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Amy Tale/s – SB-01 (aka Summer Break)

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Paige is the evil after matter Janet emits, and it has gathered in this girl to perpetuate the demon that inhabits them.

The first part of June, a week in advance, Ken tells me Paige is coming to stay with us for a month. Ken wants to know what I did to make Paige want to stay with us. Paige has never really cared for Ken or Greg, or Ken’s family. I say, I just let her hang out with Tiffany at Sophia’s, maybe her and Tiffany hit it off or something. Ken and Greg were happy, my value went up several notches in their eyes. All I could think of is a 16-year-old brat cramping my style for a month; and she was a lesbian, and she knew I was a lesbian, and she was coming here with the hope of exploring her lesbian desires with me.

Aunt Bethany brought Paige by Friday evening after I got off work. Ken was not here yet, and Bethany was staying with her sister (Ken’s mom) this weekend. Bethany and Paige set Paige’s bags down, and Paige jumps on the couch. Aunt Bethany says, my daughter went to a lot of trouble begging me and her Uncle William (Ken’s Dad) to come and stay with you. All Paige will tell me is that she had a lot of fun with you at your friend’s house, and you were the coolest person she has ever met. Bethany gets real close to me and says, I don’t believe her, what did you do? I said, I didn’t lie to her. Bethany says, what does that mean? I say, nothing. Bethany turns to Paige and says, be good dear, and listen to Amy. Paige says, I will, love you mom. Bethany starts out the door and says, you better take care of my daughter. I say, like you took care of Diane’s son (Ken)?

Aunt Bethany’s eyes widened, and she says, what do you mean by that Amy? Nothing, I will take care of Paige, she is putty in my hands. The stares were getting serious between me and Bethany (to the place we were about to have a confrontation) and Paige ran up to me and hugged my neck and said, what are we going to do first miss Amy? Bethany reluctantly turned to leave and said, I will see you Sunday Paige, before I drive home. Paige says, okay. I was still in my work outfit, and I wanted to shower and change. I go to the bedroom and Paige is tripping me following me around. I turn the TV on and hand her the remote and say, watch TV, I need to shower. Paige jumps around my neck from behind and says, I want to shower with you. I said, no, Ken does not know about what happened with you and me, and he does not need to know. He is close to your mom, do you understand? Paige says, yes. I say, let me take a shower because Ken will be home shortly.

I take a long shower, and to be honest, I did not want to get out. I dry my hair and wrap a towel around me and enter the bedroom, and I am startled. Janet is sitting on the edge of the bed looking as fine as ever, and Paige is leaning against the headboard watching TV. Janet says, who is this girl, she will not talk to me at all. I say to Janet, she is you at 16…she is Paige, Ken’s cousin, her mom just dropped her off to stay with us for a while (I did not tell anyone about Paige or Aunt Bethany except those who were at Sophia’s that day). Janet says, how long is a while? I say, a month. Janet says, you have to babysit her for a month? I said, yes.

Paige says, I do not need a babysitter, I am staying with miss Amy as part of my apprenticeship program. I say, apprenticeship program, what are you talking about? Paige says, oh, did Uncle William not tell you, I will be going with you to work every day as an apprentice associate, it’s for my college applications in the future. I say, god damn it, and I slip a nightie on as I remove my towel, and I go to find my phone and Ken comes through the door. I say, did you know about this apprenticeship program Paige is talking about? Ken says, I found out from dad today. I said, shit Ken, I am going to have to watch Paige constantly, I was actually looking forward to work as a break. We fussed for a bit, and Janet had a wine cooler and was leaning sexy up against the counter and laughing.

Paige was still in the bedroom and Ken asks, is Paige here? I said, yes, in the bedroom, and he went to see her. Ken wasn’t in there 2 minutes and Paige was following me around again. I knew she did not want anything to do with Ken. Janet asks, why does this girl like you so much Amy? I said, I don’t know, I babysat her one day, and she just started liking me. Janet wasn’t buying it, but she moved on and said, I was going to invite you to spend the night, but I don’t need a minor tagging along, so I am going to leave. Carla will be upset, but don’t think I am not going to get to the bottom of your little friend’s obsession with you, and Janet leaves.

Paige says, is Janet and Carla your lovers too? I say, none of your business, and I grab a wine cooler and go to the bedroom and start rubbing lotion on while sitting in the bed and watching TV. Ken orders some food. Paige grabs the lotion bottle and starts rubbing lotion on me, even reaching under my nightie and rubbing. I let her until she is done with the lotion, but she keeps rubbing and I stop her and say, don’t let Ken see you. Greg shows up, we all eat, and Ken and Greg know Aunt Bethany is coming by Sunday. They want me to provide a smoke screen for their romp with Bethany by taking Paige somewhere. They are wanting me to do it in a way that when Bethany comes by to see Paige before she drives home, that I leave (with Paige) before Bethany leaves, so she can get her kink on with them. We fuss.

