Claire’s Mum Jenny

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I was very worried when 12 yo Claire’s Mom phoned and wanted to talk to me face to face. Shit, I could be in deep trouble here.

My cell phone rang in the middle of the day, which was more unusual than you might think. Most of my calls come through Microsoft Teams since the pandemic, so it is notable that it rang at that time.

The display said it was Jenny, Karl’s wife and Claire’s Mom.

“Hi Jenny, how are you doing, is everything OK” I asked.

“Can I come round and talk to you” she asked.

I felt a bit uneasy for obvious reasons, but said “Sure, I’ll get the kettle on”.

She hung up and arrived at my door 15 minutes later, and didn’t look all that happy.

I began to get really anxious but tried not to show it.

After I made the tea and we sat down, I asked her what the problem was.

“It’s Claire”, she said, “I think she is having sex”.

I tried to look shocked. “Surely not, she is only just turned 12 years old. What makes you say that” I said.

“I was doing the washing and I found a pair of her knickers which definitely had semen on them” she told me.

“How do you know it’s semen”, I asked buying time to think what to say next.

“Come on DH, I know what semen smells like” she said with slight embarrassment.

“Fuck”, I said, “Have you asked her about it?”

“Yes, but she denies having sex with anyone and says she doesnt know where the stains came from”.

“Shit”, I said, “So how exactly can I help?”

“I don’t know, but I had to talk to someone, I’m so worried” she said.

I asked her what Karl thought about it.

She told me that she hadn’t spoken to him about it because she was worried that it might be him Claire was shagging or maybe wanking in Claire’s knickers.

I made out that I couldn’t believe Karl would do either of those things and asked if he had ever given her cause to think that.

She said there were a couple of things. First he was always walking into the bathroom when Claire was getting showered or going into her room whilst she is getting dressed.

“And the second thing?” I asked.

She hesitated and said “I don’t know how to say this, but I found some women’s knickers at the back of his sock drawer and they weren’t mine. They were also semen stained. I think they belong to Trudie”

“What, my Trudie?” I blurted out.

The look on her face told me I was right.

“I don’t think he is fucking her, he probably stole them from the washing basket one time when we were round at yours” she told me, “at least I hope not”.

I thought hard to see if there had been any signs of infidelity on Trudie’s part. “Nah, she is not fucking him, so if they are her’s, then he must have nicked them. Dirty Bastard”.

“You see” she said, “now you know why I can’t talk to him about it. she started crying.

I put my arm around her and pulled her close. I didn’t know what to say. I was a bit miffed to think that he might have swiped some of Trudie’s underwear, but after all, I was fucking his daughter so I couldn’t be too upset about it.

Jenny was still sobbing and thanking me for listening. She had her hand on my leg and was stroking it. I hugged her a bit closer trying to comfort her, when she lifted her head and kissed me.

Wow that caught me by surprise. I didn’t kiss her back and said “I realise you are upset but . . . “ She covered my mouth with hers and moved her hand up my leg to come to rest on my rapidly hardening willy.

Once she found it she began massaging the shaft and probing my mouth with her tongue. She took one of my hands and placed it on her breast over her blouse. Her tit felt good and so did the attention she was paying to my cock.

I tried once more to object, saying that we should talk some more about what was worrying her, but she was unzipping my jeans and snaking her hand inside. She unbuttoned the fly of my boxers and pulled out my cock. I just couldnt bring myself to object any further. When a woman has your cock in her hand, it’s difficult to think straight. She just kept kissing me and playing with my dick.

“You know you are much bigger than Karl” she said.

“No, I didn’t know” I said honestly.

“Yes, much bigger, longer and fatter” she drooled before lowing her head and taking my cock in her mouth.

It momentarily crossed my mind that, if she knows it’s me fucking Claire, then she might be planning to bite down on my willy as some sort of retribution. It was a fleeting thought because she was doing an even better job than her daughter at blowing me. Fuck she was good at that.

I unbuttoned her blouse and eased her arms out of it before letting her get back to sucking me. She was wearing a rather nice white lacy bra tethering her big tits. As her back was facing me, I unhooked the bra and wrestled her arms out of it and pulled it out from under her, whilst her head bobbed up and down in my lap.

I reached under and took hold of one of her tits. Shit it felt good, but I couldn’t help thinking that Claire’s would probably end up as big as Jenny’s. I was loving playing with her tits and I could tell from the erectness of her nipples that she was getting excited.

Her mouth left my cock and she pulled off my shirt. Jenny then pulled off her skin tight leggings standing in front of me. The white panties she was wearing were lacy and high cut. She turned around and waved her ass at me provocatively. That ass, strewth, what an ass. I am not sure why I have not noticed before. I can see where Claire got her’s from.

