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Amy does NiS Thursday

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The fourth day of NiS. Amy survives a caning and makes some new friends


I woke before the alarm went off. The three of us were still naked from yesterday. I took a quick shower. Dad and Marcia woke up to the alarm as I stepped out of the shower. I watched them take turns peeing in the toilet as I dried off.
“So… You’re ready for school today?” Dad asks at breakfast.
“I hope so… I have to start at some point. William is also going. He’ll be there.” I answer.
“Are you going to put clothes on?” Marcia asks looking at my naked body at the breakfast table.
“No. William and I decided on Tuesday already that we should go to school in the buff. It will eliminate the strip in front of the whole school thing.”
“Ok. Take a towel for the bicycle seat. It will help this afternoon when it gets hot.” Dad suggests.
I was ready to go long before the time. Not having to put on any clothes has its merits. I decided to go to William’s to see if he was up.
The morning air is cool and my nipples are standing at attention because of it. It is my first time riding my bike through the streets in the nude. It is also the first time for my neighbours to see me this way. I truly enjoy the three block ride to William’s house as some of my neighbours come out of their houses on their way to work. They cannot help staring at my naked body. Some even offered a whistle. I wave at them as I ride my bike past their houses.
I catch the Smith’s during breakfast. Mr. and Mss. Smith are wearing their business attire for the day while William is as nude as I am.
“I called Principal Winslow last night to let him know that you’ll be at school today. He asked if you could make a turn at Ms. Black’s office first thing. Both you and William.” Mr. Smith says as he finishes his breakfast.
“What’s it about?” I ask wile William runs off to finish up.
“Don’t know. Ask her when you get there.” He replies.
“Ready to go?” William asks as he comes back into the dining room while swinging his bookcase onto his shoulders.
“Yeah. Take a towel for the bike seat. Dad says it might help this afternoon.”
We ride our bicycles the few kilometers to school as we do every morning. We are a bit earlier than usual, but traffic has already started to pick up. We got a lot of attention on the way. Public nudity is already a common thing in other countries like the USA and can be found every ware in the media and so on. It is none the less, something that is brand new in this country. William and I are probably the first nude students that they saw in the flesh, riding our bicycles, enjoying the morning air on our naked skin.
We got to school and locked our bikes up before making our way to Ms. Black’s office through the front door. The few early arrivals that hoped to see a strip show was a little disappointed. We rushed through the doors and to Ms. Black’s office before we could be asked for requests. We did however see two teachers standing by the door to keep an eye on the proceedings. They were definitely not there on Tuesday.
“… Those two’s lawyers has me by the nuts. If anything happens to those kids again we’ll be done for…” Mr. Winslow’s voice can be heard through Ms. Black’s office doors before we knock.
We get invited in to find Principal Winslow, Ms. Brown, his assistant and Ms. Black inside the office.
The meeting was quick with me having to make an appointment to see Ms. Black once a month and for William to get an open door invitation. We also got assurance that what happened on Tuesday will not happen on school property again. And that the concerns we raised to our lawyers are being discussed and addressed. Cameras will be installed in the hallways to help detect and deter other infractions within the school.
The meeting ended and for the first time this week we got to attend first period Biology.
We got requested on our way there. This time no one grabbed my tiny little boobs. I did get asked if I would allow a touch. I obliged this time as it was under the watchful eye of a teacher. I taught the eager boys how to work gently and get my nipples to stand erect with their thumbs. I got a lot of questions about what happened on Tuesday. As did William I suppose. I do not want to talk about it so I just said that my lawyers advised me not to.
By the time we got to Biology William and I both were worked up. I was able to go for a bit longer, but William had an impressively stiff precum dripping hard on.
“It looks like some of the girls got you really excited on our way here.” I say to William.
“Not just the girls. There were some boys to.”
“Ah! Cool! You’re interested?”
“… Maybe… I don’t know what it’s like… Then again: What about you?”
“What about me? Look. We’re in the program right. We should be able to explore. We already lost two days. I say we ask for relief in every period. And we get someone else to help us out every time. Whether it’s a boy or a girl who volunteers does not matter. We need to explore and experiment. Who knows if and when we’ll get this chance again?” I say.
“Does any one of you need some relief?” Mr. Larson our Biology teacher asks as the class settles down.
We both stand up and say yes.
“Are you going to help each other or do you need volunteers?” Mr. Larson asks.
“Volunteers!” We both say in unison as the class laughs.
“Ok… Amy. You pick first.” Mr. Larson says.
Almost all the boys’ hands went up immediately. I see two girls put their hands up as well shyly. Not wanting the rest of the class to see that they volunteered they just waved for my attention.
So I decide to pick Sam. I do not know her. We’ve only been in the same class for a little over a week. She comes from another school. She is on the bigger side of the rest of our classmates. Taller, wider. Blond hair and blue eyes. I like her smile. She stands up and walks forward slowly, uncertain. She turns red as some whispers run through the class. I’m sure I heard the word dyke uttered amongst them. Sam stiffens up and pauses, but resumes when I look into her eyes, smiles and beckons for her to come to me with my hand. She walks up to me and I take her hands in mine.
“Thank you.” I whisper to her as I look up and into her eyes.
“William. Your pick.” Mr. Larson says.
I did not see who volunteered for William, as I kept my gaze on Sam. All I saw was Mark, the class clown coming to stand next to Sam in front of William.
“You’ve got five minutes. Make the most of it.” Mr. Larson says.
Sam and Mark direct William and me to the chairs in front of the class.
Sam lifts my legs and pulls me forward. She opens my legs and holds them with my knees next to my ears and my sex exposed to her eyes. Sam sniffs to draw in my scent and licks her lips before diving in to taste my pussy with a long slow lick with her tongue.
