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Amy does NiS Tuesday

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Amy’s second day in the Naked in School Program



I met William in front of his house and we set off to school on our bicycles.
“You know… I’ve been thinking. Today we’re going to undress each other. It might work for today. But from tomorrow and for the rest of the week we might get some pushback in that regard. So I was thinking that we should maybe consider taking that whole option off the board.” William says as we ride our bikes towards the school.
“Oh. What do you have in mind?” I ask curiously.
“I was thinking that we may have to forego clothes altogether. It is legal. I checked. This way we do not have to be submitted to other people’s abuse.” He says, laying his case on thick.
“I see your point. Then we’ll have to ride down the street in the buff every morning.”
“And in the afternoon. We won’t have anything to put on.” He reminds me.
“And you’re comfortable with it?” I ask. “One day naked and you don’t want to put your clothes back on.” I laugh.
“I’ll admit that it’s going to be scary. It’s not as if I’ve done it before. I’ll need your support. But with you helping I feel as if I could do anything.”
“Ok. We can do it. It’s going to be an exciting challenge. Tomorrow morning this time, NAKED!”
We arrived at school and parked our bikes before we moved to the main entrance to leave our clothes in the boxes.
There was already a small crowd waiting for the disrobing of the program participants.
“I’m going to strip you today.” One of the boys in the crowd said as he made a beeline in my direction.
“I’m sorry. I’m already booked. Maybe some other time.” I tell him.
“Tomorrow then. Your mine.” He says. As he follows me to watch the show.
‘Creep.’ I thought. He’s taking the fun out the whole situation. I thought that I could maybe give them a show. But I don’t feel like it now. Fortunately William picks up on it.
“Let’s just get this over with.” He says as he loosens my tie.
“Yes. Thank you. You read my mood perfectly. We need to see if we can find Ms. Black. I’m starting to feel uncomfortable in this place.” I say pulling his shirt out of his pants.
We quickly strip and put our clothes into the boxes before heading into the school to find Ms. Black.
On our way to her office we got stopped for some requests. The bell hasn’t even rung yet. One more question to ask. ‘Is this reasonable request thing only applicable during school hours? Or does it have to do with the location?’
We did not allow anyone to touch us which led to some grumbling and even threats of reporting us for program violations. ‘What can I say, rules are rules. I didn’t make them.’
Fortunately we made it to her office as the bell rang. There really should be a time limit to these things. Yet another question to ask.
I recall reading that in the USA in some school I can’t remember, they had to create a whole committee run by students to try and solve these kinds of issues. It took them weeks to get towels! And that was the easy one. It does not look as if we might get some answers or results if we were to look at the history of NiS as a whole.
We knocked on her door and entered when she called. Fortunately she was in today.
“Morning.” She says. She looks a bit haggard. As if she lost some sleep. It might be the personal issue that kept her away yesterday. “How can I help you?” She asks in a friendly manner none the less.
“Morning Ms. Black.” We answered in unison.
“We are here to ask some questions about the program and hope that you can help us resolve some personal issues regarding it.” I add.
“Take a seat… Both of you?” She asks, looking at William.
We grabbed some towels and took a seat.
“Well as Amy’s Program partner I think that I should not let her out of my sight until we can get her issues resolved.” He answers.
“Fair enough. How can I help?” Ms. Black asks me.
“I think I should start with my own personal issue first before moving on to the more general questions.” I answer. “How to start..? Thing is this, I’m currently twelve years old. I’m still growing, developing. As things stand right now – My breasts are growing and they are currently very sensitive and at times outright sore. Thing is, I can’t stand someone handling my boobs right now. It hurts too much.”
“You do not have to let someone touch you if you do not want to.” She answers
“I know.” I say. “What happened yesterday for instance…? I was requested and even though I told people not to touch me some still did. Some students just grab my boobs as they walk by. I know that I do not have much boob to hold on to yet, but my nipples get twisted like oven knobs. Thing is that I can’t even get to catch the culprits.”
“I could not see them either. I get pushed into a corner with requests, and then Amy gets assaulted.” William says.
“This sounds serious. I need to think. Give me minute.” Ms. Black says.
After some time in silence she picks up the phone and speaks into it. Two minutes later the principal and his assistant walks into the office. They kept standing even though we offered them our chairs. It is a small office.
“Could you tell Principal Winslow what you told me?” Ms. Black asks me.
I repeated my story.
“This is serious. What you are describing is assault on a program participant. And you say that you did not see who did it?” Principal Winslow asks.
“No. I didn’t. And I think that there can be more than one person. I came here because I’m afraid that it might escalate. It’s just some nipple twisting now. It might not even be that hard. But it hurts. I’m afraid that whoever is doing this might get bolder and do something worse.” I answer.
“Have you told anyone else about it?” Principal Winslow asks.
“My father. His lawyers are working on it. Although I don’t think they’ll be able to stop it. They’re more likely to swoop in after the fact.”