She stripped off her panties whilst I pulled off the rest of my cloths. Her pussy was freshly shaved. Had she planned to seduce me? Christ she looked gorgeous. Perfect tits, perfect pussy, completely flat tummy and a world class ass.

She came and straddled my lap, pushing her tits into my face and guided my cock into her pussy. She was ridiculously wet and lubricated considering I had not touched her pussy yet.

I was very happy munching on her nipples and motor-boating her tits. The inside of her cunt was as smooth as velvet on my bell end, and although she was pretty tight, there was no discomfort at all.

Jenny was very vocal. “Oh DH, that’s lovely” We were both going at a pretty fast rate.

“OMG God, I’m going to cum” Jenny said. What, already I thought.

Sure enough, her face went red, her eyes rolled in her head, she threw her head back and began shouting “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck” Her cunt let me know that she was cumming hard. “Well fuck me” I thought.

I was struggling to stop her sliding off my knee and on to the floor she was bouncing around so much.

I was a long way from finishing. Now I had my hands, and cock, on her, I was going to have some fun.

I put her over my shoulder and smacked her arse as I carried her up stairs to my bedroom. I dropped her onto the bed, watching her tits fly all over the place. I climbed on top of her and shoved my cock between her tits. I had wanted to do that for years and the actual act surpassed my imagination.

She loved it. “Karl never does that” she informed me, “Tits are such a female thing and a cock is so male that it’s right the two should come together”.

I couldn’t disagree as I pounded those lovely big tits. Getting close to climax I presented my cock to her mouth and put my head between her legs. Being sucked took the intensity down a few notches so I could keep going.

The opposite seemed to be the case for Jenny, she was bucking wildly at the actions of my tongue in and around her cunt. I could feel her tension building so I moved my tongue down to her asshole and licked around there. It had the opposite effect to what I imagined, she orgasmed so hard she actually squirted.

“Oh my god yes” she screamed, “fuck my arse”. I didn’t need asking twice. I flipped her onto her tummy and pressed my cock between her gorgeous buttocks and past her sphincter. She took so well I thought she must do this with Karl, but no, no cock has ever been in there, she gasped.

Apparently Karl thinks it’s dirty to do that! He is right, but that’s the point, right?

I just couldn’t hold on any more and shot my jizz deep into her ass. She squealed as she felt my sperm fill her ass. I pulled out and got a real kick out of seeing just how much my cock had widened her asshole. My cock was still twitching and issuing spurts of jizz onto her buttocks.

She lay on her back, legs wide and tapped her pussy, indicating she wanted more attention. It would have to be my mouth because it was going to be a while before John Thomas would stand to attention again.

Down I went, allowing her to grab my head and orchestrate my actions. She told me how she wanted it, when to go faster or harder. She really was fucking my face and describing how much she was enjoying herself. I was loving being so up close and personal with Karl’s wife’s cunt.

The noises she was making as she approached orgasm were getting me going again, and when she came, I could see close up her cunt and ass contracting in pleasure. Shit that was horny.

I climbed up her body and eased my newly hard cock inside her still contracting hole. The muscles of her pussy seemed to pull me in and, putting her legs up over my shoulders, I ploughed her hot wet cunt.

As I was pounding away, her cunt kept pulsing and she kept gasping oh my god, oh my god, yes, like she was having a continuous orgasm.

The contractions seemed firmer on the head of my cock. It felt like I was fucking her and being wanked by her pussy at the same time. It was such an amazing feeling that I pushed harder and deeper to get more of it.

I looked down at Jenny and it was like she was spazzing out. Her face was red, her eyes screwed closed and her mouth wide open. She was breathing hard and mewling.

I went for a final onslaught, striving for a climax that I knew was close. When it came it was glorious to feel my cum being pumped into Jenny’s cunt. My cock pumped jizz until my balls were dry and they ached with every contraction.

I flopped off her and lay beside her, both of us sweating and panting.

OMG, she said, Trudie is so fucking lucky, that was fantastic, Jenny blurted out between gasps.

I can certainly say the same about Karl. I said.

Don’t get me started on Karl, she said, lately he has only been able to do a few thrusts and a quick squirt and he is off to sleep, leaving me frustrated. Obviously he has been getting his rocks off elsewhere.

I really don’t think he would fuck his own daughter, I said. He may well wank on her knickers but he is not going to fuck her. It’s probably some spotty oik from school. Kids that age are bound to experiment. It’s part of growing up.

I think you should get her on birth control as a precaution, better safe than sorry, I said.

She nodded.

Fucking result, I thought. Get Claire on the pill and I have no need to worry about getting her pregnant.

Well that turned out better than it seemed it would at the start. I got a shag from Karl’s wife and the possibility of getting his daughter on the pill.

I smiled to myself as we dressed and went back downstairs.

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