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How I Found out I like FAT girls (Sofie part 2)

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This is a True story about how I came to realise I like fucking FAT girls , humiliating and degrading them. This is a continuation…

The week after being with Sofie was interesting , I found every time I jerked off and for a 17 year old boy , that was often , I would think of Sofie and her BIG white body. The images and feelings of all that slime , I had never felt anything like it and it made for one heck of a good fuck

I had heard from Sofie twice during the week and it was clear she really enjoyed spending last Saturday with me.

Saturday morning I woke up and as all Saturdays I had the house to myself as my parents were always gone for the day. I had a call coming in from one of the Track girls , Cathy , she was a small blonde girl , none to zero tits but she like to fuck and we often hooked up.

Cathy came over and we had a good fuck. One thing about Cathy was she could cream , her pussy used to cover my cock in a thick white cream from the tip all the way down to my balls, often leaving a thickish white puddle on the bed or couch. It even used to slide between my ass cheeks if she was on top.

I was busy fucking Cathy when I received a text from Sofie wanting to know if she could visit. I smiled internally knowing she was hungry for more. I texted her back and went back to fucking Cathy.

I pulled out of Cathy’s creamy white pussy and told her I wanted to cum on her tits , not like she had any , but she dropped to her knees and held her chest up for me and I sprayed her chest with my cum , telling her I hoped this helped her boobs grow.

She knew the rules and was getting ready to clean my cock with her mouth when I stopped her “Not today” I told her. It has been something that Cathy took forever to get used too , was cleaning her cream off my cock with her mouth , she wasn’t a fan of the taste but I had insisted it was a deal breaker and she also knew I didn’t tolerate NO for an answer

Cathy pulled her little crop top over her cum covered chest , kissed me good bye and was out the door, I stood there naked with her cream starting to harden around my cock , making small flakes along my shaft.

It couldn’t have been more than 3 minutes when Sofie arrived.


I let Sofie into the house and stood behind the door so her parents could not see that I was naked. Sofie walked in , she was wearing a short skirt and a button blouse and sandals. The short skirt showed off her THICK white thighs and LARGE ass. The button blouse looked as though it was bursting to keep her tits inside.

I closed the door and Sofie smiled noticing I was already naked and already hard. I kissed her and our tongues played together. She was a good kisser and I liked kissing her.

I slid my hand under her skirt and was happy to feel she wasn’t wearing panties. I did notice straight away that she was wet and my fingers were covered in no time by her slime.

I walked over to the couch and sat down. I looked at Sofie and said “Take your top off , I wanna see those big tits” She smiled at me and undid each button slowly and then revealed a bra that cupped her tits together so nicely. This was the first time I saw her in a bra. She reached behind and unlatched her bra and slowly slide it off her shoulders. She stood there and I took in her big tits hanging down on her belly.

I called her over and told her to kneel between my legs. She knelt down and then I told her “without using your hands show me how hungry you are to suck my cock” She lent down and that’s when she first noticed the crust around my cock , she leaned in and smelt it , she looked up at me very curious.

I looked down at her and said “taste it” , she ran her tongue over my cock and licked up some of Cathy’s cream , some of it was still wet and soft. She tasted it and looked at me “What is it?”

“What does it taste like?” I asked

“Not sure, its strong , not sure I know the taste” she said


She leaned over and licked another glob into her mouth , tasting it and swirling it round in her mouth. Sofie must have thought I put some food around it but she wasn’t sure.

She looked at me and I decided to drop the ball. I held my cock straight up towards her mouth and told her it was the cream from Cathy , the track girl from school’s pussy. I told Sofie I had just fucked Cathy minutes before she arrived and that I wanted Sofie to clean my cock and not Cathy  , so I had Cathy leave my cock as it was.

Sofie looked at me , she was shocked , she wasn’t happy hearing I had just fucked Cathy, and I was sure she knew Cathy , everyone did , she was the schools Track star.

“Now be a good girl and clean my cock” I told Sofie and watched as her mouth , swallowed my cock , she licked the sides , the shaft, the base , around my balls and then went down to deepthroat my cock , I could tell that she could take more of me in her mouth than before and I also noticed she wasn’t gagging as much.

