When I had fun with my girlfriends 15-year-old niece Jessica

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My girlfriend at the time he had a 15-year-old niece her sister Amy had three kids might need me and Jessica was 11 Wayne the first time I’m not her she was a smart girl pretty face and green eyes dark skin dirty blonde hair acute kid is my girlfriend’s sister used to come visit they would stay the night and leave in the morning my girlfriend had to go the same age as Jessica then in summer vacation we would go camping with them different places through the years I got to know them pretty good and I noticed that Jessica each year was getting a little more grown up each year for Patty was changing when she was 14 they stayed with us one night and Jessica and my girlfriends daughter were playing me my girlfriend and her sister were playing a board game the other two kids were just watching TV then we are all watching a movie eating popcorn me my girlfriend and her sister were drinking a lot of beers everybody wants laughing telling jokes it was a fun night.

Late night when the kids got ready for bed I noticed Jessica in a new way he had just slipped on and over say t-shirt on what I think only her underwear for the bottoms the shirt came down in the middle of her thighs but you could still make out of the shape of her very nice ass that I could see just moves for developing really nicely her face changed she was looking older she was very pretty she had a rather big nose but beside that she was perfect her green eyes were piercing with that dark skin and she had a full set of lips the most beautiful lips I have ever seen all the kids were laying on the floor with pillows I noticed Jessica has her knees back as I tried sneaking a peek under that shirt couple times I got a glimpse and I swear I seen her panties they were pink it turned me on . Everybody went to bed the next morning we were going to go to a park and have a nice picnic everybody was screwing around the apartment. My girlfriend’s daughter and Jessica decided to go for a bike ride after we ate breakfast Jessica took my girlfriend’s bike and her daughter hers it was like 85°, and muggy they were going around 25 to 30 minutes when the other two kids we were getting ready they came back they walked in the door Jessica was sweating it’d be to sweat on her forehead how far did you guys write Jessica she said too far it’s too hot out there to be riding a bike like that they went around 14 miles we went down Samantha showed me the correct and the waterfalls it was beautiful but a long ride on a bike Jessica said better than walking as they took turns taking a shower get dressed and we went to the park played a game of croquet ate a beautiful lunch and went back to the apartment I was going to run to the video store to get some videos Jessica and Sam wanted to go with me and so did the other two younger children but I only took Sam and Jessica went to the store get a couple of video to watch that night and went back to the apartment in the back of her personal Cruise a nice yard with a wooded area which I had cut some Ted trees down and made a fireplace we went out and had a nice bonfire I ran back into the house to get another pack of cigarettes when I noticed Jessica’s overnight backpack was next to my girlfriend’s daughter’s door I said home and I rifled through it looking for something and sure enough I found them a pair of pink with white polka dot panties the ones you wore the night before in the morning of the bike ride I was shaking that somebody would come in and catch me I grabbed the underwear ball them out and put them in my cargo shorts put everything back neatly crabbed a pack of cigarettes before I went back out I went into the bathroom lock the door took the panties out looked at the gusset sure enough there was a vagina discharge all over it I stuck them to my nose it’s oh my God the smell was erotic musky a little sweaty around the sides and you could see where the bike seat had jammed them in her vagina my dick was twitching I thought to myself I have Jessica’s pussy in these panties I am going to lick and suck her cunt hole juice out of them and sniff them until I come but not now I took them into the bedroom and hit them underneath our dresser and went back outside that night we were all getting ready same routine Jessica with a long t-shirt she bent over in front of me one time and I could see her top of her thighs very tan nice dark brown what an ass she had for her age they left next day I got home a little early from construction work Sam was at school my girlfriend was at work I locked the door went and got the panties and watched the x-rated video I took the panties out and sniffed them I got hard immediately I started jerking off and just sucking on her clit would be the taste of pee sweat and vaginal discharge I was tasting Jessica’s vagina when I got ready to come I sucked hard as I could and swallowed it was intoxicating as it trickled down my throat I shot my load hard I did this with these panties four or five more times until everything was gone in the gusset of the panties then I would just sniff the ass area for the rest of the times using them about nine more times until it was not really strong enough anymore I threw them away fear in my girlfriend would catch me.

