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My Husband likes to look at our Daughters 4

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I’m a Mother of two Young girls Kim 13 and Kati 15 and this is a real experience.

After we finished our Breakfast I asked the girls to go and take a bath and I took my Husband upstairs.

“Martin you have to stay without your shorts today, you can’t do this to me or the girls” I told him

Then he replied “but Vicky I don’t want to make them feel awkward looking at me getting a hard on, that might make them to fear of me or men in general”

“no its not, how do you know that? You are not a girl, we girls get curious from a very young age and I promise you it will never make them afraid”

He still stood there without answering, just looking at the floor below, thinking.

“Martin trust me it’s going to be fine, our girls are strong and they are breaking out of the cultural rules, as parents we must support them” I told him while holding his hand and I continued “and this is not my idea in the first place, you are the one who bought us to this beautiful place so don’t worry, as thier mother I’m asking you to be free”

And I slowly pulled his shorts down and his hairy non hard penis was hanging like it’s shy. I looked at him and smiled at him so he smiled back and we kissed each other on our lips.

“Martin I think it’s better if you could shave it like me” I pointed at my fully shaved vagina.

“OK baby I’ll shave it and take a shower, you go and look after the girls, I’ll be back” he replied and went into our bathroom.

So I went outside our bedroom into the girls room, I heard them giggling inside the bathroom. As I took a peek inside they were having a bath together fully naked, but it was more playing with water than taking a bath.

So I went inside and said “it’s been a long time now girls, come out before you catch a cold or something”

Then I handed them towels and made them to get dry and I asked Kim “huny do you want to stay without clothes or you want your top?”

“I like to stay without it mom” she replied while wrapping the towel up.

“How about you Kati? Would you like to stay without anything?” I asked our elder daughter.

She replied “hmm I think I’m fine either way”

“OK girls, do whatever makes you comfy but always remember that we as girls don’t have to be afraid to show our skin” I said that and went into the kitchen to do some cleaning.

While I was cleaning I saw my husband coming downstairs wearing a t-shirt and nothing below, showing off his freshly shaved penis and balls. It made me a little excited and even I got a little moist underneath. I really wanted to see the reaction of the girls when they look at his member.

So as he went by the kitchen he smiled at me and I gave him a Nod saying I appreciate his decision.

Then he straight went to his usual place and sat down, started to scroll through TV channels like it’s a regular day. Then I saw him getting comfortable until he heard the girls running down. He suddenly grabbed the newspaper and tried to act like he was reading it, making me to laugh inside the kitchen alone.

Then I saw Kim totally naked and Kati covering only her top part with the soft vest I gave her. They ran towards thier dad and gave him a kiss each like they usually do.

Then they saw his Penis hanging out below the newspaper and I saw thier cute faces going serious and curious about it.

They sat on the floor facing the TV but they turned around look at it every second while Martin covered his shy face behind the newspaper.

Then I walked towards them with some snacks that I made and I jumped next to my Husband and pulled his newspaper away. He just acted like he’s angry but I clearly saw him smiling and I gave him a kiss on his lips saying “I love you so much”

I saw Kim was still looking at his penis and I asked her “yes huny what do you want?”

She said nothing and turned back at the TV.

“come here baby” I called her closer to me and I took a good look at her naked body. Her boobs had started to grow and she had cute puffy nipples that’s pink in color. I gave her a kiss on her hands and face then pulled her onto my lap.

“I know what you were looking at, you don’t have to be shy about it baby, you can look at it it’s your Daddys” I whispered into her ears while pointing at my husband who was sitting next to us.

Then I called Kati “come here baby, you too” and as she came closer I kept Kim on my Husbands naked lap. He tried to push away but he loved his daughters so much, his shyness broke in front of it.

As Kati came closer to me I told her “you too huny, you can look at me or your dad, like we look at you girls, never be shy for anything, ok”

She nodded and looked at her father and he smiled and pulled her onto his lap too.

Both of his babies were sitting on his nude lap, while his freshly shaved penis was breathing out its freedom.

Kim who wasn’t wearing anything like a Champ, sitting on her Daddys lap like she owns him and Kati our big daughter was hugging him like she missed him a lot made me to love them more as a proud mom.

And I felt my vagina was wet and ready to explode with excitement.

-to be continued-

(thanks a lot everyone, loving your support and encouraging comments, keep on rating and commenting your thoughts. I love you so much)

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