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Cat: Teen

Wow mum

I was an average teenage boy, dad had left mum so she brought me up. # #

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night adventures

with her hands start put down her underpant i understand what want now my slut sister and like a good brother i must give her # #

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Silent agreement continues

As you can imagine the last fuck inside the water slide was something special. It could have been the most embarrassing moment of my life but it turned out to be an awe experience.... # #

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The Dorm Room

This world is very similar to our own in events and history, however that is where the similarities end. #

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My little helper

As her brothers play in the room over she stays moaning quietly as I pound her…… #

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BlowJob by Classmate ??

I can see her nude thighs as well as legs, looking at me Bijal came closer and hold my wrist to put my hand on her breast. #

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I screamed as he fucked me, his dick destroying the inside of my pussy. # #

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games with a pedophile

i start peel banana slowly now i had his full attention while my brother looking at me with his mounth open #

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Christmas vacation

On the morning of December 29, John, Stuart and Larry proceeded north on Walnut Street Road in Springfield, intending to commit one or more burglaries. As they approached the residence... # # #

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The laundry room

So let’s recap what happened. I fucked my sister and then dry humped her. My shorts were full off jizz and her yoga pants were all moistured. Like I said it would only be a a... # #

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My brother and I…

…Didn’t have what you would call a traditional childhood. We had a single professional mom, and she was extremely practical when it came to kids… # #

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Another ride

Part 2 of “The ride” 16 yr old nympho meets a high school hunk. Each one as sexy as hell, but together they are orgasmic. Sit back and grab your dicks #

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Peeping x part 2

So i been peeping through these holes I made to see my sisters friend Vanessa naked but she wasn’t around and I had the chance to see my sister this time. I could’ve have before... # #

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Peeping x

So I was feeling horny and remembered seeing these clips of someone’s POV looking through small holes to see girls changing and those turn me on seeing a nice body getting unclothed... # #

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Sibling love

Taking younger brothers cum whenever parents aren’t home. (This story takes place when parents are away for a week, so I have to babysit my brother) # #

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my sisters friend

So my sister had this friend how was 13 – 14 and she had some tits like a d cup. I always fantasize seeing her nice body and she would constantly wear v cut shirt and that would... # #

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A couple of minutes go on and I can feel my heart beating and as a 17 year old male I was getting horny just thinking about her body. # #

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