Need my girlfriend head a lot of good sex but I jerked off a lot too she was a nice looking lady kind of heavy like her sister but I would have definitely done her sister Amy she in her own way was cute kind of heavy puffy face with a nice shape ass but kind of bigger but not in a bad way time went on at the end of the summer Jessica came to stay a week with us and my underwear fetish routine went on everyday after Jessica would take a shower I would get my opportunity and sneak in her bag and grab her yeast panties suck all the juice out and shoot it alone man did she taste good and she had a lot of discharge the last couple days she was there I saved the panties and used them like the other ones for about 10 or 15 sessions of jerking off

The next year Jessica was 15 she like me a lot she always wanted to talk to me when her for mom talk to my girlfriend on the phone me and Jessica would laugh at tell stories I would tell her jokes you’re so funny we got along real good I imagine it’s because I was kind of in love with her and some weird way I was in love with her personality her smile but most of all her but her ass was the most amazing ass I’ve ever seen on a 14-year-old they made plans we’re going to spend a week Jessica was with us again in the summer no I haven’t seen her since Christmas but when I seen her at Christmas she was even better looking than when she was here the last time so finally she came and we all went to the store and got snacks and food Jessica wanted Pizza I asked her what you wanted for dinner and she wanted Pizza so we got a pizza that night we all sat around by the fire laughing and having a good time I ran in and said I was going to get some marshmallows for the two kids too to roast on the fire specifically said she was going to go in with me she had to pee we started into the house she was behind me she ran up behind me and jumped on my back wrapped her legs around my hips and said give me a piggyback ride and she was laughing I said hang on and I grabbed her legs and she wrapped her arms around my neck and help me tell you her head was to the side of mine I started running she was jiggling up and down I could feel her breast on my back that felt amazing with my hand wrapped around her bottom of thighs holding her legs we got to the door she was laughing still hanging on to me I said well you’re going to have to let go as I turn my head sideways right into her face looking at her so close up smelling her hair so fresh it made me really horny feeling inside I’m not letting go she said and she held me tight I reached my hand up went to tickle her back but I found my hand tickling her butt she laughed and squirm then kind of fell off me she rolled on the ground I laughed and grabbed her and picked her up I’ll carry you in grabbed her with one hand around her bottom thighs and bought the other one around her shoulder we both were laughing we went inside she went pee I was looking for the marshmallows grab the chocolate bars and graham crackers she snuck up beside me and said boo kind of kind of startled me she grabbed her arms around my stomach and whispered in my ear you’re such a nice guy I hope when I grow up I have a boyfriend just like you I said all that sweet Jessica as I turned and looked at her she still had her arms wrapped around me I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a big kiss on the forehead and said I wish I was your age no one would have a chance with you you are such a beautiful girl you don’t even understand she said I’m thought I was pretty but not beautiful believe me Jessica you were going to be a knockout you have the most perfect body of any girl I’ve ever seen your butt shape is amazing your breasts are perfect size and your beautiful smile and your twinkling green eyes I return on believe me she said oh thank you and to my surprise she fuckered her lips and come close to me with her eyes closed I thought in a minute what is going on should I kiss her what are the consequences what if I kiss her and she tells on me I will be in so much trouble my penis was starting to get hard and she pushed her hips against mine I knew that she could feel it I went for it I started kissing her first innocent kiss and then art lips parted and we started to tongue each other I could have blew a load right there just kissing them beautiful lips of hers and I lost overtook me as I was rubbing her back in her started rubbing her butt through her shorts then I thought I backed off and said Jessica know this ain’t right we better stop I could get in trouble as she kind of backed up and smiled and said yes I don’t want to get you in trouble but I’m sorry if I did anything wrong I just had to do it I don’t know what it is Jessica said but I think I love you you’re such a nice guy I suggest I love you too but this can’t happen I’m old enough to be your father and she snap back while you’re not my father so it’s really not wrong is it I said no Jessica it’s just your praying teenage hormones I guess she said yeah I guess but that was the most amazing kiss I have ever had she said to me I looked at her and said Jessica to be honest that was the most amazing kiss I’ve ever had in my life too she jumped up and said really very excited started swirling around and said oh thank you thank you I’m so glad you liked it went back outside and said we won’t tell anybody of this she said yes I agree

