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My moms boyfriend

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My mom didn’t take me seriously. And now I have a daughter from her boyfriend

My mom was a single mother i didn’t no my father. She had boy friends some were nice some I really didn’t like. When I was 14 her boyfriend move in with us. My mom was pregnant and they were going to get married and we were going to be a family. My mom worked evenings and he would be home with me. All seems to be going great he was nice my mom was happy I was happy. For some reason when my mom was close to having their baby he changed i started feeling uncomfortable like when he would hug me his hand would go down my back to my butt.
One night my mom was at work he came into my room I was in bed. He sat on the bed told me he was lonely and wanted to talk for a few minutes. He told me it was cold and he got under the covers with me. His hands started touching me then he just started feeling my boobs. I push his hand away he told me to relax he just wanted to show me how much he cared for me. He pulled my panties off then push up my t shirt he was sucking on my boobs and he was pushing his shorts down. His knee went between my legs then his other knee he laid on top of me and I could feel his penis on my stomach. I new what he wanted to do I said Please no I’m not really for sex. He said yes I was everyone nervous their first time. He pulled one of my legs up and I was biting my lip it hurt as I felt him pushing inside me. He told me the worst part was over he was in my pussy now now for me to enjoy. He started slow but after a minute he told me he wasn’t going to be able to hold it he was just to excited and started to go faster. He tensed up said he was cuming i could feel it. Then he laid on top of me till I felt him come out of me. He told me to keep this between us he didn’t want me to get in trouble.
The next night he was back and this time it last a lot longer and he did a lot more doggie style and pulled my hair. After a week he was telling me things about him and my mom sex life. Enough was enough I told my mom. At first she was in disbelief and then mad at me. Finally mad at him after a few days mom came in my room told me she was sorry it was her fault. She had been neglecting him and he was drinking to much he was so very sorry and it will never happen again.
Now my mom has my baby brother its been a few months she has gone back to work. I am taking care of my little brother just put him in his crib to go asleep. Turn around and my moms boyfriend is looking at me telling how beautiful I am as he walks over to me I no whats going to happen. He walks me over to his and my moms bed and we have sex. This goes on for months then one day my moms and I are eating. And she ask me am I pregnant. I was about 5 months pregnant he took off I have no idea where he is but my daughter and my brother are both from him.

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  • Reply baddad

    Maybe you’d like someone to love you?? kik sobad4udad

    • Linda

      Bagdad lol

  • Reply Linda

    Dave you don’t really enjoy the sex you just have sex. Are you asking did I ever orgasm from the sex yes it happens. When he first found out I was pregnant he wanted me to have sex with someone else and blame it on them. When I said no as soon as I started showing he left I don’t no where he went. I sure he new what would end up happening he never used a condom or pulled out.

    • pete84

      i bet ur hott af ,

    • pete84

      how big was hee 😉

    • Linda

      Pete84 he was normal size

  • Reply Linda

    Michelle how do you raise them as sisters or not?

    • Michelle

      Yes since the father is the same

  • Reply Linda

    David Kenya. I’m not sure if it’s a good story but it’s a true story.

    • David kenya

      Linda ur age?

    • Linda

      I’m 20

    • Linda got snapchat ?

      got snapchat ? mine is varunsodh2…

  • Reply Dave

    I no at 1st it was rape. But after awhile did you enjoy the sex with him? What did he think after you got pregnant.

  • Reply Michelle

    That happens more than you think.
    My mom and I both have daughters from her bf.
    But her bf went to prison.


      Michelle have you had sex again after your daughter was born?

    • Alejandro

      How come? Non consent as well?

    • Michelle


      Its because I was 12 at the time
      Sure I wanted to but they said I couldn’t give consent

  • Reply David kenya

    Nice story