SKATING Aunt and Niece invite me swimming (part 1 & 2)

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Young Tia (aunt) and Sobrina (niece) go roller skating and in video the DJ for a late night swim, and more. Mf teen

I have been a long time reader and written numerous comments. This is my first attempt to share my own stories. As I have written it, I realized it is quite lengthy and will require several parts. There is a build up and it starts a little slow. I hope you enjoy.

The early 80s was a glorious time to be a decent looking young man who was attracted to what we now refer to as tween and young teen girls. The early Gen X generation. Where kids and teens were more independent and, more feral. Leave the house in the morning and not come home until the street lights came on.

I worked my way through college at various jobs and had numerous opportunities to meet and interact girls in that age range. These were girls who were just beginning to deal with their new hormonal urges. Discovering the powers of their blooming sexuality and testing their abilities to tease and attract boys and men.

Bear with me on a little background set up.

One of those jobs was as the floor manager of the newest roller skating rink in Corpus Christi. Parents would drive up and drop off the tweens and teens at the door with money an then the parents would drive off leaving said morsels, in our care for the next 4 to 6 hours.

I was also the DJ. that meant I got to choose what and when each song was played. the DJ’s booth was raised up to see the whole rink including the Snack bar area. it was also located at a corner of the skate floor and the entrance was kind of hidden.

It was possible to for skaters to approach the DJ’s booth from the skating floor and holler up to request a song. I had a habit of making sure that the requests of the cute and mosr tempting girls got their requests played quickly.

Being the early 80’s the fashion trend for most of the girls was either Parahute pants that enhanced cute bubble butts OR Spandex bicycle shorts. leaving no doubt what each girl had or Didn’t have underneath those shorts. my lust for Camel toes on a tween or young teen girlswas formed in that skating rink.

Ok.. on with the story.

On Friday and Saturday nights, there were always so many sweet young girls at the rink. Being a DJ is such an attration for girls and I had my share of young flirts.

one night a young woman (in her early 20s) came in with a girl in early teens ( I found out later 14). Both were eye turning with their Black Bike shorts and typial of th 80s sports bra covered with a T-shirt that had the arms cut out and sides cut deep so you could easily see their belly and Sports Bras (a la Cindi Lauper Girls Just Wanna Have Fun video) the were both in GREAT shape. They were both brunette, light skinned hispanic girls with dark eyes that would swallow your soul. The older one about 5’4″ handful tits, a slim waist and double handful ass that you could bounce a quarter off of. The youger girl was maybe 5’2″, 32As tiny waist and had a nice tight small ass the you could cup with a handful of each cheek.

As soon as they hit the skate floor they look up and wave up at the DJs booth. They both smile and wave then wiggle their asses as they skate away. Did I mention that the older one had a baby blue sport bra and the younger had on one that was neon Pink? My bad…

Needless to say they had my attention.

I later found out that the older girl was named Celeste and the younger was Eva. Celeste was Eva’s youngest Tia (aunt for the non Spanish speakers) I was in instant lust with Eva. I wouldn’t have kicked Celeste to the curb, but I wanted Eva.

as the night wore on they continued to flirt and tease. Thank the gods, I was in my elevated DJ booth so it could hide the fact that I spent most of the time watching Eva with her tight tiny butt and firm little titties. They both made repeated trips up to the front of the DJ booth to request songs, which I promptly played.

Finally, at one point Eva went to the snack bar for a drink and Celeste skated up tp the Front of my booth and asked if there was a way she could speak to me kinda private.

One feature of the DJ Booth was that the door was off to the side out of the main flow of traffic. So, it was easy to enter or leav he booth an not be noticed. I told Celeste how to get to the door and when she knocked, I let her in and asked her to sit on a low stool just inside the door. That way we could talk and no one would see her.

she sits and without any hesitation, looks me dead in the eyes and says, “¿Te gusta MUCHO mi sobrina, No?” (You like my niece a lot, No?). Now living in South Texas, you better at least understand Spanish. Because it might save your life. I tried not to flinch and said as neutrally as possible, “She is a cute girl.” I am thinking I am SO busted. She Smiles and says, “No Güero, I Mean you LIKE her. You want her. You like young chicas like Eva… I see you stare at her with hunger in your eyes. It OK, She want you too. I am her Tia, not her Madre.” At this I let out a huge sigh of relief, thinking OK she isn’t going to bust me an Oh so eloquently reply, “O.K.?” See, I told you that I am a smooth talker under pressure. Celeste continues to blow my mind by saying, “Eva, she has a crush on you. That is why she keeps coming to request songs and told me you are a Muy Guapo Güero (very good looking White guy). She is staying with me this weekend at my apartment. when you get off tonight, you want to come and goe swimming with us at my apartment? i will give you and Eva plenty of time to get to know each other much better.”
Once again my suave debonair personality raises its head and I reply, ” Uh, sure, but I don’t know the address.” without missing a beat, she hands me a napkin from the snack bar with her address on it and says, “Eva made sure to spell the address and Apartment number correct. She is looking forward to seeing all of you later.”

At this point, She opens the door and says, “Just one thing, I do not care what you two do, but no fucking her in my bed… OK?” I am thinking, ” is that all … You don’t care if I fuck her, just not in your bed? And… did she not want me fucking Eva in HER bed but would she welcome Me there …Hmmm…

the rest of the night was agony. Both of them fllirting outrageously. Eva skating close winking, shaking her cute little butt as she skated away looking over her shoulder and smiling my direction. I couldn’t wait for the night to end.

