My girlfriend (15F) and I (16M) fucked in the forest

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We went for a picnic date, and things got very spicy

So, my girlfriend and I were getting ready to go to the forest near her house for a picnic date. I knew things couldve gotten sexual so I took a condom with me. We packed up stuff like a blanket, food, snacks, nintendo switch, some games, phones, portable chargers, all the stuff we could ever need. We sat down in an area that couldnt be seen on the public foot path and was quite hard to reach. We dug into the snacks, and was already quite full after about 15 minutes of eating. Immediately, which caught me off guard, she kissed me and said “I’m already full in one way, you may as well fill me up the other”

I got hard very quickly, and she noticed. She put her hand on my dick, my throbbing 8″ cock

“Oh how I’ve missed the size of you”

I looked at her and said “that aint fair, I want to feel your crotch”. she looked flustered, and before she had time to respond, i had already pulled down her pants and underwear and was stimulating her clit. She didnt push me away, in fact she asked for more, and told me to finger her. And so i did, and went as quick as possible. Just from my fingers, her legs were shaking already.

Not long after, she turned to me and said “please fuck me” and that made me so hard. She begged me to fuck her. I put the condom on, and put it inside her wet, dripping pussy and started thrusting as quick as possible. We managed to go for about 7 minutes before I got tired and my legs started to hurt, and so I lay on the bottom and she lay on top of me.

We still managed to go for at least 15 minutes extra, before my dick fell out and the condom was coming off. It wouldnt go back into her pussy.

“Oh well, take it off and fuck me raw”

This was the first time id heard that instruction, but i was not one to shy away from it and immediately took it off and fucked her raw. She loved it

“Please rail me harder, please destroy my cervix, I need your cock!” she begged. I wanted to cum, but not inside her, so i pulled out and came all over her ass.

A little later, we had some refreshments, did some gaming and watched tiktok for a bit together, before she said “my hands are cold” and put spread my legs and put her hands around my cock in a diamond shape.

“Babe, thats my dick” i said, and she told me “i know, thats the idea dumbass”

I did feel a little stupid, but when she slid her hands onto my cock i could only feel excitement and pleasure. She knows i have a huge kink for being oblivious to things and being unaware of whats coming. And so she pulled down my pants and started jerking me off. It felt amazing in her hand. I leaned back, closed my eyes and let her do her work, before i felt her shift. i opened my eyes and she was headed to my cock, before she took it in her mouth with extreme skill

“Oh fuck baby thats so good, keep doing that thats amazing”

she sucked me off for 15 minutes and told me to fuck her again, this time we started off raw and when i was ready to cum, i pulled out, pulled her hair up, walked around and came on her face. She thoroughly enjoyed my cum on her face, but she wasnt fond of the taste. It was her first time trying it, and after she didnt like it she just sat with cum on her face. She was so sexy.

I will keep you updated if we have sex again in the forest. Thanks for reading

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