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My beautiful and oversexed mum

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When I was 15, being in a hurry one day I got my foreskin stuck in my zip, fuck did that hurt and it was embarrassing as only mum could help

Going back to the early 70’s was a magical time especially for me, my dad drove long distance international leaving mum and me on our own, my two older brothers, who were two years older than me had flown the nest, our mum was a very beautiful woman even at 36 and could always make heads turn, but she was never interested in that, or so I thought, it never crossed my mind she would miss sex with dad but I was wrong.
When I was 15, being in a hurry one day I got my foreskin stuck in my zip, fuck did that hurt and it was embarrassing as the only one I could turn too was mum, in her usual calm way she came into the bathroom told me to sit on the edge of the bath, I was covering myself up but she calmly said if you don’t let the fox see the rabbit I can’t help you sweetheart, she took a look and said wait there returning with some tools to part the zip, a few minutes later I was free even though she destroyed the zip, I’ll just have look to see how bad it is, pulling down my pants and underwear, which wasn’t really necessary she had a good look at me, your not supposed to get sexually excited with your mum but I started to get an erection! You’ll be fine but sore for a couple of days she said with a sort of giggle, I’ll have a look later to make sure your not getting an infection, she did too that night, I just had a shower before bed and she came in, I thought I better check on you make sure your Ok, do you mind if have a look? Before I could answer her she pulled down the cover and examined my cock, Ah good nice and clean and no infection but probably a little horny! You’ll live sweetheart, accident or not that was the start of something wonderful.

For day’s afterwards all I could think off was mum’s hands on my cock! Not that I did anything about it I mean how could I? I used to think it was in my imagination but she treat me different from that point on.
Always asking me if I was Ok and so forth, when I was sixteen I got myself a girlfriend, mum gave me the best advice she could, use this, pointing at my head, before using that, pointing at my crotch, unless she’s my age then you won’t have to use a condom probably! We had a good laugh but looking back I was almost certainly being groomed or steered in a certain direction, not just because of that but other things too, she would go out with her friends wearing the most gorgeous dresses come back sit in the chair letting it ride up until I could see her pantie covered crotch, I got so use to it I looked forward to it, but she knew what she was doing.

Anyway the magic age of sixteen, me and my girlfriend lost our virginity’s with each other in the local woods! Yes I used a condom just in case, in any event it was just what mum was waiting for, reaching the age of consent, then one night she was out looking fabulous as usual and smelling great, she wore Aqua Manda and she smelled like oranges, I loved it, I had had a busy day myself, bonked my girlfriend a couple of times went into town, mum always took her keys with her so I took a shower then went to bed, half an hour later I heard the door go with mum coming back, heard her putting things away lights turning off then coming up the stairs into her room, around 10 mins later there was a knock on my door, John are you awake, can I come in, then the door opened, leaving the door open she came and sat on my bed and the light shone right through her kimono, I thought I did something wrong but no, I need to ask you something sweetheart, with your Dad being away and the twins are settled it’s just me and you here, I get a bit , you know missing your Dad and he’s away a lot, do you think we could, I mean me and you know, gosh this is more difficult than I thought Do you mind if I just show you?

With that she stood up untied the kimono letting it fall on the floor, I was awestruck, All the more gorgeous in her current state of desire, her body scent was intoxicating, she pulled the quilt off me, She smiled giving me such a naughty little look, climbing on the bed straddling my waist, my cock fortunately instantly responded getting very erect very quickly!
As she settled, my cock was poking between her legs as she ground her pussy and clit against the base of my cock, then finally I don’t think she could take any more, reaching down and pointing my now fully erect cock at her pussy, Slowly, gently, she began to slip down my cock until I was completely sheathed in her pussy, and I’d never felt anything so incredible as she bottomed out.

