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Sawzall II (Paul’s PoV)

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How did I get like this? While, I’m a little tied up, if gives me time to reflect.

Her name’s not Fiona, but if you want a name, that’ll do. Shrek hadn’t come out as a cartoon yet, and I didn’t know about the book at the time, but I was starting to look at more adult things.

Closing my eyes, to the sound of the motor, my sister’s giggles, and the juttering forced out of Fiona.

“Huh!” I’ve been a bad, bad girl, she sang. On a dimly lit floor, covered in shag green carpet, propped up on other women’s legs.

I’ve been careless with a delicate man, and it’s a sad sad world…

“Hhuh!” I remember the first time I saw her. Tied up, in a princess dress. Baby blue, and shiny with white bloused sleeves, and a ruffled skirt. Snow White wore yellow. Too, and there were red patches in the slashed sleeves of her bodice.

“Huh!” I don’t even know who’s dress, what Disney movie she got that costume from. Because I was a boy, I didn’t care about stupid girl stuff, like dolls, princesses, and tea parties. Cinderella, or Sleeping Beauty, one of those two.

I just remember playing Knights with her brothers. An older one, and the youngest played Squire. He just got to carry the sword, that was too big for him, and his big brother. He was the kind of guy that just had to have the biggest sword. You know the type, the Dirty Harry type. I guess I’ll call him Harry.

He hung out with younger boys, like me, and Squire, because that made him the biggest. The oldest, and the strongest. In video-games, he picks on Noobs, because a good fight isn’t reward enough. He plays to win, and humiliate the loser. That kind of guy, I can’t imagine what it’s like growing up with a big brother, let alone him. I don’t have a little brother neither, just a friend, about my age.

10 ish? About ten, give or take a year. Harry would have been about 13, and Fiona, she looked about 7? Again, ish. The age when girls like playing Princess, so she could get roped into King’s Ransom when she tagged along.

Literally, pun intended. Harry bullied us into leaving her there, and I didn’t want to go against Harry. He wouldn’t beat you up, but he wasn’t that kind of bully. I just wanted to hang out with him, because he was older, and cool, and that made me feel cool too. He could hurt your feelings, and then make you feel bad about being offended.

Now, we’re on the internet, so you know exactly what kind of Emotional Bully I’m talking about.
“What’s wrong, snowflake? You triggered?” His little brother sure wasn’t going against his orders, even if he wasn’t wearing the Burger King crown.

She looked so sad, and she put on a brave face. Resigned to her fate, but when I looked back, she was about to cry. So, I sent my sister to let her go. She came back with scissors to cut the rope, and that was it, for that afternoon.

For me, until Harry came over to brag, and told me my sister’s a slut. “She practically begged me to play Damsel in Distress.” He laughed, “She didn’t even know that it was called King’s Ransom.”

“Well, she’s 9, so. She never even played it before, so give her a break.” My face was already red, but I had to keep my fingers from balling up in fists. “Hhuh,” I took a deep breath, and stopped digging my fingertips into my palm.

The ropes are so silky, and strong. Special ropes, my mom bought. No idea where, but you think my dad lets her tie him up out here? That’s his dildo attachment for the power saw? No, but he likes to watch. That’s his tripod hanging up by the door. For the Canon, the satchel with the portable Beta Max he carries on location.

It’s the release. Sorry, I got side-tracked with the technicalities, but my mom’s a Dominatrix, and a Porn Star. They managed to keep that fairly secret until I was about 13, my sister was 9, but you try asking her when she found the secret stash of tapes under the editing table. Okay, then see if you believe her answer, if she gives you a straight one, instead of turning it into another question for you.

I know my sister, uncomfortably well. It’s not incest, not quite, but that’s just another boundry to push. She gets off on the Power, she likes to control you, and call the shots, ever since she learned that the hard way from her big brother, Harry. Now, she wants me to watch her pounding the girl of my dreams, and what can I do?

“Huh!” Give up, and feel the relief wash up my back. My bare back, and shoulders. A little drip of sweat run down my ribs from under my arm, and remember her saying that. I look amazing,

“Amazing” she said.

I liked that. I liked that even better than her hand, groping my through my pants, and it’s easy enough to avoid the blue balls. Just think about something else.

What I need is a good defense, because I’m feeling like a Criminal, and I need to be redeemed to the one I’ve sinned against, because he’s all I’ve ever know of a lover.

