I was on my way home

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I m a fourteen yr old girl with nice perky tits for my age and a firm body, it was hot summer day I was wearing shorts and a small halter top , I was walking home fro being at my friends home, when a guy in a car asked me if I needed a ride,I smiled and thought about it a moment and decided to so I got in ,the a/c felt nice he asked where I lived and I told him and then we chatted , he smiled and asked if I was in a hurry and I said not really and he smiled and asked if I wanted to go to the park and walk around with him and I said ok. So we went there and soon we were walking around and we decided to walk on a nature trail,after we walked down the trail we stopped to rest under a tree, he smiled and told me how pretty I was and then he kissed me I liked it, we kissed alittle more and I felt him slide his down over my pussy outside of short I opened my legs a little as he did,soon he whispered in my ear to take off my shorts I giggled and then I took them offand my panties he smiled as he rubbed my clitty and I soon was wet and then he smiled as he had me suck his 8″Dick he was soon hard and then I turned and leaned into the tree as he slid his dick into me from behind it hurt a little and then he slowly fucked me as I moaned ,he whispered in my ear as he fucked me that he wanted to keep fucking me often and said ok soon he was filling me full of his hot sperm ,he pulled out and he was still hard as I looked over my shoulder he then smiled and slid into my ass and fucked it.After he finished I put my shorts on and we went back to the car. As we went to my home we made arrangements to meet the next day

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  • Reply A. ID:1cn4gpacmfxw

    Could be a good story if it was longer and filled with details. But would love to know if he bred you

  • Reply Brian ID:2vn9y95m0

    Me and my cousin Kathy we left school early one day we use to play with each other in the pool when she had a porno mag she found with her we started reading it when she noticed my cock getting hard she said we can try it if I want best tasting little smooth pussy ever as we fucked away for a while I drove my monster cock all the way deep in side her little fanny and she loved it when I filled her little pussy up with cum