She started moving up and down on me, her soft moans as she rode me, after a few minutes she asked totrade places, I nodded yes and she climbed off me and underneath me, I’ll never forget as she spread her legs wide for me that first time, granting more and more access as this time I put my cock back inside her, I began to pump into her, soft at first but gaining momentum with every stroke, for someone who had me and my twin brothers she was incredibly tight I thought, she reached up her fingers in my hair, pulling me towards her,  I could feel her tongue force its way into my mouth, dancing and swirling around my own. This side of my mother was such a turn on, I couldn’t even begin to describe, She held me so firmly inside her hot oven. I knew I wouldn’t be able to last much longer, and by the feel of it, neither could she. Her body was trembling in fact we both were.

Oh god, John,, John I’m… I’m Cumming! Oh god I’m Cumming, please push inside me now, I did as she asked and all of a sudden it was like I grabbed really tight as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her, her orgasm seemed to engulf her, her legs around me her pussy squeezing me like hell, it was more than I could take as my cock started to pump it’s thick ivory liquid inside her, when it all subsided  I just looked down at this ravishingly beautiful woman that was my mum, She smiled, that same sparkle twinkled away in her eye post orgasm.

Lying down beside her she was not done yet, being very young I was still very much hard, even though I was covered in our love making goo was no deterrent for her, she turned her attention to my cock, it was the first time I experienced oral sex, She started with long, slow licks from top to bottom, then teased a little with her tongue on the head. Then she started deep throating me, licking the base of my cock with her tongue while I was deep inside her mouth  giving me those wonderful lustful looks backing off a few times to keep me on the edge, her hand held my ball sack gently stroking it, she obviously knew when i couldn’t take any more but I did last a surprisingly long time!

This time my orgasm was so intense, it spread through my whole body and went on for at least a minute. It felt like I was having multiple orgasms. I lost track of where I was and who I was and just became lost in the pleasure, my whole body felt electric and every time she touched me I would shiver with excitement, she just kept going slowly and moaned lightly with every stroke until I simply couldn’t cum anymore.
The adrenaline rush combined with her skill and experience gave me the best orgasms I’ve ever had, there was simply no comparison between mum and my girlfriend who would always seem to rush everything, needless to say it never lasted long after that.
Because their was no danger of being seen or caught she stayed with me all night, in the morning I even got up the courage to slip my cock inside her very slippery pussy one more, I’m delighted to say she responded pushing back onto me.
Afterwards we showered and had probably the most serious talk in my life, nothing bad but mainly about keeping what happened a total secret, did I enjoy it and would I want more, of course I did! But the need for absolute total secrecy had to be paramount, the only other thing was we couldn’t do anything when dad was due back, she couldn’t have traces of me in her to be found and nothing until bedtime.

Of course I could still see other girls, she said it wouldn’t be normal if I didn’t and appearances were everything, everything had to look perfectly normal, the next night was just as glorious as the previous, I asked her if I could have a look at her, Ah you want to explore me she said, be my guest sweetheart, she was wearing a different perfume called Pagan, an inexpensive one but she still smelled lovely, I had never gone down on a girl before and I knew she could sense it, Don’t be afraid John, it won’t bite, that kind of broke the ice a little, her breasts were beautiful as I worked down her body, there a little tuft of pubic hair then nothing, she kept herself shaved, and this was a time before girls really did that, I got down there and was overwhelmed a bit, I guess. So I was feeling nervous being my first time, mum opened her legs for me and it was glorious, she was really wet, I started kissing her thighs at the top working my way to her pussy, I found her clit and focused on it, trying different things to see what she liked. She must have really liked it and told me to ‘lick it like ice cream,’ so I did. It tasted so good I didn’t want to stop, while I was doing that she played with my balls and cock, Your Dad never really liked doing this he said it never really worked for him but god I have missed it, Me doing that and feeling the pleasure it gave her was an enormous turn on and she instructed me how to do it,

It continued like that for 7 years, Dad had enough to retire and he did, sadly it sort of came to an end but not entirely, in the intervening months we missed each other a great deal but their was nothing we could do about it, Dad went everywhere, across Western Europe, to Hungary, Romania, Greece and Turkey and, as the years went on, even further. By 1975 he was driving to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Iran before the Iranian Revolution put an end to most of the Middle East trips spending weeks away at a time. His truck was his workplace, after a few months he said he missed it and maybe retired too early, he missed the life and mum knew he really craved it back, his old rig was really showing it’s age so he decided to get a new one, this time from America, a Peterbilt but left hand drive, I didn’t know you could actually specify things like that but they build them to order! Whatever you want, that’s what you get.