“Yes… We don’t want that to happen. The fact I mean. I can see your concern. Maybe someone else saw something. At present there is no evidence to bolster your claim. We should send the word out to let the teachers ask the students in class. In the meantime I can’t keep you here. You need to get back to class. Get notes from Ms. Brown.” Principal Winslow says.
“If it’s alright with you, Can we postpone your other questions? Let us see if we can resolve this one first.” Ms. Black says. “I will also get the word out to the teachers to tell the students not to touch without asking first.”
We walked out of the office with our slips. We will be in time for second period if we walk slowly enough.
“That went marginally well I think.” William says. “Nice touch with the lawyers though. It will keep them on their toes. But Principal Winslow is right though. We currently have no evidence. And to get someone to say that they saw something is slim. No-one wants to be a rat.”
“I think you’re right. I just don’t want to be there if evidence does get created. It might hurt.” I say “We’ve got some time. I need to pee.”
“You’ll need to use the boys’ toilets. That’s the rules.” William reminds me.
“You’ll accompany me. Plus, you can watch me pee. Boys seem to like doing that.” I giggled.
We entered the boys’ toilets. At the door was the short privacy wall that obscures the view of the inside to anyone who tries to look in from outside. The same thing that is in the girls’ toilets. Inside however looks slightly different. There are two less stalls and one wall is occupied by a stainless steel contraption that spans the length of the wall. The stench of urine emanated from it. It is my first time seeing it.
“Is this were boys pee?” I ask William.
“Yes. We just pee against that stainless wall. Every couple of minutes it flushes by itself.”
“It stinks a bit.” I reply.
“It’s ‘cause some guys still gets some on the floor. Someone’s gotta come clean this place.”
“Hay! How about I pee in or on that! I can stand and pee while you watch.”
“Ok. This should be interesting.” William smiles in anticipation.
I went and stand on the step. I spread my legs a bit and push my hips forward. William stands next to me to have a better look. I can see that he is already growing an erection. I smile at it. ‘We are going to have so much fun giving each other release later.’
I relax and let the pee go onto the trough wile William watches intently.
We are both concentrating and enjoying the moment.
All of a sudden William’s head hits the wall and collapse on the floor unconscious. A large hand grabs my hair on the back of my head while another is clamping my mouth shut.
I am terrified. I kick and try to scream. But he is just too strong. I can’t even turn around to see if I can see his face.
I get shoved into one of the stalls, with my assailant behind me. He clamps my body to his with his hand still over my mouth. My head against his chest like a vice as he locks the door behind us. I try to struggle some more but that just gets me a punch in the gut. He must have taken his penis out while I was struggling for breath. He is holding me tight against his body as his penis forcefully jabs until it finally finds his way into my vagina. I feel his cock rip into my dry insides as he rapidly begins to fuck me from behind while I let scream after scream go onto his hand. I struggle to breathe as his hand covers my mouth and pinches my nose shut.
I think he was too busy to notice as the stall door gets kicked in just as he came inside me with his final thrust.
I think I passed out then. I came to a bit in the school nurse’s office and then inside the ambulance on my way to hospital. I think they must have given me something as I woke up in the hospital only in the afternoon.
I open my eyes to see the concerned faces of my Father, Marcia and even William with his bandaged head. He is turning blue around both his eyes.
It takes me a couple of seconds to figure out what happened and why we are here. The weight of it presses down on me and I begin to cry while my father holds me.
I was cried out for the moment in about half an hour. Daddy dried my face with some tissues.
“I need to take a bath. A Shower.” I say.
“You can. The doctors already examined you.” Marcia says. “I’ll come with you.”
I stand in the shower. Scrubbing. And scrubbing. I do not finish until the hot water runs out. Marcia is there outside the stall talking about all kinds of things. Letting me know that she is there.
We get back into the room and William is gone. He is replaced by two new people. His folks took him home. Say he will see me tomorrow. My dad relays the message.
One of the new people was Ms. Black, our school councilor and the other was a detective from the police department here to take my statement. I guess that I should feel honored that they sent a detective to do it.
So I gave him my statement. He said that it was important to give it while it is still fresh in my mind. I really did not feel like it. But talking about it made me feel better I suppose. Plus Dad and Marcia were there. I appreciated their support.
He asked me a couple of questions and winched a bit when I told him about the peeing session I had with William. He probably does not approve, but it is permissible under the new laws and even encouraged. There is nothing that he can do about it. He wrapped up and left.
Ms. Black did not say much other than that I should come see her. Her last words before she left were ‘…stay strong…’
I tried to eat something. It tasted like cardboard. But I shoveled it down none the less.
I got sent home at around ten. Apart from some minor tearing and some bruising, there was physically nothing wrong with me.
I slept in the bed with Dad and Marcia that night.

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