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Man of the house

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It all started when my parents got a divorce. Me and my younger sister Becca moved to Tennessee with my mom. I was 15, Becca was 12, and my mom, Debbie, was 42. Things were normal for awhile but I often heard noises coming from mom’s room at night so one night while she showered I hid in her closet and got quite the show later that night as she played with her pussy until she came. I masturbated at least 3-4 times before sneaking out and back to my room.i was still horny ..I knew Becca took sleeping pills and slept like a rock so I went to her room and got in bed with her. I started rubbing her virgin pussy before mounting her and after struggling for several mins I finally got my big 8′ dick inside and fucked her many times that night. The next morning at breakfast sue didn’t act as if she knew anything. Mom was going out of town for several days for work and asked would I keep an eye on sis. I acted mad at having to babysit but inside I couldn’t have been more excited. That night I fucked Becca’s pussy and ass for hours and hours, filling her full of my seed. The next day my buddy Jamal ( he’s black) came by to hang on and yes always staring at Becca so I thought why not let him have some fun. I asked Jamal to spend the night and at bedtime I made sure Becca took her pill along with 2 more I’d crushed up and put in her water. She’d be out all night and day. I fucked her first while rubbed his big black dick on her lips and face, after cumming it was Jamal’s turn. I watched as he inserted that thing in her and as he started pumping it got bigger and bigger, I measured it later that night and it was just over 11 inches. He fucked her pussy several times and even managed to get it up her butt. Mom comes home tomorrow and I’m planning on having Jamal spend the night again…Becca slept for over 24 hrs so I know it was too much. I figured out the right amount for her and I know Mom will only need 1 and we can use her body all night…until next time please comment your thoughts.

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  • Reply Anonymous

    Timothy is your sister hot for a 11 year old girl has she start to bud yet. I now when my little sister was 12 she developed in to a lovely 34c and she didn’t like to ware a bra.

  • Reply Anonymous

    Watch out for Tim and Warren Kegler,these guys or pervs and are into any sex their is,stay away from these crazy fuckers

  • Reply Cumgulper

    I love incest especially with a minor, but drugging them and then raping them is too much for me. If that’s your thing????

    • Bernard Koundry

      Cumgulpher if you want to hear about my underage incest story text me at 2034944923 my name is Bernard

  • Reply Timothy Copenhaver

    I once raped my 11 year old sister.. I still do it till today. She likes getting fucked by me but still acts as though she hates it. I must say she is a really good actor

    • Randy

      All the sluts want is cock and it’s our job to give it to them.

    • Janine

      email me… i want to hear your story! [email protected]

    • Charlie

      If you want to talk about it let me know….

    • Charlie

      Would love to hear about it

    • Bernard Koundry

      Timothy copenhaver i would love to talk to you about you raping your sister my name is Bernard text me at 2034944923