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Sister’s Love!

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My sister had to look after me when mom and day were at work of course that’s very common in a household when both parents are providing for the household. My sister had turned 18 and I was 15. My sister had a beautiful body, but I never looked at in that manner until one morning we were getting ready for school and was rushing to get to the bathroom first.
My sister dashes out of her room to beat me to the bathroom.
Of course she did just that, I standing outside the bathroom door hollering, you do this every morning. She replied, you shouldn’t be so slow little brother. As she turns on the shower she opens the door and said we are going to late, so come on in and brush your teeth while I shower real quick, I said ok but hurry. As she waits for the water to get hot she takes off boxer shorts and oversized T-shirt she was wearing, and throws them in a pile in the corner of the bathroom floor.
She then bends over to test the heat of the shower water I couldn’t help but look at her sexy round ass, her legs were slightly parted open to where I could see her hairy pussy. I thought wow sis doesn’t care if she naked in front of her little brother. She gets in the shower closing the shower curtain behind her. I made one last attempt to rush her along, by saying hurry sis please up!
Sis opens the shower curtain and says come on, just jump in here with me. I paused for a moment when she come on it’s ok. So I did exactly as she said. She began to rub soap all over her body as quickly as she could and hands me the soap. I couldn’t put soap on me because I was too busy looking at her. Sis then turns with her ass facing me, She asks can you put soap on my back? At this point I’m shaking and nervous to touch her. Thinking to myself, this is my older sister and I’m in the shower with her, to me this just didn’t seem right. But I started rubbing soap all over her back, after I was done she turns back around. Now her tits were directly in front of me.
And my eye were as big as saucers, she said stop looking at me like that, you act like you’ve never seen tits before. I replied truthfully I haven’t sis. She said oh shut up, I know you watch porn, I said no I have not she looked amazed to hear that. Then she starts laughing and said let’s get out and get dressed. She turns off the water, opens the shower curtains got out the shower, I follow. She grabs her towel, raps it around her and heads to her room. I grabbed a towel and headed to my room. As I was passing by my sisters room she shouted my name, come here, so I stopped at her door and stood there. she had a weird smile one her face. She asked so little brother you really haven’t seen a woman’s tits before? I no I haven’t. Sis then said so if you’ve never seen any in person, then I know you haven’t had any pussy yet have you? I said no, I haven’t had sex yet either sis. She looked at me and shook her head. Then she grabbed my hand and put it on her tit. My heart was thumping inside my chest. She did that for a few seconds, and then said now you’ve touched a real tit little brother. I turned to go to my room when she said I’m not done yet come here so I did.
Sis grabbed my hand again only this time she put my hand on her pussy, and said go ahead you can rub it. I said sis we are going to be late, she said don’t worry about being late. She said when mom calls I’ll just tell her we didn’t feel good, which mom always took her word. Well sis did just as she said she was going to do. Mom calls the house and asked if we had left for school. Sis said no mom neither one of us are feeling good this morning, we’re sick! Mom gave sis instructions on what to take to feel better, and then told my sister that she would call the school and tell them that we wouldn’t be attending school today. Sis said ok mom. Mom told us to take some medicine and go lay down. We both reply yes ma’am and hung up the phone. Of course we didn’t take any medicine but we did go to my sisters room and laid on her bed, and we had all day. Our parents wouldn’t be home until after 5:30 pm.
As we laid on my sisters bed, she started rubbing my chest and began moving her hand slowly down to my dick she reached inside my shorts and pulled my dick out. As it begin to get thicker in her hands, she said you got a nice dick baby brother. I just laid there as she fondles my dick by rubbing her fingers over the head. And it felt so good. Sis then said touch my pussy if you want, I asked are you sure? She said yes I’m sure. I move my hands up her leg right to her sweet spot and began rubbing her pussy in slow circular motion through her panties, I could feel the moisture through the material. Oh Wee she felt so good. Sis started to moan and rub her tits which certainly turned me on. Sis said in a soft voice. Take my panties off! I said ok, she raised her hips off the bed as I pull her panties off, now I had better access to her hairy pussy. I continued to rub her pussy, as I did I could see shiny clear juices as I parted her pussy lips open. I put my finger inside her and began to finger fuck her, she loves it, now I want to taste her. Sis must have known what I was thinking, she took her two fingers and stuck them inside her pussy, the sound of her juicy wet pussy made my dick even harder. Sis pulls her fingers out and puts them in my mouth, my goodness she tasted so good, I suck every single drop from her fingers. She then asked, you want to put your tongue in your sister’s pussy? I said yes. Sis opens her legs wide I insert my tongue, trying to reach as far as I could. Sis let out a loud moan as her head went back she shouted oh yes, eat your big sisters pussy good, my mouth was full of her juices, and I loved it. She then said come here. She wanted me to kiss her with her own juices. Sis began kissing me softly, seemed we kissed for at least 30 minutes when she whispered do you want to fuck me? I said yes, now I talk dirty back. I’m going to fuck my sister good, she couldn’t wait, she started kissing me harder and dry humping me harder and harder. And saying give it to your sister right now. Anticipation had got the best of us, we couldn’t go any longer. She said let me suck your dick, we rolled over to where I was on bottom, sis began my dick softly and rolling her tongue around my dick, then she sucked the head of my dick soft then hard, soft then hard, until she got a taste of my slimy fluid. She sucked as if it was the best treat she’d ever had. She was moaning, slurping, and jacking my dick as if it was the only thing that mattered. Now sis says I’m ready for you. She lays back on the bed and opens her legs wide. I rub my dick directly on her pussy and clit for a few seconds, then I slide my dick in my sisters pussy pumping her good and slow, good deep thrusts. Her hips are moving in unison, the same rhythm and timing. She wrapped her legs around my waist raised her hips a bit and thrusted me back after only a few seconds in this position I could feel my nut building up to shoot out like a jet stream. We are fucking hard and fast when sis yells cum in this pussy, don’t pull out, I want to feel your cum all in me she said, then she screamed I’m fucking cumming , her saying that made me cum at the exact same time. I could feel my nut shooting up in her. We squeezed each other tight as we froze, shaking together, as every bit of energy was drained from our bodies. Sis said fuck baby brother are you sure you hadn’t fucked before? I replied as I did earlier no sis. We laid there and feel asleep for 2 hours.
Sis and I really enjoyed ourselves and have fucked plenty of times since then, we’ve had to take more precautions, it wouldn’t be good getting my older sister pregnant.

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    Sibling sex is so hot!!! Thanks for sharing how your sis gave you her pussy and sucked you young dick.
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  • Reply Neo ID:314kk3e4t0b

    Love the story.. Siblings curious and horny at the same time.. So true.. Please continue writing

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