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A friend of mine took my shopping, and her brother played chauffeur, but we ended up playing more.

I know it’s cliche’, but I never got the big deal with shopping. No pun intended, but I got some money to buy stuff for my family, and instead of taking them home, to wrap them. Shelly said that “We’ll take you home, and you can do it over there.”

I had no idea that she ment it, pun intended, but her brother Paul didn’t even smile. He got in, while we put all the stuff in the trunk, and Shelly called “Shotgun!” So, she got in up front, and I got in the back.

She went on, and on about how she had the perfect place, and her dad was a bit of an inventer.

“I thought he was a cameraman.” At the local TV station. Whenever we watched the News, and they were out on location. That was him holding the camera on Roxanne Hart, or whatever.

So then, it turned out that “The perfect place” was this old garage, out back. So, Paul had to turn around, and back down the driveway, while me, and Shelly got out, and opened up the gate. It swung both ways, and I didn’t intend that one, until I wrote it.

Then, we unlocked the doors to the workshop, which also swung out, both ways. Meanwhile, Paul opened up the trunk, and grabbed all the shopping bags. He had to slide some of the handles up his arms, so when he swung them back, they twisted around each other, before he came up the ramp.

I was looking at the wrapping machine, which was just some table with 2x4s, and a dowel rod to hold the roll. I wasn’t impressed, but I said “Very interesting.” Just to be polite, but then Shelly turned around, and laughed.

“How did you manage to do that?” When I turned around, he was just standing there, with the bags behind his back, and I couldn’t even see what he did. On purpose, he didn’t have to hold the bags together behind him to fit through the doors. The whole car could have driven through there, but he just shrugged.

“They got twisted up.” He turned around, so I could see his hands starting to turn red, and Shelly took the bags out of his fingers. She set them down, and when she turned around, she laughed again.

“OMG, you like that, huh?” He shook his head, his eyes closed, but he didn’t say anything. “Well, it sure looks like you’re excited, from your hands being tied behind your back?”

“Huh.” He sighed, and nodded. So, when I went around front, I could see what she was talking about. Bulging in the front of his pants, Shelly told me. “He’s always been like this. You ever played tied up games with your brothers, and their friends?”

I shook my head, slowly, but as soon as I saw his boner, I couldn’t look away. She knew that I thought he was cute, but she asked me. I always lied, and said something like “Sure, I guess,” but it was starting to dawn on me that she set all this up. It was all her idea, or ideas, and she even talked like it was rehearsed. From a script, in fact Shelly was just the kind of person to plan it down the the last detail, and write a script.

“Huh, well we can’t just leave it like that.” I swallowed the lump in my throat, but I knew what she was talking about. She even had to come rescue me when the boys played King’s Ransom, and of course I wanted to be a Princess. So, who else are they going to kidnap, and tie to a tree, but they just laughed and left me there. She had to go get a pair of scissors to cut me lose with, and I thought she’d never come back, but she did.

Snip! “Uh!” The rest of the bags hit the floor, and Paul rubbed his wrists, so I stepped back, and stopped rubbing his crotch. The bulge in his pants, I didn’t even notice how tight they were in the crotch. We were busy shopping, all I was thinking about was how much my brothers would like this, or my dad.

We had to make a special trip to the hardware store, and pick up the saw he wanted. Mom told me, a Sawzall Hatchet, by Milwaukee. She made sure I remembered to get it right, but he wasn’t expecting it from me, so it would still be a big surprise. When he read the label, and it was from me, instead of mom, he had no idea that I knew exactly what he’d want for Christmas.

That was about the biggest thrill I got from shopping, up till then. Then, Paul fidgeted, adjusting his pants, and Shelly slapped his hands. “Don’t touch it, well.” She pretended to think, “We better do something to make sure you keep your hands to yourself.”

“Uh,” I looked out, “I better get the doors.” Knowing full well that this was some kind of sex game, and remembering the big bulge. Well, not too too big. He was 16, but I’d seen some porn. Not a whole lot, it’s not like I was one of those sex obsessed girls looking at pictures of guys naked, and showing them to all their friends. I knew girls like that, and not just Shelly either.

I’m not a prude, but I knew that you’re not supposed to look at magazines like Playgirl when you’re in middle school. I just knew girls brazen enough to bring Playgirls to middle school. I still look, but I didn’t go so far as to go through my mom’s things, and find what she was reading when she got her pocket rocket out. I knew she had one, I heard it buzzing on her night stand before she turned it off. One handed, I guess her other hand was busy, but I asked her what that weird rattling noise was.

