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I got raped by 2 guys

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I have to walk home and today it got dark quick and I was tired so my mom called me a Uber I didn’t know what the car looked like and at the time I didn’t care sow ehn I car with two guys stopped I got in and immediately fell asleep.

When I woke up I was laying on some guys lap I felt his hard penis between my lips and I moaned feeling the other guy finger me.

I remember hearing one of the guys say just accept it and coopraoe and I can go home so I did and first thing the guy did was use my mouth while.i tried to take the pounding the other guy was giving me.

There penises were big and I don’t even have full a cups all I have is a small smooth cunt and puckered ass hole. I screamed that I was 14 but they told me it was even better after hours of them switching and even using both of my whole they peed in my mouth and I was so thirsty I opened r my mouth and swallowe it all they washed me in the bath and fed me and gave be antibiotics for whatever reason and it was 11 my mom didn’t notice I was late the neck day I was so sore but I walked by the same sport and waited and they pulled up and I got in and went to there house .

Now I wait by that stop everyday hoping they pull up and violate my holes again I might be pregnant

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  • Reply any girl horny ?

    lol..i am still horny….if girl wanna, you can snap me at varunsodh2

    • any girl horny ?

      by the way, i am 16…