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Sloppy head from 12 year old in movie theatre

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When I was 16 I had started talking to a cute 12 year old girl. Originally we were just friends because of the age gap but eventually I realized I couldn’t keep that way anymore and she was irresistible. She was really short, maybe 5 foot even. I’m white, about 6’1. She was Hispanic and Indian mixed with curly black hair, full lips, and a tight body with little tits and a small, tight ass. She was extremely shy as well and a virgin. She was extremely innocent and had never even had a boyfriend or a first kiss or even watched porn before.

We decided to hang out at a movie theatre one night, we got a seat in the very back with nobody else on the row and things quickly heated up. At first we just cuddled with my arm around her but she said she wanted to sit on my lap, facing me. We started kissing and I started grabbing on her ass under her tiny mini skirt. She started moaning into my mouth while I grabbed her ass with both hands. She was grinding her pussy against my bulge in my basketball shorts. Eventually I grabbed her little thong string and pulled it to the side and started rubbing my finger up and down her ass crack. She started squirming and breathing heavier. I still remember her whimpers.

Eventually I moved down to her pussy and she was soaked. I played with her clit for a minute to get her wetter before I slipped a finger inside and made her gasp. I started slowly fingering her to get my finger wet, because she didn’t expect what I did next. I used my left hand to get a firm grip on one of her ass cheeks to spread it open and I used my right hand to start playing with her asshole. I rubbed my finger in circles around it while she shaked and kissed me harder. I slipped my finger inside her tight ass easily because of how wet it was from her pussy juices. I started roughly fingering her virgin asshole with my other hand gripping a handful of her ass.

She whimpered and grinded against me hard. I was hard as fuck at this point and started pulling on her soft, curly hair. I pulled her face up next to mine and whispered in her ear, “what am I doing to you right now?” And she said “your finger is inside me” and I asked her “where inside you?” And she blushed and kept looking away but I shoved my middle finger as deep as I could in her and asked again “where is my finger” and she said “in my asshole” and started breathing heavier. I pulled my finger out and started rubbing her hole again and teasing her. I moved my left hand down and simultaneously pushed a finger in her pussy hole and asshole at once. She bit down on my shoulder to stay quiet and started telling me that it felt too good. I kept finger fucking both of her holes for awhile until she came up to my ear and started begging me to eat her out. I pulled her miniskirt down and told her to take her shirt, shoes, and socks off and I made her strip right there in the theatre with a family right below us.

She stripped quickly and I stood up and grabbed her by the hair and told her to get on her knees in the seat and to face the back wall. She got on all fours and I got on my knees on the ground and had her little tight ass in front of me all arched up in the air. At first I just grabbed on it and kissed her cheeks and admired the view. She had a little pussy with a small tuft of pubic hair and a little tiny virgin asshole. I started lightly kissing both holes while grabbing her ass. Eventually I couldn’t wait any longer so I grabbed her cheeks and spread them and started licking from her clit all the way up to the top of her crack. She moaned loudly which I’m sure the family in front of us had to hear. I licked her asshole hungrily while I fingered her pussy. I was really turned on at this point so I pulled my dick out and started jerking off slowly while tasting her holes.

I stood back up and then sat in the seat next to her. I told her to lay down on her stomach with her face in my lap. She layed down butt ass naked across the seats with her face next to my cock. I grabbed her by the hair and pushed her down on my 6 inch dick. It was her first time, so I felt teeth brushing against the head of my cock which I didn’t like. Her mouth was small, tight, and warm as fuck. I pulled her back up to give her some air and I said “I better not feel those teeth again. Open your mouth as wide as you can and stick your tongue out. I’m going to throat fuck you” and I got a handful of her pretty curly hair and pushed her back down on it. This time was better as she opened her mouth all the way and had her little soft tongue out. I pushed her all the way down until my entire dick had disappeared into her throat. With her mouth open all the way, I could watch her saliva run down my cock as she bobbed her head up and down. She gagged and slurped loudly as if we weren’t just a couple yards away from another family right in front of us.

I looked over to see her cute little ass so I started grabbing on it and plying with it while she gave me sloppy head. It was so round and firm and I loved playing with it. She sucked my dick hungrily until saliva was running down my cock and balls and into the theatre seat. She would occasionally pull her head back up for some breaths with her spit dripping off of her chin. I of course grabbed her by the hair and pushed her back down. I kept playing with her ass and pussy while she sucked and slobbed on my dick for the next 15 minutes. Eventually I started feeling like I was about to cum so I grabbed all of her hair and started making her bob her head all the way up and down my shaft. I pulled her up to the very head of my dick so her lips could close around it and I could feel that little tongue licking away at the head, and then I’d push her all the way down so I could feel her tight throat being stretched while she gagged on it. I started bobbing her head faster and faster until I was sure the entire theatre could here her gagging on the full length of my cock. I started getting really rough and I knew I was close. I eventually came without warning down her throat and she choked and coughed loudly. I let her up and she quickly put her clothes back on and cuddled back up with me. Nobody said anything although I’m absolutely positive they could hear and maybe even took a couple peaks back there without saying anything or either of us noticing.

We went home after the movie was over to finish what we had started.

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    I’d love to force you to do all kinds of things

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    Wow, hopefully someone would do this to me but forced 🥺

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      Im a virgin and i want to be forced

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    one of the hotest stories!! please post part two!

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    God I want to fuck her

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    I once had a 12 year old in a movie theater i was 20. The fucking guy that worked their always busted us and I was getting pissed. The last time i told him here is 10 bucks bother me again and i will kick your ass good. Needless to say I busted a huge orgasm down her throat gaging just as yours did. Three days later I did the same thing to her older sister except she didn’t gag at all. Both were nymphos.
    There is a whole wonderful world out there full of awesome wonderful sex just waiting to plucked up and enjoyed. All females should enjoy sex freely embracing their femininity and sexual desires as they so choose. I don’t care if they are 8 to 80, blind, crippled or just plain crazy. ALL females should NEVER be denied a good cock orgasms when they so choose freely and unconditionally. All young females should be taught the art of sensual sex and foreplay when ever they so choose to which will lead to a very, very healthy sex life. The sooner you teach them sex the sooner they can make responsible decisions about their bodies and having wonderful orgasms to boot.

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      Good to see your back Gonzo
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      Thank you so kindly. I am about to release a few part two’s of Japanese Delight, Happy birthday and others. I still haven’t written about all my older woman stories either but hey I’ll get there.

      Stay tuned and thanks again. Fans are the best. PS I am Thinking of doing Chloe 2.

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      I am a fan, and your stories and comments are super sexy!
      Keep those young stories cumming! (And the ret of us cumming)

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      OMG thanks Ash for the wonderful comment. I have always loved to hear from my fans and I thank you kindly.
      I am glad you get off to my stories hehe! more to cum!

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    please make a part 2 i wanna know how you fucked that virgin pussy

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      I absolutely need to hear about how you fuck her multiple times