When she came out, all sweaty, red, and out of breath. She told me, so I knew she had a vibrator, but then she went to take a bath, and we never talked about it again. I never saw it besides, I knew where it had been. So, even if I had dug it out, it would have felt a little incestuous to try it myself.

I closed the trunk first, and set the heavy saw on the bumper, so I could carry it back. Grabbed one door, and pulled it with me, then I set the saw down to get the other door. Thinking of incest, because Paul, and Shelly are brother, and sister, of course. I’m not surprised, honestly, she gave me enough hints, but she laughed them off, as jokes. Sick jokes, though. I knew she had a dirty mind, but she never even hinted that she’d turned her big brother into some kind of sex slave.

“Huh!” I braced myself, and even reached up to cover my mouth, before I turned around. “Oh, my god, you look amazing.”

“Thanks,” Shelly looked back over her shoulder, holding a rope.

“Not you, no offence, but.” I took a deep breath, but it came out too fast. “Huh!” Speechless, and getting pretty breathless watching her pull the rope through a pulley in the ceiling.

He looked up, shyly, but he didn’t raise his head. “Thanks,” his voice was so low, and sexy too. “You look nice too.”

“Oh!” My heart melted, and started dripping blood down past my stomach, and deep inside, I felt it start pumping in my womb. I just let my hands down, from my chest. Taking in the sight of him once his hands were up, and Shelly tied the rope off. “You been working out?” I know, that’s such a pickup line, and a little late with him already tied up, and topless.

“No, I just work hard.”

Shelly snorted, “He plays hard too.” She walked past me. “Is that a Sawzall?”

I nodded, but she knew that. She was right there in the hardware store when we went to pick it up. I jumped when something hit the floor, then turned around when she lifted the lid on this toybox. Toolbox? That’s what I mistook it for, before I realized that her dad’s workshop doubled as a sex dungeon, but the front of it dropped down.

Of course, that’s what made that loud sound, when it hit the floor. She held up a strip of metal, and stuck a loop in the wall though it, to hook a combination lock through, and hold the lid up. “I wonder if your dad might like all the attachments.” She held up another one, a Sawzall Hatchet, “Or maybe your mother?” Her back to me, she held up a dildo, with a piece of metal sticking out the bottom. “Here,” she turned around, “This takes 3 hands.”

Paul all but forgotten, she showed me where the plastic flap was on the side, and held it out. “Stick it in, there.” I didn’t even have to see her dirty grin, and wink. I just laughed, and held it in both hands.

That reminded me of Paul, and even through the tight crotch, I remembered exactly how big he was. Just as long as my hand, from my writs to the tips of my fingers, which looked big enough for me.

This was big enough for both hands, and I could barely get my fingers around it. “Huh, it’s huge, I bet you’ll never take the whole thing.”

She looked up, then shook her head, grinning. “Oh no.” She laughed at my clumsy attempt to manipulate her. “This is a little too complicated for you to operate.” She picked up a battery thing off a a charger, and stuck it in the handle. Smacked it with her palm, then held it up on her hip. Like a gun, a big red sex gun, with a pink plastic dick for the barrel.

RHNHNHNHNH! It pumped in and out. “It’s got adjustable speeds, but you have to be careful with your trigger finger, so it doesn’t fuck too hard, too fast. You could hurt someone with this much power, if you don’t know what you’re doing, but let me show you the oscillating setting.” She flipped a switch, and ran it again, so the long thin flexible shaft flopped, and wobbled.

“Huh,” I just shook my head, and stopped twisting my top in my hands. “All right, you can stop showing off, and get on with it?” She said we could do it over here, and she ment it. I knew right away that she wasn’t joking about lesbians, and bisexual girls. Buying dildos, and vibrators at the Hardware Store. You get it?

Yeah, we laughed, but it wasn’t just a joke, and I couldn’t get my underpants down fast enough. I didn’t care if it was too big, when I bet her she couldn’t take all of it. I wanted it, my sex was so hungry, I probably would have fucked a horse if she’d led one around from behind the garage. Of course she didn’t have a horse, she had her dad’s Sawzall, and the attachment for her mom?

“Okay, I’m going to start slow.”

“Uh, uh ah ah huh! Fasterfuck ahuhuhuhHhHhHhH!” My eyes rolled up, and holding onto the sides of the table. I bent over further to grab the 2x4s, then the roll of blue shiny paper, with silver snorflakes. “AHAHAHhHhH! Huh, why’d you stop?” I shook my head.

“I had to switch on the oscillation mode.”

She pulled the trigger, and I just held on for dear life.

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