I asked her about it and she told me she knew I liked being deep throated and had practiced a few time in the last week on a cucumber. I was pleased and happy that she was so eager

I put my hands on her head and once again told her to open her throat like she was going to swallow and as she did , I pushed her head past the stopping point and bottomed out my cock into her throat. I held her head there for a few seconds and as her head came up, I pushed hard back down again and up again and down again , I started fucking her mouth

I pulled her head off my cock and looked at her “You like me fucking your mouth , you FAT cunt , don’t you ?” I asked and she simply nodded and she regained her breath. I pulled her head back down on my cock and forced it all the way down , this time it was much easier because my cock was now covered in Sofie’s saliva and it was now running down my balls “Thats it let me fuck your throat , you FAT cunt” I shouted at her as I fucked her mouth

I pulled her head off my cock and looked at her. The tears from having my cock down her throat rolled down her cheeks and I could see she wanted more.

“Hold your BIG tits together” I said as I slide my cock between them. I was now sliding my cock between her BIG 16 year old tits and fucking them.

“Tell me” I said

“Tell you what” she asked

I quickly slapped her face and said “Tell me what I am doing”

Shocked she looked at me and said “Your fucking my tits”

“Tell me” I said again

“Your fucking my BIG FAT tits” she said

“Yes I am , You like me using your body for my pleasure don’t you”

“Yes I do , use my FAT body for your pleasure” she told me

I fucked her tits for a few more minutes and then I told her to sit on my lap. She climbed on the couch and sat on my lap, I guided my cock into her wet pussy and felt the warm wetness surround my cock

As she rode my cock up and down , I had her BIG tits in my face, I grabbed both of them and sucked one at a time , I then pulled her nipples just enough to hear her squeal.

As she rode my cock , I ran my hand into her hair on the back of her head, I grabbed a fist full and pulled her head back “AHHHH” she shouted as I pulled. “Tell me about this morning” I screamed at her

“You made me suck your cock” She said

“DETAILS” I demaned

“You made me clean your cock from Cathy’s pussy , you made me eat her cream”

“You like the taste of other woman pussies dont you”

“I ….I don’t” She protested

I pulled her hair back more and I then leaned forward and asked again “You like tasting other woman pussies don’t you ?” and then I took a nipple in my mouth and bit down HARD !!!! Sofie screamed out in pain “ouch , yes yes I do”

I continue to bite her nipple as she tried to change her answer “Yes I like the taste of other woman pussies” she screamed and I let go of her hair and nipple, she fell forward against me and I could her the soft sobs of her crying.

I pushed her body forward and made her look at me. I then told her  “I don’t like it when you say no and I have told you that. Do and agree to what I say and you will be rewarded , don’t and you will be punished – understand?”

She looked down at her nipple and saw the small sign of blood from where I bit her , she looked at me with tears in her eyes and said “Yes I understand”

I then told her to get up and stand with her bum facing the couch as if she were going to sit down. I then lay with my head on the couch and my legs hanging over the back of the couch and told her to sit on my face.

Sofie pulled her ass cheeks apart and sat down on my face, oh gosh it was amazing , I felt she warm slimy pussy slide up and down my face and she began to ride my face. As I looked up, I couldn’t see past her belly but I had noticed she stopped shaving and the hair was starting to grow back.

A few long minutes later after riding my face for ages, I heard her tell me she was “cumming” , her thighs gripped my head again and she ground down hard on my face , as if she was trying to punish me for hurting her. I loved it , my face was buried between her pussy lips and I couldn’t breath. She help my head there and she shook the orgasm through her body.

After she had cum she stood up and looked down at my slime covered wet face , she turned round and licked my face clean , tasting herself all over my face , kissing me every chance she got.

I had her remove her skirt and now her BIG FAT body stood infront of me naked and I looked at her saying “Time to feed my FAT little pig”

She looked at me and saw me hold my dick up , she knelt down and started sucking my cock. I will say it a million times FAT girls love to eat and they sure love to suck cock like a pro!!!

Soon I was flooding Sofie’s mouth with my warm cum and she swallowed every drop , I even noticed she played with it a bit in her mouth before swallowing it.