That night Jessica brought a little air mattress that she would sleep on and her favorite blanket and Nutella her and Sam were laying down on their stomachs watching a movie for the same thing a long t-shirt and only their panties my girlfriend went to bed I was drinking quite a few beers Sam came on the couch and lay down ready to go to bed I said girls yes and Jessica got ready I give my girlfriends daughter a kiss on the cheek and said good night went to Jessica meltdown and said good night Jessica she whispered good night dear I went to give her a kiss on the cheek she moved her head and I give her a snack on the lips and she giggled it’s a good night I went back on the other part of the couch and turn TV down and watch the rest of my movie thinking of what happened that night they both started snoring a little bit the movie was done and I shut the TV off thinking to myself and I have drunken state I want to feel her ass snuck down in put my hands in the sheets can’t adjust the custai move very slowly up to her crotch area I could feel the heat on my hand oh my God what am I doing what if she wakes up I will just tell her I was trying to say good night to her as I rub the crotch area I could feel the moist and outer lips of her vagina I was rock hard suddenly she rolled on her back and my hand got caught on the bottom I kind of wiggled it out feeling her butt cheek massaging it like saying a dope how hot this was then I put my hand down the front of her shorts she had a very nice bush and select my finger down to her vagina I could feel her lips I spread them apart started to put a finger in when I noticed how tight her hole was yep she’s definitely a virgin so I didn’t finger her just started playing with her little clit and she started moaning but she was sleeping at the same time maybe she’s having a dream I thought I took my hand out went to the bottom of the mattress stuck my head in and edge my way up to her inner thighs I started looking her inner thighs sniffing I could smell her pussy it was amazing very close to her sniffing her underwear but this was the real thing I was smelling that heat from her vagina it was intoxicating I give a couple licks on her panties where her vagina was she was still kind of snoring I slid the panties to one side and put my mouth on her vagina and started sucking her juice into my mouth it was amazing I heard slight bones coming from her and then snoring kind of I kept going when I reached her clit I was sucking very generously on it then her hip started bucking a couple times and she was moaning like crazy breathing real hard I didn’t know what to do I just kept going I think she had an orgasm when it was done I just cracked my head back went to the bathroom was a pair of her dirty panty she wore the day before and had the most amazing jerk off question of my life I shot like 10 thick gods of semen from my balls and when I came I came all over the crotch of her already soaked from my saliva panties they were soaking wet with my cum and spit I watered them back up and stuck them into her backpack not too bad with my girlfriend laying there I was thinking about what I had done and how much it turned me on I thought to myself that is the best day of my life finally getting to eat ❤️ 15 girl I was effectuated with I thought of how good it would feel to stiff my cock deep inside her vagina hole and take her teen virginity I’ve never had a virgin in my life and that would be the ultimate urgent to have of any girl in the world I was rock hard again and I started to play with my girlfriend’s ass and vagina I took her panties down she was still sleeping and stuck my cock deep inside her pussy and grabbed her and started kissing her neck she woke up and said okay well hello there and we had sex I made her come two times and every fucking thrust and when I finally came I thought of coming in Jessica that I was having sex with Jessica I came so hard it was amazing next to the next morning we all got up had breakfast and Jessica said good morning and give me a kiss on the lips a little kiss and gave me a weird smile and I said good morning did you sleep good last night Jessica oh she said the best sleep I ever had and kind of smile them walk away taking her butt as she walked away and gave a glance back to make sure I was watching her which I was we went to the park went to the mall Jessica wanted a few things and I bought her a pair of earrings she wanted let her mother wouldn’t let her buy cuz they were too expensive she told me we went out we were going to grab something to eat and I said I have to use the bathroom I’ll meet you guys at the food court they went to the food court I snuck back in and bought the earrings for them $85 for the pair of owl earrings she loved owls Jessica did we went back home head of employer Jessica said she had to use the bathroom I went in with her I said I’ll walk her in to my girlfriend when inside and I said Jessica got something for you and give her the earring she started almost crying they’re beautiful I can’t accept these I said I want you to have them she came up to me and started kissing me telling me how much she love me you’re such a great guy thank you so much I don’t know what to say I said don’t say nothing they’re yours we were starting to make out in the door opened so we stopped quickly it was my girlfriend’s daughter what do you guys doing in here she said I said oh nothing in Jessica put the earrings in her pocket I told her just to tell her mother I bought them for her cuz she helped me around the house do different things went back out to the fire that night we were getting ready for bed got the kids ready went back watching my movie Sam started snoring and Jessica got up can I sit next to you I said yes she looked at me and said you want to know something I said what I was awake last night I almost died I begin to tell her how sorry I was and she said to shush don’t be sorry you made me feel really good with your mouth down there I’ve never had the feeling in my life of what I had last night and we started kissing I was trembling fearing we will get caught she was breathing heavy I had my hand between her crotch rocking as hard as I could through her shorts on her vagina I said we have to stop please can’t we go further I want to do more with you I just want to do more I want you to be my first I said oh my God Jessica you don’t know what you’re saying you’re just 15 she said I’m almost 16 and I have kind of a boyfriend but he don’t do anything to me except for kiss and fill me up he would never think of eating meat out like you did I even ask him if I could suck him off and he wouldn’t let me.

