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Raped to heaven

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My dad just came in to my room one night and fucked me, it was the greatest sex I’ve ever had, but to this day I don’t understand why he did it.

This happened when I was 14.

I was in my room, it was about 9:30pm, I’d had my shower, slipped on my nightshirt and was ready to go to sleep, before getting in to bed I saw all my dirty clothes spread across the floor, and I’m always getting told off for leaving it there so I decided to pick it all up in order to avoid any arguments.

After I gathered up my clothes off the floor I walked towards the door to go put them in the laundry basket in the bathroom and I dropped a sock on the floor, I turned around and bent over to pick it up, when I turned around again I got a fright, “Oh my God.”, my dad was standing in my doorway, “Dad, you scared the crap out of me.” I said, laughing away the fright.

He just stood there staring at me, not saying a word.

“I picked up my clothes. See.” I said, showing him that I was behaving.

But he still just stood and stared.

“Hello – Chloe to dad…” I said, he was freaking me out, “…Are you okay, Dad?” I asked.

He walked in to my room, making me take a few steps backwards, and he closed the door behind him.

“What are you doing? – I need to put these in the laundry.” I said.

He was really starting to freak me out with his silence and stares, I threw the clothes on to the floor in a huff, “Dad, say something – what’s wrong with you?” I asked.

He reached out and grabbed at my nightshirt, trying to lift it, so I bashed his hand away and stepped back, “Daddy! – what the hell.” I snapped.

He walked towards me, causing me to back away from him, he looked like The Terminator, especially with the stare he was giving me, my back hit the wall and I could back up no further, I tried to run around him and that’s when he grabbed me with his big arm around my waist, he pulled me towards the bed and then tossed me on to it.

“Dad, what are you doing? – Daddy, your scaring me.” I said, genuinely confused, and now scared.

He got on the bed and sat on my legs, pinning me down, then he tore my nightshirt off like it was made of tissue paper, I tried to fight him but he then held my arms down and he looked up and down my body as I lay underneath him wearing only my bra and panties and trying to struggle free.

“Mom!!! – Mom!!!” I cried out, but she wasn’t home, he didn’t like me shouting, so he put his hand over my mouth and motioned his finger to his mouth, he didn’t speak or make sound, but I knew he wanted to shut up, and I was scared, so I did.

He took a pillow from under my head and then he flipped me over on to my front, he then put his arm under me and lifted me up a little and stuffed the pillow underneath me waist area, it lifted my hips about 5 inches off the bed and raised my bum up.

Then he tore off my panties, and snapped off my bra then spanked me so fucking hard a number of times on my right bum cheek, which I quite liked, “Ooohw!”
I felt him rub something up and down my bum crack and it wasn’t a finger, it was his cock, as I looked back I saw he’d pulled his pants down and was rubbing his cock while rubbing the tip in my bum crack, my dad has a huge cock.

Then he pulled my cheeks apart and pushed it in to my bum hole, “Argh!” I cried out, biting down on my other pillow from the pain, I could feel every inch of his long thick cock sliding in to me and he fucked me from behind.

After about a minute he put what must have been at least 2 fingers in to my pussy and he was finger fucking me while continuing to ram his cock in and out of my ass hole, “Argh – fuck! – Ungh – shit!”

He fucked my ass and pussy for an agonising 5 minutes and then suddenly stopped, he then flipped me over on to my back, grabbed my arms and pulled me up on to him, he slid me up his lap with my legs almost wrapped around him, and he looked in to my water eyes and he grinned.

Then he grabbed me bum cheeks and lifted me up before lowering me down on to his cock, pushing it up my pussy as I went down, I held my breath as it went in, it felt really good stretching out my insides, “Ungh – Oohw.”

I surrendered to his will completely and put my arms around him, he held on to my bum and bounced me really fast up and down on his cock, I was moaning uncontrollably with pleasure but dad remained completely quiet the entire time.

After maybe 10 minutes of being bounced up and down like a basketball, he leaned forward, laying me once again on my back, and he got on top of me, with my arms and legs firmly wrapped and locked around him, he pounded my pussy good and hard, it was the best feeling ever, “Ungh – Ooohw – Dad – Ungh!”

I had 10 more minutes of absolutely mind blowing sex, then he quickly pulled out of me and shuffled up my body, that’s when he finally spoke, just one word, “Open.” He said.

So I opened my mouth and he rested his cock on my bottom lip, stroked it a couple of times, and then ejaculated in to my mouth, his heavy load create a pool of semen on my tongue, as he took his cock away, he put his hand under my chin and got me to close my mouth, I lay there for a few seconds with my mouth full of his sperm and my cheeks puffed out, before realising what he was waiting for.

I slowly curled my tongue pushing his semen to the back of my mouth and then I swallowed it with a gulp, then I opened my mouth to show him I’d swallowed it all.

He smiled, patted me on the head, then he got off the bed, pulled up his trousers and just casually and quietly left my room.

The next morning I went downstairs after getting dressed for school, “So, are we going to talk about what happened last night?” I asked him.

“Nope.” He replied, bluntly, as he opened the door and left for work.

And we never did, and it didn’t happen again, dad acted like nothing had ever happened in the first place.

But I was and still am left with questions.

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