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Raping Mae

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A young stupid slut gets exactly what she deserves

Hi my name is mae and I was raped (age censored)

I was at home when a knock came at the door when I answered i saw a big black man. He asked me a question but I couldn’t really hear what he said so when I didn’t answer he let himself in and locked the door behind him. I started freaking out asking hike to leave but he slapped me and told he to “shut the fuck up” he walked and sat on the couch and stared at me. He pulled out a gun and said “strip before i shoot your ugly face off” so I did what I was told when all my cloths were off he grabbed me bu the back and slammed my face on the floor he jumped on top of me naked and started rubbing his cock on my asshole I cried and begged him not to but he only moaned and told me it turned him on when I cried and he rubbed my tears with his cock he said he needed lube and my tears were perfect next thing I knew he shoved his cock in my ass and started fucking me he went harder and harder till he came in my ass. When we just layer there I thought he was done so I got up to put on my clothes he punched my stomach and told me to lay the fuck back down and he started eating me outi couldn’t help but moan through my tears because it kinda felt good untill he shoved his large black cock in my virgin hole. It hurt so bad and there was so much blood he kept pumping his cock till he came in me. After we was finished he took my phone and took a lot of pictures telling me I would want to remember this whenever I was horny and wanted to rub my slutty cock. After that he put his cloths on and slapped my ass and told me I was a good girl and left. I haven’t seen him since I’m 18 now and I have a 2 year old daughter. What’s worse tho is that I still have all those pics in my phone to scared to delete them

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  • Reply Anonymously

    What are your bra and panty sizes and do you save your nether region?

  • Reply Babygirlmae

    Yes I have 2

  • Reply Cindy

    Your baby is it from him.
    I ask because my mom’s bf raped me I was 13, I became pregnant. He went to prison.
    There are times I want to give my child away, but there is times I love him.
    The bad thing is the baby’s dad will be out of prison in a few years. He has written to me saying he wants to see his son.


      Have you fucked anyone after your rape Cindy?


      Have you had sex after your rape Mae?

    • Cindy


      I did once, I don’t think I ever will again.
      I just laying there not moving or making any sound. I just couldn’t get into having sex.

    • That one guy

      If he’s a rapist he shouldn’t be allowed around kids, right?