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My pervert brothers

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Hi im lana im 14 years old and heres my experiences with two pervy brothers

Last month i started my period, and my brother david decided it would me a good idea to kneel infront of my bed and put my bed and wip my thighs and private part and put my tampon in thinking it was a brotherly act when really he rubbed around my bud and bit his lip watching me squirm and whimper i had really bad cramps so i thank him but that was a very pervy move.

Now this happened today my other brother todd but i call him toddy slept in my bed due to a leakage in the roof over his room thats being fixed and i was sleeping facing away and i woke up in his arms like ontop with my head on his chest i was fine with me because he was comfy until he told.me i should touch his morning wood and i did because i didn’t know his morning wood was a penis he made me stroke it until white gooey stuff was on my palm and it tasted like fruity salty paste.

Now the last one was a few minutes ago my parents are currently at work and toddy is out with friend’s so david thought it was a good idea to rub my bud and finger me and it felt really good but he’s my brother and it’s wrong but he’s 15 so its not pedophilia.

But i kinda want him to stick his wood in my private because i trust him and my friend says it should be with someone i trust and i should share on this sire so thanks nick

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply Mummyboy ID:5u0x7ka5qj

    Lana do you have snap

  • Reply anonymously ID:bpcjnotv3

    What are your bra and panty sizes and do you shave your nether region?

  • Reply Ktman ID:gap99d3

    My sister had me rub my stub against her pussy when we were young. As I got older and a little bit longer, she had me fuck her often. Want to here more? Let me know!

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    Would you mind sending me picks? I’m 14 year old boy

  • Reply woody ID:3zxjrjpi49b

    Well I hate to tell you this baby girl but it’s probably not gonna be a very good experience for you. 1st off is going to hurt. Then secondly all he’s going to do is put it in get his nut and then he’s going to be done. What you should do as let an older man like me make love to you and show you how beautiful sex can be… [email protected]

    • Me ID:2c3h6g0k0d

      Stfu nobody cares about you old boomer let her fuck her brother limp dick

    • vive-la-baise ID:1limsdjiqm

      i agree whit Me

    • Lana ID:4ke8j2ozj

      I’d rather not sir haha

    • You ID:vufuvkd1

      Limp dick hahaha