Wow I said how could any man refuse that from a beautiful girl like you can we continue I said we can’t do it here let’s go into Sam’s room we’ll be quiet no we can’t do that you don’t understand if I get caught doing this I could be in a lot of trouble I got an idea I told her I went and got a big sleeping bag and a pillow and said come on we’ll go outside back near the woods she’s from heaven said okay sounds good to me if we snuck out of the apartment went back into the woods anyway to sleep in the bed down there was a king size sleeping bag with the pillows and we both got inside started making out I took her shirt and brought it off and my shirt and my pants off I told her to take her shorts off she did and her pants I started making out with her I was hired as a rock she reached her hand down grabbed my cock and started feeling me oh my God you’re so big have you ever felt a penis before Jessica my boyfriend’s through his parents but it was nothing it’s amazing she said nice dirty kissing her Debbie my hands on her so perfect ass cheeks I said you have the most amazing ass Jessica we started kissing swapping spits swirling tongues and each other’s mouth I said Jessica can I go down on you again I want to eat your pussy. She said you’re not thankful to sleeping bag huh she had her legs wide open I crept in between her legs and started sucking as hard as I could and she came within a minute or two I made her come three times doing this I stuck a finger in her hole and it was tight her virgin hole was very tight but she didn’t seem to be bothered by it so I stuck another finger in she said it started to hurt I took my fingers out lick them went to her and said you still want to continue she said yes absolutely I want you to take my virginity all right I said if you want to you can do it and for a first timer let me tell you something what was the most amazing BJ I ever had she was moaning while sucking I couldn’t take it anymore I told her I was going to come and she just looked at me as I shot my load into her mouth and held her head I wasn’t going to let her stop now dumping my whole load in her mouth as she was gagging and gasping for air when I was done she said why didn’t you let me stop I explained to her when a man has an orgasm he don’t want that to stop it’s difficult to explain but it felt so good Jessica the most wonderful feeling of my life she said really oh my God she was kind of crying a little bit and I said I’m sorry if I hurt you no you didn’t hurt me you scared me I said I’m so sorry. Restarted making home again getting hot and heavy she looked at me and said I want you to do it now I said are you sure Jessica she said yes I want to feel what it feels like to have a man fucking me I said just God rather call it making love to you I want to make love to you I want to be inside you 💘 she said yes I want that so I slowly crapped my penis between her little vagina and slit in and to the human stop my penis I told her are you ready she said yes I think so as I thrust it in and broke her vagina walls wide open and what about halfway in her and she let out a little screen I colored her mouth and help my cock in her like that oh my God it hurts I don’t know I think you should take it out I said just relax just relax after talking to her for about a minute or two she was calmed again and I slowly pushed my way until I was balls deep inside of little Jessica’s vagina and slowly started going in and out of her she was still in pain as she jumped and was saying oh dear oh it kind of hurts and then I would stop and kiss her I rolls her over on top of me and said you do it do it it feels good to you and she started slowly writing me only a couple inches in and out until I got deeper and deeper next thing I know she was at a good rhythm and starting to moan and breathe real hard oh my god it feels so good she said like nothing I’ve ever felt before all of a sudden she started rocking back and forth and told me she was going to come I couldn’t hold back I told her I was going to come to Jessica you better get off me I don’t want to get you pregnant if she had this devil’s look on her face and said make me pregnant I don’t care I want to ride your cum out of you and we both had an orgasm together your vagina was so tight IT milked my cock for everything that was in my balls it was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had I couldn’t stop shooting my cement in her and she did not stop as I started coming down I felt it again another orgasm I came two times right in a row it was amazing we kissed and made out for the next two days we did this when she was 16 she had my baby she told her mother it was by a boyfriend that moved out of town but it was my baby we kept in touch she was 17 she came to visit came and visited we me and her had a long talk we decided to come clean and tell everyone what happened me and her got an apartment together her family just owned her but I didn’t care ignored it she we were together we still are today at three beautiful children I’m 56 Manchester is 39 we love each other and have the most awesome sex I’m so glad in that night girlfriend back then cuz without that bitch I would never had Jessica thank you Tammy for the beautiful niece you gave me and thank you Amy for your daughter she is the most wonderful person friend and lover and wife man could ever have

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    You need to work on your English and your in England that makes it so funny but look at it this way you have done something that 99% of man has never got away with she was 14 and you nailed her. Your my hero.

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    Yeah!, it was pretty bad. Poor spelling, lack of punctuation, run on sentences, no sense of grammar exactly. If I would rewrite this story it would get high marks but I am not. I don’t know how a 56 year old ended up this illiterate.
    Please study writers that have 4 and above writing and observe the structure of the story. maybe then a light bulb will click on.
    to bad because the actual story line is good but I think your brain got in the way…sorry

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    Really tough to read. Can’t recommend it.

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    your writing sucks but your story is hot when you fuck a teen and ate her pussy

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    Poor spelling, lack of punctuation, run on sentences, no sense of grammar.

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    What the funk.

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    What on earth are you trying to say?

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    I gave up after the first sentence, I must be soo high as I couldn’t work it out.

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      Same here. And I don’t even smoke lmao