Glancing over to William, I can see that Mark already has his cock in his mouth, sucking on it.
We are sitting right next to each other. I reach out and grab William’s hand. We hold on to each other as we both receive oral stimulation from our classmates.
William came first with Mark swallowing every last drop like a champ. The sight of it put me over the edge and I came as well.
William and I bask in the afterglow as Sam and Mark clean us off before we went back to our seats.
The class went well after.
“You should ask Mark if he’s gay. I’ll ask Sam if she is a lesbian. Maybe they aren’t completely homosexual. We could play around a bit later or something. We can see if maybe we can work something out.” I tell William as the bell rings.
“Oh. What do you have in mind? Do you fancy Sam or Mark or both?” William asks.
“I don’t know yet. The idea is still forming. Let’s find out first.” I say as I give William’s penis a couple of tugs to bring it back to attention. “We ask for relief in Math class next. Look as if you’re interested.”
“I will.” He says as I walk away and he strokes my butt, dragging his finger through my crack. “Just make sure that I have enough energy for whatever you got planned.”
We got requested and fondled on our way to Math. All of it is very sedate. It seems that the students got fear put into them in our absence. I learned that there was an emergency assembly yesterday morning and some examples were made of the few pupils who were caught violating some rules. As things turn out, today I have a few more people joining me in the program. And they’ll be in it till the end of next week.
There are also some rumors that corporal punishment may make it back onto the board if people keep on misbehaving. It is something that got abolished years ago in schools. It actually became illegal in my father’s time. As a result none of today’s students are familiar with it. Not even I know what a school spanking is all about. It is probably worse than what I’m used to at home. Not that I’m used to it actually. I haven’t had a proper spanking in a long time. You know what I mean.
I let requesters touch my bald little pussy this time although I did not let them put their fingers in my vagina. They made me bend over to show them my ass and I got my butthole stroked. I was sopping wet by the time I got to Math.
William and I both requested relief and a chance to pick from the forest of volunteers. This time I picked Logan, the other girl in class that had her hand up. It seems like what happened in Biology gave her a bit more courage, as her hand was up a bit higher this time.
Logan is of slim build with dark hair and brown eyes. She has an average height for a thirteen/fourteen year old.
“Are you a lesbian?” I whisper to her as I take her hand.
“Bi. I think.” She whispers back.
“We should get together this afternoon. We can maybe sort this out.” I say as William makes his selection.
He picked some random girl I do not know. Erna or something. A mousy girl, skinny and almost as short as I am. ‘I got my mother’s genes to thank for that.’
William and I get directed to the chairs. Logan however turns my chair around and has me bend over the backrest. She stands to the side and spreads my cheeks for the whole class to see my hole. I can hear cheers coming from the class before I feel a tongue licking its way around my anus. I feel Logan’s tongue licking my perineum before making its way to my twelve year old pussy. She licks my labia before sticking her tongue into my vagina. I feel two fingers of Logan’s right hand brushing my lips. I open my mouth and suck them in as I get tongue fucked. I suck and play with her fingers using my tongue before she pulls her hand back and places those now wet fingers on my clit. Logan’s tongue moves back to my ass as her fingers makes small rapid circles around my clit. I melted as her tongue entered my anus and she begins to tongue fuck my back door. It does not take long for me to begin screaming in delight before losing my breath in an amazing orgasm.
I didn’t see what happened between William and Erna. I did not care. I felt too good. I was halfway through class before I started to register my surroundings.
The rest of the morning was relatively quiet until lunch. We got requested between classes but neither William nor I asked for relief. We were both a bit spent and wanted to conserve some energy.
I was however stopped by Patricia between classes – The fifteen year old fellow Program participant with the EpiPen taped to a lanyard around her neck.
“Hey. I saw you and William come in this morning in the nude. Good move. I think I should try it tomorrow.” Patricia says as we rushed past each other on our way to class.
At lunch William and I found a spot under a tree to eat our packed lunches. Sam asked to join us as we sat down. And the three of us sat in some kind of circle as we ate.
“Did you speak to Mark?” I ask William.
“Yes. He told me he realized that he would fuck anything that did not put up a fight the moment the hair started growing on his balls. His words. Not mine.” William answers.
“Ok… How about you Sam? What is your sexual orientation?” I ask Sam.
“I’m most definitely lesbian. I don’t have any attraction to boys. There are a couple of girls however that I find hot.” She answers.
“Cool. I was thinking that we should get together this afternoon. I already invited Logan sort off. I just need to finalize it. You should ask Mark to come as well.” I say to both of them.
Elma and two of her cohorts appear just I finished speaking.
“James is a friend of mine you little whore!” Elma all but screams at me. “Now just because you couldn’t keep your little slut cunt to yourself, he got locked up!”
“If he kept his cock in his pants he wouldn’t have been locked up right now!” I snap.
“You bitch!” Elma screams and slaps me across the face.
I am still figuring out what is going on as Elma pulls back for another blow. All I see is a blur on my left from where Sam was sitting and a fist landing on the side of Elma’s chin.
Just then Ms. Martin from math jumps in and separates us before all hell broke loose.
It was not long before some other teachers arrived and all six of us got escorted to the office.
We all sit on some chairs next to Principal Winslow’s office door while he and Ms. Martin were discussing inside. We are not allowed to talk and are being watched carefully by one of the teachers. He is clearly pissed that his lunch has been reduced to guard duty.
We got called in one by one to tell our stories. First it was Elma’s two friends, then Elma. After Elma it was me then Sam and lastly it was William. We all got sat down back on the chairs. Not allowed to talk. Mr. Winslow’s office door stayed closed for a long time after that. Ms. Black came to the office and door kept closed after that. It was in the middle of the next period after lunch that the door opened and we all got called in.
