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Serving my Uncle (Part 2)

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After he put my sister to bed, he came walking into the living room while I was enjoying the Nintendo, he asked me if I was alright or if I had any questions about what had happed in the bedroom. I just told him that I was fine and kept on playing. He motioned for me to stand up so that he could sit down and then pulled me back into his lap so I could continue playing. He paused the game for a second and pulled down my shorts and underwear and threw them on the floor beside the recliner and pulled me back against his body, then positioned my legs on both sides of his. I was so uncomfortable at this point that I wasn’t even playing the game any longer, just wondering what he was gonna do to me next. He just put his strong hand around my neck and the other hand between my legs, rubbing my little dick and running his finger down to my asshole. Pulling my head back to his, he started kissing me while he fingered my ass. He kept making me lick and suck his dirty fingers when he would pull them out, telling me what a good little boy I was for being so dirty for him.

After he was tired of fingering me, he stood up and undressed completely with his hard dick in his hand asking me if I was ready to help him now. He leaned down, kissed me on my dirty lips and told me that I was about to clean his ass then suck his dick. I remember him laying me on the couch with my head on the arm, then positioning his ass right above me. Lowering his dirty ass down to my face, he was telling me exactly what to do. “Stick out your tongue and I’ll do the rest” he said. He was grinding his asshole over my entire face while jacking off, talking about all the fun we were gonna have together. I guess he couldn’t hold back any longer so he just spun around and came all over my face and in my mouth. I swallowed everything just like he told me to, then he got me a wet towel and washed the shit stains off my face.

We sat for the next hour or so it seemed, and watched a baseball game on TV and ate all the ice cream that I wanted. Before long, we were back in his recliner talking when he asked if I wanted to watch a movie with kids my age playing with their dads. I remember him saying that these were some of his motorcycle buddies that he rides with and their kids. The first one was a video of a man I’ve never seen before fucking a little boy that was sitting in another man’s lap, he was holding his legs apart while the the other man was fucking him hard and fast.

My uncle was jacking off again at this point and spun me around in the recliner so that I could suck his dick for him. I remember doing the best I could before he pushed me off of him and threw me face down on the couch. I knew I was about to be fucked like the little boy on the video, I was just hoping that he would take it easy on me and not hurt me.

After pushing one leg of mine off the side of the couch, he started licking my ass, pushing his tongue inside as deep as it would go. I actually loved it and it felt so damn good to me. He grabbed my hair and turned my head around and kissed me deep, telling me what a sweet little hole I had. Next thing I remember he was slowly pushing his dick into me, taking his time and stretching me out. He ended up fucking my little ass that night 3 times before we went to bed together. That was the first night he ever touched me or showed any intrest in me sexually, but it was far from the last. In the Next part I’ll let you know what happens when he introduces me to his biker friends.

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  • Reply Cute Lucas 11 ID:nili1a6ij

    So naughty Uncle! Wish so much I was that boy!

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9b

    What a good little boy you were for your uncle , I hope you were just as good for his biker friends

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    Being a good little boyslut for your lovely uncle meant you got to experience great dirty sex early on, including asslicking, always a special treat!

    • Dick ID:1edoi3rfvg2p

      I Wish I Could U

  • Reply bob ID:bj05bcm9j

    He seemed to care about you so much… and you have to be a good little whore for him to please you so much in one night.