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Amy does NiS Sunday

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Amy’s final day in the Program. She goes to the gym and finds out that it can be a lot of fun!



We woke up on Sunday morning and had breakfast. Dad and Marcia were dressed. It seems that they do not share my exhibitionist streak.
“I’m going to the gym today.” Dad says.
“You always go to the gym on Sundays.” Marcia replies.
“Good way to work out all the kinks of the week.” He says.
“I wanne go to the gym!” I pipe up. “It might be good to get some exercise.”
“You’re going like that?” Dad asks as he looks at my naked twelve year old body.
“Do you think that I should wear a hat?” I laugh.
“Your choice…” Dad says.
We set off to the gym on this quite Sunday morning. I rode with Dad in his car.
The gym is an old boxing gym. Most of old leather punching bags have been replaced however with never vinyl ones. The gym does not have many members as most people that goes to gyms prefer to go to the more modern ones. No one cares about boxing anymore.
As we enter the whole place goes quite as the six or seven guys inside sees me coming into their sanctum without a stitch of clothing on.
Now… It is not the first time for me to join my Dad in the gym. Most of the guys know me from sight. It is however the first time for me to do so completely naked.
The guys slowly come over their shock as they resume whatever training they are subjecting themselves to.
I notice Mr. Cartwright from Accounting working a heavy bag.
Dad and I begin our own gym session after Dad puts his bag into a locker.
We start off with some stretches before moving on to a skipping rope to warm up. I tried to follow Dad in his training regime but it got too intense after a while.
Before long though we were finished and headed into the shower all panting and sweating from the session.
I decided to share a shower with Dad. What’s the use of taking a different one of everybody has already seen me strutting around in the buff.
The shower is one of those old style showers. Everything is in one room with shower heads lining the walls.
The other guys quickly join us as they finish up as well.
Here I am – A naked twelve year old girl sharing a shower with eight full grown men and buckets of testosterone and sweat from their Sunday morning workout. The idea of it makes my pussy itch.
I must have subconsciously touched myself as I hear one of the guys behind me say: “If you keep on frigging yourself like that, I’m gonne cum on your face!”
I turn around and see eight rock hard penises staring back at me. Daddy included.
That’s when an idea struck me. It must have been something I saw in a porno somewhere.
“Who wants to cum on my face?” I ask as I sit down on the floor in the middle of the room. Most, if not all of the guys in the room looks eager as they begin stroking their cocks. I lie down on my back and spread my legs to give them a show as I start to finger my pussy.
It is a thrill to me to see that it is I who caused all of these erections.
The first guy steps up and I go back onto my knees to face him. I have a stranger’s penis centimeters from my face as I open my mouth and he shoots his cum into and around it. The whole time I’m working on my clit with my fingers.
The guys kept coming in one by one coating my face in sperm as I enjoy one orgasm after another.
Finally it is Mr. Cartwright’s turn.
“I haven’t thanked you yet for Tuesday…” I say through cummy lips before I take his penis down my throat.
He starts to fuck my throat but only gives about five thrusts before the sensation becomes too much for him and he comes with loud grunts down my gullet.
The guys all help to wash me off and then massage lotion into my body after that. They treated me like a doll and touched me everywhere as they washed dried and massaged my body. I felt like putty when they were done.
I swear… I came like three times while they were doing it!
We went home and I collapsed on the sofa. Tired and all commed out from my morning gym session. I fell asleep and only woke up at lunch.
My bukkake episode at Dad’s gym felt like a dream.
After lunch I spent the afternoon by the pool, dozing off from time to time – Too relaxed to do anything.
And that was my week in the Naked in School Program!


‘Dear diary…
It has been a week since I last spoke to you. Sorry.
This week I’ve been put into the program. It has been crazy! I made new friends and had a lot of sex.
I’ve been thinking that I should maybe log those exploits in a different book. Otherwise I’d fill you up too quick.
How does the book of steam sound for a name? We’ll think about it.
Moving forward though, I think I would like to mow the Smith lawn in the nude more often.
I’m also thinking off joining Daddy in the gym maybe once a month. In the nude of course!
As for the chocolates that we didn’t get to give to Mr. Cartwright… I think it’s safe to say that we can enjoy those ourselves.
Please remind me set a date with Sam! She said she would walk me through the park!
Tomorrow though I think I’ll wear my school uniform. I think it might feel weird, but I need to be used to wearing something at least. The winters around these parts can get really cold.
Anyway… I’m off to bed.
Good night.’

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