“Now… We’ve heard all of your testimonies and got it all on tape. We discussed this with the authorities and have made our decision. Please keep in mind that Ms. Martin saw everything that happened and that her testimony is in line with three of the testimonies we received from you.” Principal Winslow says as all of us stand in front of his desk.
“It was decided that punishment shall be as follow…” He reached out to read from a paper that is on his desk. “William did not do anything and was merely a bystander. No punishment. Amy got attacked unprovoked. No punishment. Lora, for twisting the truth and fibbing during your testimony you got yourself a week in the program, starting now. Wendy, you did the same thing and story is completely different from Lora’s. You also get an extra week in the program starting now.” Mr. Winslow takes a second to catch his breath. “Elma, your transgressions was even worse. Not only did you lie, you assaulted a Program participant. For the false testimony you get another week in the program. For your attack on a Program participant, the authorities have decided that you should receive corporal punishment. Six canings at assembly that is going to be held today. Sam, I’m sorry to say that you will also receive six canings for hitting a program participant.”
“It’s not fare!” I blurt out. “Sam only did it to protect me!”
“She could have used other means. But she chose violence.” Mr. Winslow says.
“Then give me half. I’m just as much to blame.” I say.
“And give me the other half then.” William says.
“That would leave Sam with nothing… Look… We have to make an example. It is unfortunate that it has to be your friend. The rules are the rules. We can’t go around breaking them as we please. Assaulting a Program participant, results in six public cane strokes supervised by the authorities.” Principal Winslow says.
“Then how about giving William and me both two of them? I mean… Everything happened so fast… Sam came to my rescue; she did not have time to think!” I say.
Principal Winslow is quiet for a while. “This situation is thorny. You can understand my position. Your suggestion however has some appeal. The rule says six public cane strokes. It does not say anything else. It leaves room for interpretation. We will have to clear this with your parents of course.” He says. “While we do that, the three of you who still got their clothes on can start to strip.”
William and I both take one of Sam’s hands as we turn to face her.
“T…Thank you… Both of you…” She says as she starts to cry. “You should not have done that… I’m the one that screwed up…”
“Shush! You did it for me. It’s the system that’s screwed up. Not you.” I tell her. “Besides… Two sounds much better than six. I’m sure we can handle it.” I say, trying to be strong for her and my own sake. Even one public cane stroke sounds terrible. Let alone six!
“I think I should be able to handle the cane. Thank you. It’s just that I have to be nude. I don’t feel comfortable with it.” Sam says.
“You’re beautiful. You’ve got nothing to worry about.”
“Yep. I agree on that.” William adds. “It’s a pity that you’re batting for the other team… Or is it the same team?” He jokes.
“You really think that..?” She asks.
“Sure!” William and I answer in unison. “Think of it as practice for when you get called for the program. And it’s just for this afternoon. We’ll be with you all the way.”
“Ok…” She says as she takes her tie off.
“Let me help you.” I say as I start unbuttoning her shirt. “You should come to my house this afternoon. I still have a dept to pay.” I say licking my lips.
Soon Sam is just as naked as William and me.
“Wow!” I say as I marvel at her flawless skin. My eyes trail down to take in her enormous boobs and down further to her sparsely covered thirteen year old blond vulva. “You look delicious.” I add as Sam blushes.
“Amy, William. I spoke to both your parents. I explained the situation to them and they all agree that the choice is up to you. Do you still want to do this?”
“Yes!” Both William and I nod our heads.
There is a knock on the door and it opened up to two policemen and some woman in a business suit. They introduce themselves and I learn that the woman was sent here from the government. She was in town since yesterday because of Tuesday’s incident. It sounds like she is going to stay to oversee the program in this region if it spreads to other schools.
The policemen are here to help the proceedings along and to deter unwanted incidents.
Lora and Wendy finishes taking off their clothes, clearly not happy with their lot. Elma is as white as a sheet. Her punishment is the worst of all.
We all make our way to the assembly hall which takes us through the administrative offices and through the foyer to the rear doors of the hall.
We get traipsed through the centre aisle and up the stage in front of all the students in school. We get lined up on stage and put on display for the whole assembly to see. With us standing on the left, a podium in the centre and some odd contraption on the right, the rest of the faculty sits on chairs in the back of the stage.
Principal Winslow takes to the podium and begins his speech. He outlines what has happened during lunch. He calls us forward one by one and reads off the charges and the punishments. William and I got lopped in with Sam and a special caveat was noted. The punishment for all six cane strikes will come on Sam’s record although it is to be shared between the three of us.
It was decided that we should go first. First William, then me, then Sam.
We all soon learn what the device on the right of the stage is for. It is to strap a person in with his or her ass sticking into the air facing the audience. Once strapped in you cannot move.
It took a couple of minutes to get William strapped in to the device. Once done Principal Winslow steps up with a meter long cane in his hand supplied by the government.
“Two cane strokes. You need to count them out loud.” Principal Winslow says.
You can hear a pin drop as everyone in the assembly hall holds their breaths. This is the first time in twenty five years that corporal punishment is to be given out in any school in this country. Most has never seen it happen before. A spotlight and a camera make sure that everyone in the audience can see his butt on the big screen projection above our heads.
Shhh! Whack! You can hear the cane whistle through the air before it lands on William’s bare butt. A clear line starts forming in red across the once pristine buttocks.
William takes a second or two to catch his breath before shouting ONE!
He just finished shouting when the second one came down right above the previous one.
“TWO!” William shouts again. He now has two red welts across his ass on display in front of the whole school.
