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My 12 year old sister

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My 12 year old sister loves toching herself to much and I couldn’t wait no more

My name is Sam im 14 years old and my sister is 12 years old. Every night I always hear my sister toching herself almost every day in her room and sometimes I can peak through her door without being noticed im surprised that mom and dad haven’t caught her or caught me peaking maybe because they’re heavy sleepers. She was 12 and knows how to touch herself right and I just really wanted to do her but its not right because she was my sister. I don’t know how she learned how to touch herself all I know is that she loves it so much and I love jacking off thinking or seeing my sister toching herself, I get even harder when she does cute moans and I just cant hold it any longer tonight is the night im going to have sex with her. The night came and my mom and dad are asleep this is my chance I get up of my bed and slowly make my way up to her door and just as I suspect shes toching herself with the door open just a little enough for me to see her beautiful body and the way she moves just watching her is getting me hard. I waited almost 10 minutes before she was tired and feel asleep in her cute see through yoga pants she like to wear sometime and her cute pink shirt, It wasn’t my plan to go in her to room while she’s asleep but it makes it so much better to go in. She was laying on her front side body making it so much better to see her nice cute butt and almost seeing her underwear from her almost see through yoga pants, I was soo hard I just couldn’t wait any longer I took off my shorts for my 5 inch exposed and it was very hard. When I looked down on her in her bed I saw her beautiful lips just teasing me to put my dick in her mouth, so I did slowly and my dick was toching her lips I was so close so I got even closer and my dick was halfway in her mouth when I of sudden she started suckling like if my dick was a popsicle and it felt amazing getting my first bj she must of been dreaming of suckling something cause she making me about to bust and I just pushed my dick all the way in her mouth and came so much like never before my god it feels amazing this was so much easier to do her while she sleeps. I pulled out my dick out of her mouth slowly and then she swallowed my cum she must be dreaming about drinking cream cause she looks like she likes it. Finally after the bj I wanted more, and I looked down at her nice beautiful butt.
Part 2 if anyones is interested

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      Yooo.. your so phuckkin lucky!!! ya should’ve banged your youngest sister the hardest and should’ve recorded it yo!! That young ass bitch must’ve enjoyed it no doubt.

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    come on with part 2!!! super interested!!! pls!!

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    Part 2 plz

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    Ramona. Hmu.
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    Part 2

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    Yes please its a horny story

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      Keep a look out in a few hours 😉

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    Please post part 2. I am so horny omg

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    I bet she has a sweet tasting pussy post part 2

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      ya that would be a great pussy to lick