I am glad that i had been surfing this morning and had left not only my Surfboard on he rack in my truck, but also my Birdwells hanging in the back window. There was no reason to go home for my boardshorts. I was set or fun after we shut down tonight. my only thoughts were wouldit be one latina or would i be lucky enough to score two?

Part 2

The rink closes at midnight. be 12:30 I’m on the road to Celeste’s apartment. In 10 minutes I pull into the apartment complex, park and look up apartment 207.

I knock on the door, and in seconds the door opens and Eva opens the door wearing a string bikini. two tiny triangles with a string through the bottom that could slide to make the covering wider or narrower. The bottoms were similar the string around the waist slid like a draw string to cover more or less as the wearer wished.

Eva grabs my hands, pulls me inside, closes the door, turns and grabs me in a full body hug. She is practically humming and squeals, “I’m Soooo glad you agreed to come “Swimming”!” I returned the hug and all I could feel was warm firm teenage flesh. The feel of her tight tiny body had the instant effect of my dick risnig to its full 7″.

I hear a door open and look up as Celeste walks out of her bedroom in a similar bikini, and says, “MIA! tu pequeña Puta! Let him go change.” Looking at me she sees my aroused state. Then looks up smiles and says, “In here Big Boy.” Nods to a door that turns out to be the bathroom. “change and bring your clothes. You can put them out here,” pointing to a chair near the door.

In the blink of an eye I am changed and out the door we go, headed to the pool. Tossing towels on a lounge Chair, we step to the side of the pool and Mia, not paying attention gets pushed into the pool by Celeste and comes up with a squeak “You Bitch!” Celeste just laughs and says, “Are you excited to see us or is the water cold?” Which draws my eyes to the prettiest puffy nipples poking out of the bikini bra top. The underwater lights are just bright enough to highlight Mia in all the right places.

I’m starting to get hard again and step off the side and sink to just above my waist in the pool. Celeste walks around to enter by the steps and Mia once again wraps her arms around me and rubs her belly against my hard on. She looks down, looks up and says, “Mmm is that for me?” All I can manage is a smile and a nod.

We move towards the shallow end of the pool where Celeste is sitting on the steps. I sit on a lower step so the water is just about my shoulders. Mia promptly settles that cute little barely covered ass in my lap. Ibwrap my arms around her feeling her belly and teasing my fingers along the underside of the bra top. She Smiles over her shoulder as see feels my hard dick firmly wedged between her butt cheeks and grinds her ass into my dick.

The girls are chatting about something, but my attention is fully on this little vixen in my lap.

With the encouragement of her grinding on me, I get bolder and slide my fingers under the bottom edge of the top. Mia wiggles a bit the reaches between her legs and rubs along my inner thigh towards my balls and hard dick. So I up the ante and start sliding the bottom of the bra cups along the string to narrow each cup to its narrowest. I can look over her shoulder and see the tan lines of where the bikini normally covers her nascent titties and even see the edge of her puffy areolae. Mmm they looked SO lickable.

Ever observant, Celeste pipes up with, “Mia, you look like you have found something interesting. Why are you wiggling like that?” These two have no shame. Mia just smiles as she grabs the base of my dick and says “Yesss, I it’s a big Chorizo!” Then with the speed of a striking snake, pounces on Celeste saying, “I owe you for pushing me in the pool.”

She is actively wrestling with Celeste and trying to pull her suit off. I’m thinking “can this get any better?” …
Yes, yes it can. Celeste pushes Mia back in my lap and suddenly I’m in the middle of two wrestling females … 14 yo niece and 22yo aunt… two firm bodies in my lap and my hands “accidentally” gets feels of both of them. A handful of titty here and another handful of bare ass there.

All the while these two are seriously attempting to strip the other. Celeste gets the upper hand and pops the bow on the back of Mia’s top whups it off and tosses it to the side of the pool. Suddenly I have my hands full of her small tits with her nipples between my thumb and fore finger. As if on cue, they both stop. Look at me and say, “are you groping my ass?” “are you grabbing my tits?” In my self defense. I smile sheepishly and say, “No, I was just trying to keep you two from drowning each other, Honest!” They look at each other, smile, then … you guessed it … pounce on me.

Suddenly, I’m fighting to not only keep my dignity, but to also keep my Birdwells on. The ensuing struggle is fierce, but I hold my own then say, “Girls, it’s after 1 a.m. we don’t want to draw too much attention.” Celeste says “Yes, it’s late and I work tomorrow.” She checks herself adjusts her suit the moves to the side and tosses Mia her top and says, “I’m going to sleep. You two lovebirds have fun. Just don’t wake me up.”

With that, she is up the steps, to her towel and prances off to her apartment. Mia settles herself back on my lap, facing me this time. We stare into each other’s eyes. I finally break the silence with, “you are adorable.” I pull her close and lightly kiss her. She purrs “Mmmm” pulls back, then leans back in and kisses me, lips parted and her tongue probing for mine. We tongue wrestle and grope each other for 10 – 15 minutes. Mia then stands, grabs my hand and says c’mon let’s go in and get our of these suits.

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    The build up is making me so fucking horny. I can’t wait to ready about how you fucked her. I hope her aunt joined in at some point…

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      I don’t want to spoil the suspense. But u will say, there are several more chapters.
      Also, am planning a series and thinking calling it “Skating Rink Diaries “insert girl’s name here”


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