He got unstrapped quickly and I took his place. His caning got me spooked and I was trembling when the two policemen strapped me in. They had to adjust the contraption to fit my height. That took a bit longer. I got strapped in with my feet shoulder with apart and bend over at the waist as far as could go. It is pretty far as I’m really flexible. I ended up with my head between my legs looking upside down at the rest of the school. I know then that everything is on display and that I have no secrets left. I cannot see it myself, but I’m certain that the whole school can see my butthole and pussy on the screen.
‘This is more than just the caning; it’s the humiliation that goes with it. Now, I have shown my butt to my class and to some of the requesters I encountered today. I even let some guy touch my butthole. But this is different. I’m on display in front of the whole school and I have no control over it. I have to stand here strapped into this device, and watch the whole school stare at my most intimate parts on the projection. My asshole is bigger than a bowling ball on the screen! I’ve never hated anyone before, but this Elma character sure makes me see the appeal.’
Mr. Winslow gives me the same speech as he did William. I resolve to bite down and count as hard as I can. Shouting may just help relieve some of the pain. I’m now more angry than afraid.
I hear the whistle of the cane as it cuts through the air before it lands on my exposed little buttocks. I scream out ‘ONE’ before the pain sets in. I hear the second whistle just after I screamed for the first, and feel the excruciating sting as I call out ‘two…’ A lot softer this time, with a gasp of breath. The second landed above the first, leaving me with two painful welts across my butt.
‘I do not want to, I swear… But the combination of pain and humiliation is making my body cry. It might even be because I’m angry at Elma. Just the thought of seeing her getting her dues soon lifts me up a bit. But it is not how I was raised. Not who I want to be. I do not want to be a vindictive little bitch. If I follow this route I might end up being a nasty person. Swallow it and think happy thoughts…’
I got unstrapped and placed in my position between William and Sam, before Sam gets taken away for her caning. I’m still crying. I so want someone to hold me right now. But I can’t. All of us on display are standing at arm’s length from each other with our hand on our heads facing a rapt audience.
I hear the whistle of the cane and the smack on the bare flesh of Sam’s buttocks. I hear her cry out the numbers of the strokes she is receiving. She is clearly in pain and my heart bleeds for her. It is only two. But if two feels this bad I do not want to know how six would feel. Sam is also crying when she gets put back next to me.
‘Maybe William also cried. I don’t know. I wouldn’t have blamed him if he did. Maybe he was able to mask it in his inhaler with an asthma attack when he got unstrapped. Boys aren’t supposed to cry. There’s some unwritten rule somewhere… Absurd..!’
Now it is Elma’s turn. She fainted and collapsed as the two policemen approached her. The whole assembly gasped when this happened. The school nurse had to revive her before she was strapped into the device. Elma could not walk by herself and needed to be carried.
She starts to cry uncontrollably when strapped in. Like me she is also quit flexible and had an upside down view of her audience. It takes a couple of minutes for her to calm down enough and Mr. Winslow could proceed with the caning. Trough the entire time her ass is sticking out providing a good view of her pussy and asshole to the whole of the school on the screen.
“Now…” Principal Winslow says. “I’m going to deliver six strikes with the cane on your buttocks. You are to count each and every stroke loudly… Nod if you understand.”
Elma nods as best as she could between sobs.
Shhh! Whack! Elma’s first cane stroke cuts through the air with the now distinct whistle before landing with a clear, sharp sound across her upturned butt. She lets out a cry and two sobs before calling ‘one’ with a shaky voice.
Shhh! Whack! The second cane strike lands on top of the crease between her legs and her butt. ‘TWO!’ she cries out this time. Elma begins to bawl again as the pain starts setting in. She will have a hard time sitting with that one.
Shhh! Whack! The third cane strike comes down just below her tail bone. She now has three equally spaced welts crossing her rear end.
“Count!” Mr. Winslow reminds her when she takes too long to respond to the third cane strike on her naked butt.
‘THREE!’ Elma calls out before the fourth whistles through the air and lands between the lines left by the first and second strikes.
‘FOUR!’ She screams out immediately as it comes down.
Number five whistles and lands with a smack between numbers two and three. Elma catches her breath and calls out the number between sobs.
Shhh! Whack! The sixth and final blow lands on Elma’s sixteen year old ass right on top of the first one. She screams and let out uncontrollable cries as the combination of the two blows puts her over the edge.
“Count!” The Principal reminds her again.
Elma counts off the last number, barely audible between her sobs.
I could see the audience has also turned pale at the spectacle in front of them. No one wants this to happen to them. I, myself just had two cane strikes. And it was enough. I do not want to know what six of them would be like.
Elma had to be helped out of the contraption and carried off stage and through the centre aisle to the nurse’s office, to be taken care off. This episode might just have broken her.
We are all dismissed to go to our home rooms for the last half hour of the day. No one feels like studying after this brutal exhibition. I embrace Sam in a hug as the hall clears before William and I accompany her to collect her clothes as it was not required of her to go naked.
We arrive at homeroom to cheers from the class. Everybody knows what William and I sacrificed for Sam. They were all clamoring to hear the whole story though, so we told it our classmates what happened and why.
I told the story while William tied up with Mark and Logan to invite them to my house after school.
Sam called her mom to ask because she would have picked her up after school. She said that she was already in the parking lot but agreed to take her along with Mark and Logan to my house. Everything was set when the bell rang to end school for the day.
“William and I have to take our bicycles. So you’ll probably have to wait for us a bit. We’ll ride as fast as possible.” I tell our newfound friends as we part at the homeroom door.
