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Two Sisters Bonding

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14 year old Kelly bonding with her 7 year old sister.

My mom had left me and my little sister home alone while she went shopping. I didn’t really care. All I had to do was feed her and get her to take a bath. After I made us dinner we went upstairs and into the bathroom. After ten minutes of arguing she agreed to get in the bathtub if I did. I sighed before agreeing. Once the tub was full I helped her get naked. I had known I was a lesbian for years, but nothing had turned me on more than her. I quickly undressed before picking her up. Her pussy rested on my hip and I bounced her ever so slightly as I walked to the bathtub. I stepped in the bathtub and she moved to the other side. We talked and I helped her get clean, but she got out half way through, soaking wet to go to the bathroom. Once she went into the room with the toilet I couldn’t help myself anymore and I started to rub my clit. When I heard the door open I stopped and she got back in the tub. She sat down and spread her legs before looking up at me. I looked at her for a moment before I grabbed her and pulled her into my lap. Her back rested against my chest as I reached down to rub her clit. She tensed slightly and moaned as I moved my hand faster. I eventually made her stand and bend over the bathtub before I started to eat her out. She tasted so pure and sweet. I heard her moans get louder and louder as I continued. I soon started to rub my own clit as I continued to eat her out. Once I squirted in the bathtub I slowly pulled away from her. She sat down across from me before sitting in my lap. “Again?” She asked. “Maybe later.” I whispered before kissing her gently.

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    if you have videos like this send me on telegram @emischultz 🙂

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    What are your bra and panty sizes and what size is your little sister’s panties and do save your nether region?

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    Baby girl I’d really love to talk to you some more about this. I’ve never had a story turned me on so much. [email protected]

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    HOT,HOT,HOT! GIVE me some more

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    That was a hot story need more

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    Please make more