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Impregnate the fatties and uglies

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It started when I was 16, my older woman lover (68) asked me if I’d help one of her friends out. Now done it 4 times.

The older woman was my first fuck, first BJ, first anal, first pussy eating, first everything. She shared me with some of her older friends, I even got paid by a few to eat them and fuck them, even got her free rent by letting a 50 year old man get sucked by me and he fucked me. Some of the women I would fuck and eat at her request were anywhere from 70 to 83 years old, and then some were in their 30s and 40s. The younger ones tended to be rather fat, or unattractive or both. I was a teen, starting at 16 and horny for pussy, mouth, ass anything I could get so I didn’t care. Then she asked me if I’d be interested in helping Janice. Janice was 34 years old, weighed about 220lbs, a natural redhead, she keeps her pussy hair in because I like seeing natural red hair down there. Janice is certainly not the most attractive woman around either. It’s a shame, but she admits it in high school the only way she could get a boy to take her out (usually not where they’d be seen together) was to start putting out. Handjobs weren’t enough, so she gave blowjobs, then she started letting any guy who asked her out to fuck her. One of them very violently pushed her over and buttfucked her screaming and crying all the while. She’d blown him earlier so he took over half an hours to cum in her big ass.

Janice at 34 knew she didn’t have any marriage proposals coming along, so she wanted a baby. She asked Connie my old fuckbuddy if I might try to get her pregnant. I’d fucked Janice before, probably 8 or 10 times, cumming up her pussy several of those times. As a kink for some unknown reason, she would have me recreated her anal assault from when she was 16. I didn’t ask! She saved some money for me, had legal papers ready (I didn’t have an attorney so once again letting that landlord guy have sex with me for his lawyer to look them over). She had a plan, I would come over and stay with her during her most fertile time, I’d only fuck her, no one else, nor jack off, only her. She’d be available to me at any time, as she was taking a vacation week from work. It meant I’d have to sleep with her in her bed and be with her and her only the whole week. Then I had my turn for terms.

I would fuck her and her only as she requested.
I would only take her money ($2000) once she was pregnant
I also got to fuck her pregnant pussy, ass and mouth at least once (in each hole) every month she was pregnant.
After the baby and it was ok’d by the docs, I was the first one to fuck her now “mommy pussy” she liked that term
After baby was weaned, she’d keep her tits milking for me to drain at least once a day, maybe more if I wanted. The time limit wasn’t determined but at a minimum of 2 months.

She agreed, and at the appropriate time, I knocked up the fat, ugly, natural redhead Janice. I got all my terms met, and during certain times in her pregnancy my older friend Connie told she and I that we could keep going, as Janice would get so damn horny. After while nursing on her swollen tits she’d get really turned on and wet and I usually fucked her then too.

About a year later, Connie had two women who wanted babies. Again, the terms, these women had really nice bodies but butterfaces. One of them Teri I’d never fucked before. I added the terms that we have to have oral, anal and vaginal sex to completion in each hole (she must swallow-which she never did but did for me) before we tried for pregnancy. I knocked up both of them.

The third was a chubby, huge titted girl of only 20.

I got paid each time, my friend Connie used it as just some kinky play, as we continue our oldwoman/youngman sex tryst.

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  • Reply Hornubpy15 ID:5xrvgwwhj

    Man I wish I could lose my virginity card to a mature woman like that

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9a

    Fat ugly women are so easy to fuck