William and I grabbed our bicycles and rode them as fast as we could to my house. We didn’t care that we were naked and nearly caused a pileup in one intersection. I can tell you one thing though: The towel that dad suggested I take for the bicycle seat came in handy under my tender butt. Sometimes I think that he is psychic or something…
Sam and the others were already at my house waiting in Sam’s mom’s car. She was initially shocked to see us coming in all puffing and sweaty, but most of all naked. Sam introduced us to her mom as the ones who saved her butt. She of course already knows some of what happened because the school called and Sam told her the rest of it.
Sam’s mom luckily came over her shock when she learned that William and I were in the Program. We made arrangements for Dad to go and drop them off at their homes after six. I promised to feed them.
“So… What now?” Mark asks after I closed the front door behind us.
“Dude… I need to take a shower first. This bicycle ride had me sweating all over.” William says.
“I could do with one as well.” I say. “And I’ll whip up something for us to eat after. We barely ate lunch with all the commotion of today.”
“Do you think I can join in that shower? Being on stage under those conditions really makes me feel icky.” Sam asks.
“Sure. We can use my Dad’s shower. It’s one of those big for two showers that can fit like six people if they don’t mind being cramped a bit.” I say as I take her hand and lead the way.
“Mind if I join?” Logan asks as we all pile into the bathroom.
“Oh! I won’t mind at all!” Mark laughs.
“It’s a shower. Everyone’s invited.” I say.
“Good. Now I can see this known lecher in the nude.” Logan laughs looking at Mark.
“Everybody that still has their clothes on in two minutes gets banned from the shower.” William says as he steps up, opens the showers and adjusts the temperature.
There is a mad scramble as our three guests rid themselves of their school uniforms in record time. Soon all five of us are as naked as the day we were born. William and I only had to take off our shoes.
It is the first time for me to see Mark and Logan nude. Mark is of average build with light brown hair and brown eyes. He has a decent size penis that soon grows to full erection as it feels the exposure of being among other naked youths for the first time. He is also a lot hairier that William.
Logan has long dark brown hair and brown eyes. She is slender with small round boobs and perky nipples surrounded by really dark areolas. Her vulva is covered by a thick near black bush.
“Gawd! You guys are beautiful!” I say as we all step into the shower. “I have an idea. How about a little show and tell… Or more like show…”
“You just want to see my butthole!” Mark laughs.
Everybody chuckles as Mark sees right through me.
“It’s only fair.” I change tact. “You all got to see mine.”
“And mine!” William and Sam say in unison.
“Actually I didn’t get to see yours. I was up on that stage with you, remember.” Sam says.
“Well…” Logan says as grabs the liquid soap and pours some into her hand. “I wouldn’t mind seeing Sam’s again.” She says as she starts to wash Sam’s body.
“Ok. Program stance.” Mark says as he spreads his legs and puts his hands on his head.
“Reasonable request… May we touch?” William asks.
“Sure.” Mark says. “That’s why I’m here.” He laughs.
“He needs to bend over and show us his butt first.” I say.
“And spread his cheeks. I want to see his hole.” Logan adds as she starts to soap up Sam’s boobs.
“The ladies have spoken.” Mark laughs as he turns around, bends over and spread his butt cheeks with his hands.
“Hold it. I want to touch it!” Logan says as reaches over and strokes his asshole with a soapy finger.
“Ooh! That feels good… Don’t stop.” Mark lets out.
“Should I?” Logan asks, to a chorus of ‘yes’ coming from all of us. We all gather around to witness the act happening in front of us.
“Use this.” I hand Logan a bottle of oil that Dad and Marcia keeps in the shower for such occasions.
Logan rinses off the soap on her hands and squirts some oil onto Mark’s anus and on her hand. She starts to massage Mark’s thirteen year old butthole with slow small circles of her fingers. She moves closer and closer to the centre with every stroke before inserting the tip of her middle finger into Mark’s upturned butt.
Logan adds more oil as she slowly works her finger in and out of Mark’s tight little ass. Every time she pushes in she goes a bit deeper until her finger is all the way up into Mark’s ass. He jumps and moans in delight as her finger find his prostate and starts massaging it. She adds more oil and soon her index finger joins her middle finger in fucking Mark’s now eager butthole. Mark begins panting when Logan’s ring finger and pinky gets added.
“Oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck my little asshole. William… I need your cock in me right now!” Mark pants as he goes down on his knees and elbows.
“Ok.” William says as Logan oils up his now hard cock.
William positions himself behind Mark and slowly starts to work his cock into Mark’s waiting little asshole. They both sigh as he bottoms out before keeping still for a minute, enjoying the sensation. We girls stood there watching the boy’s coupling in awe.
William holds his hand out to Logan for some more oil and start to slowly stroke Mark’s cock working the oil into his fuck buddies scrotum and penis. At the same time he starts to move his hips, pumping the ass of the thirteen year old boy.
William picks up the pace as Mark takes his penis in his own hand and starts jacking himself off. William slams into Mark’s butt as Mark keeps calling for him to go faster and harder. They both grunt with every thrust. Mark came first and then William as the contractions of Mark’s asshole pushed him over the edge. They collapsed on the shower floor panting.
“Thank you.” William says as he crawls up to Mark and gives him a kiss.
“Oh. Thank you.” Mark says as pulls William closer and begins to kiss him back. Soon the two boys are making out on the shower floor, completely forgetting us girls.
“It looks like you lost your boyfriend.” Sam says as she soaps up Logan from behind, paying special attention to her perk little tits. Logan is doing the same thing to me, playing with and pinching my nipples.
“I’ve got enough love for everyone.” Mark says as gets up from the hard floor. “Ooh! It seems like I’ve got a tender bum as well now.” He laughs. “I think its Logan’s turn to show. Don’t you think?”
“Ok.” Logan says as she squeezes herself out from between Sam and me and moves to rinse herself off under one of the showers.
She takes position with her legs spread and her hands on her head for us to inspect her body.