“Huh!” I know, it was gay. I know that, even though he lied, and said it wasn’t. He didn’t tie me up, or bend me over, or anything. We’re over at their house, down in the basement, and Fiona Apple came on VH1.

I think it was actually Sleep to Dream, but still. Sitting on the floor, the same green shag carpet, wood grain paneling, a Leopard Print ottoman to lean back against, and the boner growing in my pants.

“Ugh!” Her brother actually rolled his eyes, and scoffed. “It’s that junky.”

“She’s not a junky.”

“Well, she sings the blues like a junky, and look at her.”

“She’s not that skinny.”

“She even lives like a junky, look at her apartment, and tell me that doesn’t look like a smack house. Maybe it’s a crack house. Nah, she couldn’t be a crackhead, she’s got all her teeth.”

I realized that scene, from the Criminal video, with all the legs. Long legs, just sticking in the sides of the screen. All over the green plush carpet, I thought it was right after an orgy.

Of course, they didn’t show any drugs, but she never actually said what her Crime was. Drug dealing? Prostitution? Maybe she stole her boyfriend’s stash, and threw a party with all her friends, then she had to make it up to him in the bathub.

Then, he touched me. My pant leg, but his hand didn’t stay there. “Honestly, I don’t know what you see in her.” He rubbed it up and down my leg. I just kept watching, on the couch, and trying to pay attention to her. Ignored him feeling up my lap, pulling down my zipper slowly, and the video ended before he even got it out. Went down, and nodded in my lap, so I closed my eyes.

I just gave up, and let it happen. To the tune of “Gonna Make you Sweat.”

“Huh!” It’s not being tied up that I get off on. It’s giving up, surrendering, and of course I had that secret to keep. He was gay, and if his big brother Harry ever found out.

“Huh?” I thought they’d never stop, but Fiona put down the power saw, and rubbed her arm. I didn’t even see anything except for her pulling down her panties. Her baby blue panties, they look like satin. “You’re right, that’s harder than it looks.”

She turned to me, and looked down. Biting her lip, and my Sister jumped down off the wrapping bench. Her skirt flopping down over her legs, then she had to bend over, and pull up her underwear.

“Yeah, well at least it wasn’t too much Power for you to handle.”

“Huh, well. How long can he stand to be tied up like this?”

“Hours, if there’s something sexy enough to watch.”

“Huh, well I can’t wait any longer.” She touched me again, and pinched out my zipper pull.

It’s not gay, he said. Just like jerking off, only better if you don’t have to do it. He doen’t just jerk me off, though.

“Uh, fuck huh!” The release. “Huh! Huh!” It’s only a couple seconds, maybe 10 seconds, and some change. It’s an orgasm, and I’m a boy. It’s only a dozen seconds, or so, before it’s over.

“I thought he could hold it a little longer.” She stood up. “Huh, well look at this mess.” She shook her head, and clicked her teeth. “Open up, and say ah.”

“Ahwm, snh!”

My sister giggled, “He likes it!”

“Mhm.” I smiled, and let her slip her fingers out. “Smuip! Huh, more please.”

“Oh, my god, he’s a total cum slut.” Fiona shook her head, but pulled out her top, and wiped a little off the front.

“Yeah, you wouldn’t believe who he’s been sucking dick with.”

“Shelly.” I shook my head. “Don’t, it’s not your secret.”

“Huh, yeah. You’re right, I guess I better let you down now.”

“Oh,” Fiona wined. “There’s a little drop.” She bent down, and lifted it up, before she squeezed it between her lips, and teeth.

“Uh!” I hunched, and pulled the rope when it went slack.

“Smuip!” She stood up, and even the feeling of letting my arms down didn’t compare with putting them around her. Holding her, and bending down when she licked her lips, and raised her chin. Closed her eyes, and let me lick the last drop off her lips.


“I need to be redeemed to the one I’ve sinned against, because you’re all I’ve ever known of a love.”

“Is that, from a song?”

“Yeah,” my sister rolled her eyes. “Fiona Apple. He’s a big fan, from way back.”

“Oh, well help me untie his wrists, so we can go somewhere, and talk about it. Alone?”

“Yeah, I’ve got some cleanup to do, but I’m not wrapping all your presents for you too.”

“Just a quick walk, I’ll bring him right back.” I pulled my pants out, to drop it back in, and zipped up, while she held the other hand, and got the door…

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