the head, and when sam tried to pull out, he moved his head along the tip of the older mans dick, reluctant to release it. “What the fuck do you say, slut?” Jimmy looked up at him. “Thank you for squirting your cream filling in my mouth. Your babies tasted good” Next was the brothers, Tony and Bubba, who both fucked his face, then spit roasted him. Davie was next, but after watching everyone else use and abuse jimmy, he was ready to blow already. Jimmy crawled toward him, opened his mouth and eagerly begged for his load as Davie jerked off into his mouth. Last was Jonny, who was almost as big as Mike, at 9″ and just as brutal as Sam. He called him names, spat on him, and ripped his asshole open as he plowed him. He made jimmy storke his own cock while he fucked him, and then chocked him, telling him he was only allowed to breathe after he busted his nut. Jimmy was on the verge of passing out when he spewed all over himself. Jonny let go, allowing him to briefly gasp for air before Jonny whipped Jimmy’s cum off of his belly, and shoved his fingers in the boys mouth, asking him how he liked the taste of his own mess, before he creampied the boy. Jimmy ended up laying on the floor, covered in cum and sweat, and spit (and perhaps a little blood) He certainly hadn’t expected his day to go this way, and he’d expected to enjoy it this much even less. He had forgotten completely about the women he was promised until Jonny told him. “You’re a fun little toy. The girls are gonna have fun playing with you, if we haven’t ruined you for them. Seems you like dick more than you thought, wonder if you’re still interested in pussy” They only response the young boy had was to moan and tremble until he suddenly felt strong arms wrap around him and pick him up, pulling him tightly against a firm chest. “You did good” Mike whispered in his ear. “Let’s get you cleaned up baby boy” he then carried him to a bathroom, where there was a hot bath already filled in a tub. As Mike sat him in the water and used a wet rag to gently scrub his body, Jimmy enjoyed the care and attention almost as much as he had enjoyed the pain and abuse. Both had in their own way made him feel special, desirable, and many things he hadn’t felt before.

Part 2 coming soon. The women play

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