“I want to touch your boobs. May I?” William asks as he quickly washes himself off.
“Me too!” Mark adds eagerly as he washes William’s cum out of his asshole.
“Off course.” Logan laughs. “That’s what I’m here for.” She says nodding at Mark as she quotes his words back at him.
“While you guys are exploring her tits, I want to sample that wonderful bush!” I say.
“It does look absolutely delicious doesn’t it?” Sam says as we both sit down in front of Logan.
“Oh! We better wrap things up in here. Dad’s not gonne like it if we use all the hot water!” I say and jump up.
“Awe! Just when things were starting to be fun.” Mark laughs.
“This is fun yes. But we have to change location. Besides, nothing is going to stop me from exploring that bush today.” I say. “Wait! I have to pee. If you’re interested you can watch.”
“Here in the shower? I’m very much interested. You can pee on me.” Mark says as he lies down on his back on the shower floor. “Just sit on me and piss.”
I move to sit on his stomach but he stops me.
“Sit here on my chest.” He says as he puts his hands behind his head. “I want to feel you straddle my body as your warm piss flows out of your pussy and over my chest.”
I shimmy up to Mark’s chest and wiggle my butt to settle in. I start to pee all over his chest while he looks me in the eyes and all the way down to my bald little pussy. The feeling is exhilarating but ends too soon as my bladder dries up.
“That looks like fun.” Logan says as she grabs William’s hand.
“Ok.” He says as he lies down. “I want you to pee on my face.”
Logan squats down over William’s face with her back facing him. She lowers herself down until his nose is almost touching her pussy. Logan lets out a heavy stream of golden piss right into William’s face. He opens his mouth and catches the steaming hot piss that Logan is giving him. When she is done he reaches up with his head and licks her clean.
“Wow. That was fun.” Logan says as she stands up.
“Sure looks like it.” Sam says. “Ok. Watch.” She says as she goes down on her knees and elbows. She sticks her butt out at us before releasing a tremendous stream of hot pee right across the shower hitting the wall on the other side. We all stood amazed at the power behind this torrent of piss.
“Wow… You don’t see that every day.” Mark says as she finishes.
“Do you boys also need to go?” Logan asks to nods of the affirmative.
Logan and I sit down on our knees right next to each other. To my surprise Sam comes and sits right next to me.
“I may be a lesbian, but this looks like it could be fun.” She says.
William and Mark both take position in front of us and grab hold of their cocks. They open up the taps and start spraying all three of us with their hot steaming piss. They cover us from head to toe before their streams trickle down to drops and then stops. The last few drops get shaken off with vigor before I take William’s cock in my mouth and suck him clean. Logan sees what I’m doing and gives Mark the same treatment.
We rinse and dried off quickly before spilling our juvenile bodies into the kitchen. We did not realize that we were ravenous before we got there.
With some teamwork we managed to scrounge up a mountain of sandwiches and a jug of juice that we took onto the deck by the pool.
We went through those sandwiches like locusts, and washed it down with the juice as we lounged outside in the nude.
“Now that hit the spot.” Mark says as he puts his glass down. “I believe we just started with Logan’s turn to show before we got interrupted by sandwiches.”
“Ah yes. It’s always a tossup between sex and sammies.” William adds.
“Wait!” I say as I get up and run into the house. I come back quickly with a small suitcase.
“Ah! The suitcase. You’ve yet to show me what’s inside besides some blindfolds.” William says.
“Ok. I will show you now.” I say as I put the suitcase down on the table. I open it up to reveal its content.
“It’s full of toys!” Sam exclaims.
“It’s full of sex toys!” Logan adds as she takes a butt plug from the case. “How… Where did you get these? Under eighteens aren’t allowed in sex shops.”
“Dad and Marcia. This is the kind of stuff they get me for my birthday and for Christmas and so on. Even when my grades reach a certain target I get something.” I explain.
“Wait… Didn’t you get a book last Christmas?” William asks.
“Oh. That’s only the public gift I can show off if someone asks. The real gift was that butt plug Logan is holding. It is actually part of a set.” I dig out two smaller plugs and put it on the table. “I got those from Daddy. Marcia gave me this set of cuffs and collar.” I say as I hand Sam one of the soft black cuffs with red trim and a metal ring attached to it. “If my grades are good this semester, I will get the chains that go with it. So I haven’t used them yet.”
“But you’ve used the other toys yes…” Mark says as he plays with a dildo that looks like a penis.
“Oh… Yes…” I say dragging the words out to express the pleasure they have brought me.
“I would like to see you use this one.” He says holding the dildo up.
“I’m sorry. Not today. My vagina hasn’t fully healed yet from what happened on Tuesday. I should be fine by Saturday though. I’d be glad to show you then.” I say to Mark, making it clear that nothing is going up my vagina today.
“Ah! I know what I’ll be doing on Saturday.” Mark smiles at me.
“You should all come. We could swim the whole day.” I say.
“I can come.” Sam says as she ties a piece of rope that she dug out from somewhere to the collar that has made its way around Logan’s neck when I was talking to Mark. I did not see that happen. “But I need to take my dog for a walk first. Come!” She walks onto the lawn with Logan following her on her hands and knees.
“You have interesting friends.” William says as he looks at Logan’s naked butt wiggling as she crawls on her hands and knees behind Sam.
“I only just met them today.” I answer.
“Come to think of it… Today is the first time that I spoke to either one of you. That includes Sam and Logan.” Mark says.
“Same here. Except for Amy. I’ve known her my whole life. Maybe Sam and Logan know each other.” William says.
“We should ask them. Could be interesting.” Mark says as Sam comes back with Logan following her on a leash like an obedient little dog.
