12F Getting Penetrated For The First Time

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Hello! I posted before asking for things I could do to masturbate since my parents are going to be away for the next two months. I took your suggestions and spent the last few days trying them. I started slow with turning on the shower head and letting the water spray onto my pussy hard while I was fondling my boobs and pinching my nipples. I then took a cucumber from the kitchen and washed it and went back to the bathroom to finger myself until I felt loose and ready. The cucumber was really thick and long, I didn’t know if I would be able to take it, it was probably 4 inches thick and 9 inches long but we didn’t have smaller ones. So I slowly shoved it inside my pussy, it hurt at first but I rubbed my clit to feel better and the penetration started feeling good. I put in just half of the cucumber in on the first go bc it was too much for me to handle everything the first time. I continued following the same routine over the next few days, shower head first, then slowly humping the cucumber while messing with my clit and tits and I also watched porn while doing it. I really like when the guy in the porn starts pumping his cum into the pretty girl he’s fucking and I imagine the cucumber is his cock and I’m fucking with them <3 I can also take the cucumber all the way now!!! But it got a little soft and mushy after a few uses and I put it back into the kitchen after washing my pussy juice off and then my neighbor came in and saw it was going bad and used it up in his cooking… We ate it together and I was so turned on thinking he just ate something that had just been in my pussy the same morning… So I took off my clothes as soon as he went home and humped the corner of the kitchen counter. It’s really sharp and hard and it felt really good how it was scraping my insides but I was careless bc there’s a window in the kitchen and you can look into it from the street… While I was enjoying myself, my neighbor passed by the window and I think he might’ve seen me… What do I do now?!?!

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  • Reply ANON

    Im not going to lie i wish i could see you fuck that cucumbet


    What’s your email address MIMI?

  • Reply Psiberzerker

    Nothing. Don’t pursue anything active with your neighbor, that could be criminal, and get him in a lot of trouble. Stick to solo experimentation, and fantasy for a while. You don’t want to rush ahead into high risk behavior so fast.

  • Reply youngho

    Just be more careful next time only do it in your bedroom or bathroom and never confront him about it.

  • Reply Anonymously

    Be careful whaching porn and delete it all from the history and I whad like to know your bra and panty sizes and if save your nether region?

  • Reply Anonymously

    Be careful whach porn and delete it all from the history and I whad like to know your bra and panty sizes and if save your nether region?

  • Reply daddy

    Make him fuck your slutty pussy