They go in the living room and play video games and I return to the sanctuary of my bed with another wine cooler. Paige comes in drinking a wine cooler and sits it down and I say, what are you doing? She says, I wanted one too. At this point, I just don’t give a fuck, and I watch TV and mess with my phone. Paige starts roaming around the bedroom and in the closet, and she comes out and shuts and locks the bedroom door. I say, I am not having sex with you with them here? Paige says, if they knock, just tell them I am changing. Paige takes her clothes off and walks around naked as I stare at this 16-year-old girl, and her hot developing curves, softball size breasts, hairy little pussy, and cute ass. Paige walks into the closet again and comes out with my double dildo vibrator, and she wants to try it.

I say, quit going through my stuff! She turns it on and says, oh gosh, I have never even used a vibrator, does it feel good? I say, yes. Paige says, and two people can use this one? I say, yes, but it is probably too loud if they come to the door. I have to be honest; Paige was turning me on right now, fidgeting with my vibrator and standing there naked, and wanting to try something that was new to her. Paige crawled into the bed and up on my body and kissed me, and I kissed back. She removed my nightie and started kissing my breasts, and I had an intense tingling in my pussy, and I was getting really horny. I was swaying my hips to ease my pussy tingling. I was getting wet from anticipation and wanting more.

Paige stopped kissing my breasts and rubbed them and looked at me and said, you are getting horny, aren’t you? I pulled Paige up to my lips and kissed her hard, deep, and fast, and I grabbed her ass and shoved her pussy into mine trying to pacify my pussy’s desire, but I wanted more. I seized one of her thighs and drew it over mine so our pussies could rub against each other better. Paige started scissoring me vigorously, and we were humping against each other’s pussy hard and fast. I was so turned on, that I got off, and I squeezed her tight ass down on my pussy, and I shook in excitement. I was catching my breath and Paige slid down my body and kissed and licked my pussy as I stared at her. Paige was a teenage Janet, and to look in her eyes I knew she was a little devil. Paige said, this is going to be my best summer vacation ever, and she made a long lick on my pussy from bottom to top and swallowed. Damn, shit, fuck, I knew right then that there was no way I could resist this girl, she had such a dominating spirit.

Paige was subtle and clever; she turned the TV up loud and grabbed the double vibrator. I was still lying on my back and she spun it in her hands and said, I bet you like the long end, and she inserted the 6” end into my pussy while she positioned herself over me, and she pushed the 4” bulb into her pussy. Paige turned the vibrator on and said, oooh! That does feel good, but it did not come out of her pussy, and she kept the right pressure between us. Paige was softly moaning, and I was the one getting loud. Paige kissed me and said, shh, we don’t want Ken to hear you. After about 4 minutes we both orgasmed again and again and again for 2 minutes as Paige kept me quiet with her mouth and biting my lip, as we forced our racket into the other’s lips. Paige lifted up, and the vibrator came out of her, and she turned it off and removed it from my pussy, and she sucked the vibrator end with my pussy juice on it.

Paige laid naked against me and rubbed my breasts and said, what other neat games do you play? I am cursed, Paige is the evil after matter Janet emits, and it has gathered in this girl to perpetuate the demon that inhabits them. I sit up and put my nightie on and tell Paige to put something on. I go into the living room and sit on the couch and the guys are in their chairs playing their game. Paige comes in wearing one of my nighties, and I want to fucking scream because she is purposefully acting seductive. Where in the fuck did this girl learn this, watching her mother, school friends, has her stepfather molested her, but she knows what she is doing. Paige’s suitcases are still sitting on the floor near the counter and I say, you can pick out one of the guest rooms except the first one on the right, Greg and Clair use that one.

Paige says, I want to stay with you miss Amy, that is why I came. The boys heard her, and they pause the game and look back and see Paige in one of my nighties. She is sitting on the couch down from me with her knees folded over sexy, and she is drinking a wine cooler again. Ken looks at me with an overwhelmed look, but he does not want to say it, but he knows something is fishy, and Greg too. I want to cry. Paige looks at Ken and says, how about it, cousin, can I sleep with Amy? I hate to sleep by myself, I have bad dreams, and mom always lets me sleep with her. Amy is just like my mom, isn’t that why you like her too? Our new house guest unpacked a lot in that request. It was like Paige was saying to Ken, I know you fuck my mom, and I know you’re seeing Amy because she looks like my mom. There was also the hint that her mom was sleeping with her daughter revealing her mom’s incest tendencies with relatives, i.e., “how about it, cousin.”

Ken said, if that is what you want Paige. I don’t want Ken’s decision to reflect my approval, so I get up, grab another wine cooler, and go back to the bedroom in an angry fashion. Paige starts bringing her bags in and takes them to the closet and unpacks some of her stuff, and she takes some stuff to the bathroom. Paige climbs in the bed and runs her finger across my toes and up the inside of my leg and rubs it behind my knee and says, I always get my way, miss Amy, and I want you, and I am going to fuck you whenever I please. I am in a trap with no escape, but after watching Paige, and her craftiness, I knew I had to get control somehow. Paige was not like your typical adversary. I could not combat her as I did with Janet, Courtney, Clair, Emma, Ethan, Michael, all the other people I had engaged with sexually.

Paige had the ultimate trump card, she was a minor, and I could not play her against others to squash her defenses. Paige could turn out to be my ultimate challenge. A new game that I might lose. Continue reading Amy Tale/s – SB-02 (Neo-Queen) for what happens next.

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