In no time at all he was back in business and back on the road, and me and mum were back too, those months did nothing to dull her enthusiasm, when Dad went away on his first international trip we took a shower together and fucked like we never fucked before!
We carried on until eventually she called time on it, I was married myself with kids when that happened and I was sorry to lose her as she had been such an important part of my life but I could understand it, it had to end at some point.
After all these what do I think when I look back? what we did was wrong and illegal, but it was done with my consent, what we shared was priceless and as far as I’m concerned a victimless crime, it’s not like that for everyone, but for us it was.

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  • Reply Anon ID:45xyw6s5zra

    Hello John, I have just read your story and it’s beautiful and very like mine which I post on here called Holiday on jersey with my Mother if you would like to read it, after my Father dies of a stroke my mother was taken by the coronavirus, I found girls my own age could never have sex in a meaningful way, I.E. they were always in a hurry or they would would wank me nearly ripping of my member! My mother like yours though knew how to make love in a sensual meaningful and beautiful way, the way that can only come from experience, like you, I will never forget her and thank her for what she shared with me.

  • Reply Tim ID:2kyha578rj

    nice one,i fucked my mum from 15 til i was 22.she showed me how to please not just take that has given me many years of great sex.

    • John ID:45xyw6s5zra

      I think your absolutely right, having sex is not just banging away but so much more that I think people just don’t get! knowing how give pleasure and foreplay is so important, she installed all that knowledge in me but not just for her as she knew one day I would eventually meet someone, her teachings were worth their weight in gold.

  • Reply Carol ID:5m8fvdv1

    Moms always enjoys a sons hard cock.

    • Tim ID:2kyha578rj

      and not just your own mum!!

  • Reply BJ ID:7gi12l42

    Great story, me and my sister messed around once the old show me yours and I’ll show you mine things went a bit to far and I took her virginity, spunked really deep in her too, totally wicked!

  • Reply Nancy ID:1360jpxv9c

    I was in a sexless marriage, it got so ridiculous. I felt like he’s using it as a tool to keep me hanging on, it’s always an excuse of “oh I was tired, or you was sleeping I wanted to let you rest etc,etc, this made me feel insecure about myself, it’s like what is wrong with me? Do I stink or something? Is there someone else? Anyways I later found out he was actually cheating on me, that to the service of this tech genius hacker at ‘hackingloop6 @ g m a i l .c o m, who hacked his phone and gained me remote access to his phone activities. I confronted him with the proof of his infidelity and was emotionally shattered, but felt better afterwards for at least knowing the truth. You can reach out to this tech genius via ‘hackingloop6 @ g m a i l . c o m, if you ever suspect your spouse of cheating, he’s a legit and reliable hacker.. My theory is “A’INT noboby that tired or hurting that they can’t get at least one session in a week” c’mon tired of the manipulation..

    • Jeanine pedo ID:y8hyzb0d

      Seriously?? What a pathetic “advertising” 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Reply Gra78 ID:zdaqepd9k

    Give her one for me..

    • John ID:45xyw6s5zra

      I wish I could, both of my parents are now gone but I have my memories and my own family, she was one hell of a lady, one of a kind.

  • Reply Colton ID:45xyw6s5zra

    Reading your story strikes a cord with me, my own Mom had an affair to fill in what she wasn’t getting from Dad, Unfortunately she got found out and took her own life, if only she had come to me or one of my brothers like yours did she would still be with us, your Mom did the right thing.

  • Reply Brown Mash ID:2kyee16vqk

    Nice One