“Are you nice and fed my FAT pig?” I asked

She looked at me and said “I want more”

I knew she meant she wanted more cum but I had other ideas. I told her to hold her hands behind her back and that I was going to deepthroat her. She nodded and lent her head forward. She took the tip of my cock into her mouth and I told her to hold it there. After a minute of relaxing , I felt the urge to PEE

I hadn’t had a PEE since I fucked Cathy and now I needed one. I slowly let out a little bit and saw Sofie’s body tense , and I felt the stream build I told her ” Keep your hands behind your back or else” and with that I pushed her head all the way down and let do the mother of all streams , I felt myself pee down the back of her throat what felt like forever , but was probably only short of a full minute and then I let Sofie’s head go. She pulled her head off my cock and swallowed what ever she had in her mouth and looked at me

“How was it” I asked

She sat for a moment and then answered me “It wasn’t THAT bad, it was very warm and even a tad salty”

My cock had dribbled a little on my stomach and she lent forwards and licked the PEE drops from my stomach.

She stood up and rubbed her FAT belly “I can feel your warm pee inside me”


We spent the rest of the day walking around the house naked. I liked keeping Sofie naked, first her BIG TITS swayed when she walked and her LARGE pale ass was always on display.

I then called her back to my bed. I had her lie down and I climbed between her legs. I loved eating out her pussy , something about the slime was doing it for me. I sucked both her pussy lips into my mouth and slid my tongue between them , I then licked her clit and encircled it with my tongue before sucking on it. I then stopped and slid two fingers into her pussy ,  I started fingering her and then slid a third finger into Sofie. I noticed there was more room and so I slid a forth finger into her and worked my palm up inside her. I fucked her with my 4 fingers and palm for a few minutes before pulling my hand out of her , I couldn’t believe how wet my hand was , it was covered in thick slime , I used it to lube up my hand more and then slowly pushed all 5 fingers inside her

As my entire hand slowly slipped inside Sofie , I felt a little resistance as her pussy was kinda tight , so I lent forward and licked her clit , soon Sofie was grinding and rocking on my hand and then it HAPPENED  – My entire hand slipped up inside Sofie.

I stopped and looked at her. She looked at me “What?” she asked

“I have me whole hand inside your FAT pussy” I told her

“Really?” she looked surprised

“Yes!” I told her

“I feel so full and it feels so good” so whispered back and began moving her hips against my hand

I couldn’t believe it , it was the first time I had ever fisted a girl and it was amazing. I slide my hand inside her and turned my wrist both ways and then pulled out and pushed back in , I eventually built up to actually FIST FUCKING Sofie with my hand and as predicted she screamed out ” IM CUMMING” and I watched at this little fat girl orgasmed around my entire hand up her pussy

I slowly pulled my hand out and held her pussy open , it was slightly stretched open and I could see a little inside her pussy. I climbed on top of her and slid my hard cock into her loose pussy , it was warm and slimy and I got into a nice pace of sliding my cock in and out of her while sucking her BIG TITS and kissing her ever other stroke. I knew I had to cum , I rolled of her LARGE body and ordered her to suck my cock

Sofie sucked my cock and as I told her I was going to cum , so quickly sunk her head all the way down and I shot my load down the back of her throat. After I had cum in her mouth , she lifted her head glowing from achieving a deepthroat all on her own

I cuddled her FAT body for a while and then she told me she had to get dressed cos her parent would be there soon


I watched as Sofie bent over to pick up her clothes , her HUGE white ass stared back at me and it dawned on me ….

I told Sofie to get on the bed and bend over onto her elbows with her ass in the air. She turned round and climbed onto the bed as I climbed off , she knelt on the bed and bent over with her ASS in the air. I stood behind her and slowly parted her HUGE ASS and there I was staring at her ASSHOLE

I slowly leaned over and kissed – this caused Sofie to jump a little as im sure she wasn’t expecting it. I then flattened my tongue and slide it across her tiny little asshole , my tongue licked her asshole and I kissed it and then I pulled her ass cheeks apart some more and arrow shaped my tongue and tried to stick it as far into her asshole as I could.

I then began to fuck her asshole with my tongue and I could feel her relax and enjoy the feeling , after a few minutes of eating her ass I stopped, she turned round and looked at me “that was nice” she said


I kissed her goodbye by the door and watched her climb into her parents car , little did they know their 16 year old teen daughter had tasted another girl on my cock , drank my PEE , swallowed two loads of CUM and even had her virgin ASSHOLE eaten

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