“Logan agreed to be my dog for the next half hour.” Sam says as she sits down on the chair with Logan still standing on her hands and knees next to her. “Sit.” She says and Logan sits down on the ground with her legs crossed.
“You can pet her if you want. Would you like me to have her climb onto the table?” Sam asks us.
“Hell yes!” Mark says.
“This is even better than Program show and tell.” William adds.
“Have you two known each other long?” I ask Sam as Logan climbs up onto the table.
“We were in the same class last year. We moved in different circles. We never spoke until today. If it wasn’t for you guys we probably wouldn’t have even really meet.” Sam answers as Logan settles in.
“I think a dog needs a tail.” Mark says as takes out a butt plug from the suitcase with a tail attached to it. A white fox tail Marcia once caught me staring at in a catalogue. She bought it for me on a whim. I wore it once on a nude day and pretended to be a cat. I walked around with it almost the whole day to the amusement of Dad and Marcia.
“Great idea!” I say as I take the bottle of oil out. “May we attach a tail to your dog?” I ask Sam.
“It won’t be a problem. Would it doggy?” Sam says as she strokes Logan’s thirteen year old butt.
I squirt some oil onto Logan’s butthole and begin massaging it with my fingers.
“What kind of oil do you use?” Sam asks as I massage Logan’s thirteen year old asshole.
“Olive oil. You don’t want to use any petroleum based product. Their hard to wash off and can lead to infections. An organic lubricant like olive or coconut gets absorbed by the skin.” I answer.
“Where do you learn all this stuff?” Sam asks again.
“My folks. Dad and Marcia. As you might know, they are pornographers of sorts. I learn a lot from them. A lot of statistics and stuff. They make educational videos to teach kids like us about sex. Most, or a lot, of kids learn about sex through porn. That is what they do. Because it is illegal to sell or show porn to kids, they market it to adults and hope that if a kid looks for porn on the internet that he or she will find one of their videos first.” I say as I slowly start to work my index finger into Logan’s rear entrance.
“Oh… I see… What kind of statistics?” Sam asks.
“Well… Have you ever watched a porno?”
“I do!” Mark falls in. “To be honest I think that I may watch too much of it. I think I saw some of your folk’s movies. I’ve seen Marcia – She is hot!”
“Well… If you’ve seen a regular porn flick, you might have noticed that the male actors usually have very large penises. It is so by design. But it is not a representation of the real world. The average penis length is five point three inches long. That is a little over thirteen centimeters. William and Mark are above this average. If you think about it, it means that about half of the penises in the world are shorter than that!” I say as I finger fuck Logan’s ass with my index finger and start to introduce her to my middle finger.
“Have you watched these films your parents make?” Sam asks as she and William plays with Logan’s tits.
“Legally they are not allowed to show them to me. But nothing is stopping me from looking it up on the internet. Daddy is also in some of those videos. Though you may not recognize him. He mostly does SM stuff, and wears a mask. You’d know it’s him if you see him naked in person.” I explain while twisting my fingers in and out of Logan’s now supple butt. She begins to moan softly as Sam starts stroking her clit.
“It is time to attach the tail to the patient doctor.” I say to Mark and squirts some oil onto the butt plug.
He moves closer and takes over from me. Mark fondles Logan’s upturned asshole with the plug before slipping it in.
“I think the operation was a success!” He exclaims as he lightly slaps Logan’s left butt cheek. She moans a bit.
“Oh! Do you like that doggy. Do you like to be spanked?” Sam asks Logan as she slips a finger into her vagina.
“Mmhmm!” Logan nods.
“Give a couple more spanks doctor. It seems like our patient is in need of it.” Sam asks.
Mike obliges and gives Logan about twenty light bare hand spanks very quickly. It is not enough to actually hurt, but enough to turn her butt red. He ends it with two spanks, one on each buttock a little harder than the previous ones. They make Logan yelp and jump a bit.
“We should test the tail. Let’s take a walk again. William. Care to join me?” Sam says extracting her finger from Logan’s wet little pussy. Her bush is glistening in the sunlight from the oil and her own juices.
Mike and I watch them walk off around the pool onto the lawn up to the far end. Logan trailing behind on her hands and knees with the white fox tail hanging from her butt between her legs.
I could not hear what they were saying. What I saw was Sam lying down on front of Logan with her legs spread as William positions himself on his knees behind Logan.
“He’s gonne poke her.” Mark says.
“In that case we have to look for fun amongst ourselves.” I say as I squirt some oil onto Mark’s raging hard on and begins jacking him off. “Although I prefer not to have anything in my pussy right now it does not mean I can’t have fun in my other hole! Lube me up!” I bend over the table and present my ass to Mark.
Mark squirts some oil onto my butthole and begins working it in with his fingers.
“Do you want one of the plugs?” He asks.
“No. Sit back on the chair and enjoy.” He sits back and I straddle his lap. I take his pulsing cock into my hand and point it at my well lubricated butthole. I lower myself slowly onto Mark until I bottom out. I relax and enjoy the full sensation as I begin kissing him. All of me want him right now. From my red hair to my blue eyes, my freckled complexion to my eraser nipples and bald twelve year old little pussy. I begin to slowly move my hips in a circular motion as I grind my clit onto Mark’s pubis. I devour him and suck on his tongue as I fuck myself on his pole. I came twice before he did, filling my bowels with his cum. We collapse hugging each other. My head on his shoulder as his cock slowly shrinks out of my cum dripping asshole.
“Thank you.” I say. “That was a lot of fun.” I look over my shoulder to see William, Sam and Logan coming back. Logan is walking upright this time. It seems that her half hour is up. All three of them have a wide smile on the face.
“It looks like you two had fun!” William says as he sits down.
“And so did you three.” I say.
“Mine’s not over yet.” Logan says. “I’m still wearing this butt plug. I have to get me one of these. It feels good. But I have to take it out now. I need to sit down a bit and don’t want to ruin it. Care to help me doctor?” She bends over the table and arches her back, pushing out her ass at us.
I got off of Mark and helped Logan remove the plug. She removes the collar and we all sit back down on the chairs.
“Anyone thirty? More juice?” William asks.
We all said that we’d like that and he went to fetch another jug.
“That dog leash thing looks like a lot of fun. I should try it one day.” I say as William leaves.
“Call me when you do that. I’ll walk you.” Sam says. “Maybe I’ll parade you through the park.”
“That sounds like a date. But only if your naked as well.” I say.
“So… Tell me. What did you guys do? I only saw the beginning of something.” I ask as William comes back with the juice.
“Oh! Logan licked my pussy. I came like a… a… I don’t know, it was awesome!” Sam exclaims.
“And I fucked my first pussy. It was great! Thanks Logan.” William says.
“It was my first as well.” Logan says. “I thought it would hurt. But it didn’t. I was so wet and William was so gentle in the beginning… All I felt was pleasure.”
“Only gentle in the beginning?” Mark asks.
“Ooh! He fucked my brains out after!”
“Did you come?” I ask.
“And did I! More than once!” Logan calls out.
“You’re not afraid of getting pregnant?” I ask.
“Mom took me for the implant. She says it’s just in case. And now is the case.”
“My mom also wanted me to get one. But I told her that I’m a lesbian and the chances of me getting pregnant are really small. She said that I should do what makes me happy and be careful.” Sam adds.
“I also don’t have one.” I say. “But I don’t even have hair yet.” I stroke my bald pussy for emphasis.
“And what a tasty little pussy you have.” Sam reaches over to touch my leg.
“And such cute little nipples.” Logan who sits right next to me gently strokes and pinches my nipple.
“You know what? I promised myself to sample that bush of yours.” I say to Logan as I get up. “And when I’m done I want to taste you.” I say to Sam as I position myself between Logan’s legs and lift them up before spreading them.
“Mind If I busy myself with one of your toys while I wait?” Sam asks.
“I wouldn’t have brought them out if I didn’t want to share.” I say as I dive into Logan’s moist crevice.
I’m relishing in Logan’s thick pubic hair, inhaling her scent and lightly kissing and pulling on it with my lips when I hear my trusty vibrator start up next to me. I can hear Sam moan and knows that she is enjoying herself and probably putting up a good show for the boys.
I kiss and nibble on Logan’s labia before parting them with my hands to expose the soft inner flesh underneath. I insert my tongue into her vagina and scoops up some of her juices before spreading it up to her clitoris. I replace my tongue in Logan’s delicious thirteen year old vagina with two fingers and pump her up to crescendo while sucking on her erect clitoris. Logan comes, spilling her fragrant fluids onto my hand.
I hear things go quit and Sam inhale as the chair underneath her rocks and creaks. I know she came as well.
I get up to see the boys making out and fondling each other’s genitals.
“Ok. Sam… Bend over the table. Lie down on it.” I say and I scoot over with a chair behind Sam as she lay exposed over the table presenting her butt to me. “Ah yes. Spread your legs. As wide as you can…” I shimmy to the edge of my chair and parts Sam’s cheeks with my hands before landing a kiss on her nether hole.
“Would you like this hole to be plugged?” I ask before licking her.
“Mmhmm!” Sam answers as I press my tongue into her asshole.
“I think the big one.” I say as I reach out to grab the butt plug from the suitcase and oil it up. I sit back down and spread Sam’s young cheeks again before spitting on her butthole. I massage the oil and spit into her hole with the plug, slowly working it until it pops in.
Sam releases a sigh as she feels the butt plug filling her cavity. I move down to give her protruding labia a slow long lick.
I feel hands splitting my legs and a tongue brushing my pussy. I look down and see Logan orally stimulating my sex. I let out a moan to let her know that I like it a lot.
I dive back in to Sam’s pussy. Kissing and lapping up her juices with my tongue. I spread her juvenile labia and flick her clitoris with my tongue.
It is not long before she comes while pinching her own nipples with one hand. She pulls me over the edge as well and we both end up trembling and riding a wave of ecstasy.
I push Logan off of my now sensitive vulva, and lay back down on the chair as she crawls out from under the table. I look over and see William and Mark on the ground in a sixty nine position sucking each other off.
Logan helps Sam extract the butt plug before they both sat down on either side of me.
“Thank you.” I reach over and give each one a deep kiss before settling down to watch the last minutes of the show that the boys were putting on. I am holding a hand of each of my girlfriend’s in my lap enjoying their warmth and company.
“Geez! I’m exhausted now. And I so wanted to taste Logan! But I have no energy.” Mark says as he and William sits down.
“I’m bushed as well.” Logan says. “You should swing by my house tomorrow after school. I fancy you for a long slow fuck.”
We sat there on the deck gossiping and cuddling for a bit before washing our selves under the showers again. Those that brought clothes put them on before all five of us waited for dad to come on the couch in front of the TV. It was real cozy. It would have even been better if we were all naked. But you can’t have everything your way all the time. I sat on Williams lap while he was seated between Mark and Logan. Sam sat next to Logan. I must admit that I did not behave the whole time. I teased William’s cock with my butt a bit but he was tapped out for the day and he stayed flaccid. It did not take long for Dad and Marcia to come home. Dad dropped the other kids off while William rode his bicycle home. I washed and cleaned my box of toys before helping Marcia with dinner as we waited for Dad to come back.
When Dad came back I told him and Marcia everything that happened today during dinner. I was exhausted and went to bed early. I slept like a log.

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